Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

Waking up in a room with white walls, I remember Allorah. Sighing, I sat up and noticed Farah asleep. Groaning to pain in my left arm, I looked down and noticed I had bandages. Farah must have had done surgery. Sighing once again, I head to the bathroom.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I notice I look exhausted—bags under my eyes and some visible bruises. My beard needed a trim, and my hair needed a cut. The last time I cut my hair was four months ago; now, it was under my shoulders. Washing my face with my only good hand, I dry my face and head back to bed.

Opening the door, I see Farah panicking. She looked cute.

“What the hell?” Farah cursed as she looks around.

“Farah?” I said with a questioning look.

“Oh my Dominique, you scare me,” Farah said, calming herself.

“Where am I supposed to go with this?” I said as I showed her my arm. The stabbing wound and the fracture were on the same arm, my left arm.

“How do you feel?” Farah asked as she helped me back to bed.

“Sore and my head feels dizzy,” I said with a sigh.

After a quick checkup, Farah explained I had to rest for four months. I had thought that maybe the injury wasn’t that serious.

When they did everything, Farah excused herself and went to look for Erick. Last night before, I passed out in the car. Erick looked bad. I still couldn’t believe Raphael was gone. It hurt.

It was my fault. We didn’t even end on good terms. I never got to tell him how sorry I was.

Closing my eyes, I lean back in bed and think about the things that happen last night. What went wrong? It still confused me. I remember everything going well. But the communicators stopped working, and the bombs. That, the bombs, why were there bombs?

“Allorah…” I whispered, opening my eyes and looking at the white ceiling how I missed her. I wanted to see her so badly. But how could I? No one would tell me. I know Farah knows. She knows where she is, but why won’t she tell me?


Some time has passed, and Farah wasn’t back. I frowned as I looked at it has been almost half an hour since she left. Did something come up? I know I wasn’t the only one injured. Sitting back up, I check my phone was on the night table next to my bed. Suddenly the door opened; Farah and Erick walked in.

Smiling, I greeted them. Erick looked strange; he looked pissed. And Farah looked nervous. I pretended I didn’t notice. After some exchanged, Erick left. Glaring at him, I see he throws a glare at Farah. So something happened.

When Farah asked me as we could leave, I was happy, but her behavior was ticking me. As she helped me get changed, I asked her if something was the matter, but she denied it. The same thing continued, and it was pissing me off. Lately, my patience has been on a fragile line. I would snap easily, and Farah was about to see me pissed as hell.

Once in the car, I started asking her. Her nervous hands played with her clothes, and she would look outside the window. Groaning, I snap at her and ask her what the issue was. My first thought was that maybe Erick fought with her. But to my surprise, everything had to do with Allorah. When Farah mentioned her name, