Goddess of the Diamond

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Farah POV

It’s been a year since Allorah left Dominique. Day by day, Dominique started changing. At first, he was desperate and in need of her. I could see Dominique regretted what happened. He was suffering, and as his sister, I felt terrible. I hated lying to him, but I had to. Grandfather asked me to keep it a secret and Allorah as well. It was hard as time went by, and Dominique became more desperate. His behavior was making everyone wondering if he was sane enough even to handle a company.

Four months later, everything started taking a 360 turn. Dominique began to look for Stefan with more desire. He would drown himself in work and desperately try to find the clue that would lead him to Stefan. He would barely go home and even spend time with us. Mother felt the need to intervene and grandfather as well. But nothing came out of it. All they got was Dominique’s anger.

Dominique would barely even call me. The friendly sister and brother relationship we have was going down the toilet. Not only that, but even his best friends started distancing themselves from Dominique. I understood why. Raphael and Erick did it after the fight Dominique had with Raphael. That day was a disaster.

Now I was suffering because Dominique was becoming blinded each day. I felt he needed Allorah back. There had to be a way for her to come back. Or so I thought, the surprise I had when I visit Allorah and found her and Karl kissing. I didn’t question her, but it shocked me to the bone when I saw her change. Allorah looked different, and even though she still smiled and was shy, something in her changed for good.

Not only her way of speaking but even her appearance. Allorah dyed her white hair into black. It surprised me when I saw her. For a moment, I thought I had confused her, but when I saw her eyes, and she talked to me. I was speechless.

Throughout the months I checked up on Allorah, I started noticing her body recovery speeding up. Her bruises started healing and her injuries closed. Some still took time, but they recovered. Now a year later, she had only faint scars. But something intrigued me. That was her illness. According to my tests, Allorah was doing good, with no issues or anything out of place. The blood test didn’t show any disease. It’s like her bleedings were never there, but I know they were still present. When I asked her, Allorah would say she was doing better, or they were not bothering at all.

I didn’t believe her. I could feel she was lying. And the one to confirm it was Karl. Whenever I would do Allorah’s checkup, Karl would be present. His face would give him away every time I asked her about it. He would look in pain and worried. Only once I dare ask him, and he denied it on the spot.

Was he afraid that Allorah would find out?

So without making a ruckus, I started running more deep tests. I started testing Allorah’s blood samples. From when we rescued her, and now. I had requested tests that involved cancer, all the worst illnesses that existed in the world, any tumor, anything that would make you bleed.

It might be like I’m taking out the worst conclusions, but for her and Dominique, I have to know. It also worries me. I know she is suffering even if she doesn’t tell me.

Checking the time, I notice it’s past two in the morning and no signs of the men and Dominique still.

I’ve been waiting for them just in case something happens. I know nothing would occur on them, but my team and I awaited.

“FARAH!” one of my coworkers yelled from outside my office door.

“What?” I asked, standing up as the door to my office opens.

“We need you, everyone is back, and they injure Dominique,” my coworker said worriedly.

Grabbing my coat, I grab my phone and run out of the office.

“Where are they?” I asked as we run down the stairs.

“They are in the emergency room. We have several injured.” My coworker explained.

Nodding, we run as quickly as possible.

Reaching the emergency room, I’m baffled by the sight of it. Several men injured scream in agony. Blood splatters covered the white marble floor.

“Where’s Dominique?” I asked, panicking.

“Farah here!” I heard Erick called.

Noticing him, I run towards the north of the room. Dominique laid in bed unconscious.

“What the hell happened?” I asked, worried.

Dominique was bleeding from his shoulder and down his wrist. Frowning, I hold his wrist and notice it’s completely broken. He had a fever and was unconscious.

“He needs surgery on that hand,” I ordered, “Prepare the operating room.”

“Farah, will he be ok?” Erick asked.

“Yes, what about you?” I asked as I check him.

Erick had no bruises. He looked fine.

“I’m fine; just make sure that when Dominique wakes up, he gets sedated,” Erick said as he holds my arm.

“Why?” I asked, confused.

“Raphael died, Farah.” Erick mumble.

Gasping, I stutter. What did Erick just say? Hearing my coworkers call. I shake my head and nod, leaving Erick all alone.

Two hours later, we did the surgery. Dominique’s wrist shattered entirely. He needed a titanium plate for his wrist. Sighing, I asked the doctors to transfer him to one of the VIP wards. Drying my sweaty face, I walk back and let everyone know how he is doing.

My mother cried in relief, and Erick thanks me. I could see my grandfather shaking his head and lost. Did Erick tell him Raphael passed away? I was oblivious to what happened.

“Erick, what happened?” I asked s I approach him. Erick leaned against the wall.

“There was an explosion. Bombs started detonating, and it seems someone knew we were coming,” Erick explained, “And the worst was that the first bomb exploded on the side of the compound where Raphael was.”

“Are you sure he died?” I whispered.

“Yes, no one survived. The explosion was huge. We barely escape,” Erick said as he pinches his nose, “I found something odd, though.”

“What?” I asked.

“That, somehow, not even Stefan’s people knew about the bombs. There were many people there when the explosions happened. So that confused me. How could Stefan kill his workers?” Erick stated.

“You sure about it?” I asked, “You should look more into it.”

“Yes, I am. I already asked the spies to investigate.” Erick said.

“Why don’t you rest?” I told him, “you look exhausted, and Dominique is fine.”

“Very well,” Erick said, “Call me when he wakes up, please.”

Nodding, I smile and pat his back. Watching him go, I turn over to my mother. She was worried for Dominique.

“He will be fine mother, it was just a minor injury,” I explained, but she continues crying.

After convincing her to go back home, I head back to the room where Dominique was. I wonder if grandfather notified Allorah.

Massaging my face, I wake up and check the time. It was eight in the morning. I had spent the rest of the morning in Dominique’s room, waiting for him to wake up. Looking towards his bed, I notice it’s empty. Abruptly, I stand up.

“What the hell?” I curse when the bathroom door opens.

“Farah?” Dominique said with a questioning look.

“Oh my Dominique, you scare me,” I said as I try to calm myself.

“Where am I supposed to go with this?” Dominique said as he showed me his complete arm. The stabbing wound and the fracture were on the same arm, his left side.

“How do you feel?” I asked as I helped him back to bed.

“Sore and my head feels dizzy,” Dominique said with a sigh.

Checking him, I notice he still has a slight fever. Calling for my coworker, I explained to him what happened to his wrist.

“So you will need to rest for at least four months,” I explained as Dominique scowl.

“Where’s Erick?” Dominique asked with a sigh.

“He hasn’t come, but let me check; maybe he’s outside waiting,” I said and excused myself.

Looking around the place, I see that no one is in the hallway. Shrugging, I go back to the bedroom when I catch a glimpse of someone turning on the corner to the left of the building. Frowning, I follow the person. I have never seen someone with blond hair here.

Padding, I follow the person. He had a military uniform on. Somehow he reminded me of someone. Where have I seen that uniform?

Getting close to one of the rooms, he enters. I stop. Voices whispered on the other side. Trying to listen to who it was, I get close and peek inside. The door was open. This was an office. Careful not to be seen, I see my grandfather and someone else.

“Thanks for coming on brief notice, but I need to hear about you guys,” my grandfather said in a low voice.

“Well, the plan didn’t work out,” the stranger said.

Why did I know that man’s voice?

“What happened?” my grandfather asked him.

“We didn’t know the bombs were going to explode. Allorah was sure nothing like that would happen when Dominique’s men were in,” the stranger said.

Did he just say Allorah?

“I see. What else?” my grandfather asked.

“So far, that. As you know, Allorah infiltrated at the same time Dominique’s people did. The plan was to bring down the compound, but it seems Stefan was way more intelligent. Allorah thought the bombs would kill him,” the stranger explained, “is everyone hurt from the team?”

“Yes, some are injured. Including my grandson, but it’s nothing serious. It’s not Allorah’s fault. Tell her not to worry. After all, she’s under my orders,” my grandfather said with a sigh.

Allorah caused all the injured men? Was it her fault Raphael died?

Unable to hold myself longer, I barge into the room. My grandfather was shocked to see me. The stranger didn’t turn around.

“What do you mean Allorah knew about the bombs?” I asked angrily.

The stranger looked over his shoulders.

“Karl?” I mutter, “W-What’s all….”

I was speechless. What was Karl doing here?

“Farah, listen up,” my grandfather said with a frown, “Listen and then judge.”

I shake my head in disbelief. Allorah couldn’t hurt my brother, could she?

“What’s there to listen? You mentioned Allorah planted the bombs. Was all this her cause? Was Raphael’s death her fault?” I was on the verge of tears.

My grandfather exchange glance with Karl. With a sigh, Karl turns around.

“Yes, it was her,” Karl said with a stoic face, “We planned it. It was the entire team, not just her. But if you want to believe it was her fault, go ahead. But let me tell you something,” Karl said, leaning closer to me, “You are not to mention this to no one, are we clear?

Did he just threaten me right in front of my grandfather?

“What’s your problem?” I said, offended.

“My problem? You taking out conclusions without really knowing.” Karl spat.

“That’s enough,” my grandfather said as he intervenes, “Leave Karl and inform Allorah that I’m expecting good news.”

“Yes, sir,” Karl said as he bows and then turn to leave.

Looking back at my grandfather, I sighed.

“Farah, it’s best if you don’t say a word,” my grandfather said.

Scoffing, I walk out of the office. I needed to know more, so I followed that person.

Running down the hallway, I see him walking through the double doors.

“WAIT!” I yelled. Karl just looked over his shoulders, a scowl on his face.

“What?” Karl said, annoyed.

“Tell me, did Allorah know?” I asked.

“Know what?” Karl asked back.

“If she knew Dominique was there! Tell me Allorah didn’t know…” I said, almost begging for him to say no.

“What Allorah do doesn’t concern you, Ms. Farah. She’s just doing her job,” Karl mumble tiredly.

“Concern me?” I said, baffled, “What Allorah does is my problem!”

“What did you just say?” another voice said, making me turn around.

Erick stood with a shocked face looking at us. Furrowing his eyebrows quickly, he asks once again the same question.

Karl sighed loudly and turned to leave.

“Wait!” I said, holding his jacket, “How is she?”

Karl looked back at me and then at Erick.

“Allorah is doing fine, so don’t worry. Your next visit is in a week, right?” Karl asked.

“Yes…” I mumble.

“Very well, I will let her know. Now, if you excuse me,” Karl said as he finally got into the range rover and drove off.

Turning back around, I see Erick with a frown. I knew he was mad.

“Care to explain?” Erick mutter with anger, “You knew about Allorah all this time?”

“I did…” I whispered, “I couldn’t tell you.”

“Farah… we miss Allorah, and your brother… he has been asking about her,” Erick said with pain look, “Why are you hiding it?”

“Because it’s an order from my grandfather,” I explained, “You wouldn’t understand.”

Passing next to him, I pat his shoulder and leave him alone.

We both headed back to Dominique’s room. Erick looked pissed. I was tired of this, couldn’t the problems be solved already?

“Oh, there you are. What took you so long?” Dominique asked as I walked in with Erick behind.

“Sorry, I needed to check on some stuff, and Erick just arrived,” I lied.

“How are you, Dominique?” Erick asked, concern.

“I’m good, just this…” Dominique said, lifting his hand in defeat, “I just want to rest. When can I go home?”

“Today if you want to. I will stay over and give you checkups,” I said, smiling.

“Good, hate being here,” Dominique said, chucking.

“Yes, it’s best you get some rest. Later I will take the information we have,” Erick said smiling, “So I will visit you later, ok. I should go now.”

“Leaving already?” Dominique asked with a frown, “Something the matter?”

“No, just need to check up on the others. We had several men injured,” Erick said with a smile, “later.”

With that, he walks out. I smiled when Dominique looked at me.

“Shall we?” I said as I grabbed a bag on the chair and handed it to him.

Nodding, Dominique takes things out. He would need help to get changed. Helping him, I stay quiet. I was still confused about what just happened. How long could I hide the truth about Allorah?

“Is something the matter Farah?” Dominique asked as I tie his shoes.

“No,” I mumble.

“If you say so, but I know you, Farah,” Dominique whispered, making me look up.


On the way back home, I felt uncomfortable.

“Farah, what the hell is wrong with you?” Dominique asked, annoyed.

“Nothing…” I mumble, embarrassed.

My mind was in turmoil. I felt so bad for hiding the truth from him.

“Ok, tell me in the lord’s name what the fuck is bothering you!” Dominique snapped.

I cringe at his aggressiveness. This was him for the past month. Annoyed and getting angry.

“It’s nothing, don’t pay me attention,” I said as I grip my dress.

“Fucking look at me,” Dominique suddenly said as he grips my arm strongly.

“You are hurting me!” I hissed.

“Stop changing the topic. Tell me, what’s bothering you? Did someone do something to you?” Dominique asked furiously. His grip was getting tighter.

Panting, I hold Dominique’s arm. Closing my eyes, I try to think quickly about what to do. I felt his hand squeeze.

“It’s nothing important. It’s just about Allorah!” I stutter as I close my eyes and wait for his reaction.

I waited, but the only thing I felt was his grip loosen up. Opening my eyes slowly, I look at him. Dominique was glaring at me.

“What did you just say?” Dominique mumble. “Answer me, Allorah!”

“I said, I-I was thinking about A-Allorah….” I stutter, afraid of him.

Letting go, Dominique pushes me and moves to the other side of the car. I massage my arm from where he was holding.

“Where is she?” Dominique suddenly asked.

“What?” I asked, confused, not sure I heard him well.

“I asked where is she?” Dominique said as he looked at me. His eyes were full of anger.

“That… I can’t tell you,” I whispered.

“You better tell me,” Dominique said as he leaned to the front, “Better fucking start talking, Farah.”

“I-I can’t!” I said, almost yelling. I could feel the guards looking at us worriedly.

“Why is that?” Dominique said through gritted teeth.

“I can’t, ok!” I snap, “I have orders not to tell you.”

I would not let Dominique order me around, and especially in this state. He was furious, and I didn’t recognize him.

Ordering the driver to stop the car, I look at Dominique with eyes full of fear. Pulling a gun from under the seat, Dominique points it towards me.

“You better fucking start talking,” Dominique hissed.

“Whoa, Sir!” the guard on the front said. Getting off the car, the guards try to open the door and make me get out, but Dominique locked the doors.

The driver looked scared; he dare not move.

“You will take me to Allorah, and you will do it now!” Dominique order.

“What’s wrong with you? How could you point a gun to me, your sister!” I said in tears.

With a sigh, Dominique lowered the gun.

“Say it,” Dominique ordered, “Say it, or I shoot the driver.”

Dominique raised his gun again. And I gasp in shock. I try to look at the driver, but I dare not move.

“Fine, Fine!” I said, raising my hands, “But lower your gun. I will take you, and we will go later.”

“No, not later, right now!” Dominique said, leaning once again, “Take me now!”

Nodding frantically, I tell the driver the address. Dominique relaxed once again but didn’t put his gun away.

“I knew all along that you knew where Allorah was. If I had known this was the only way to make you talk, I would have done it a few months back,” Dominique said as he looks out the window, “I’m sorry I didn’t want to resort to this measurement, but you left me no choice.”

I looked away from him. My tears were sliding down my face in silence. I just hope Allorah can forgive me and that she can stop Dominique.

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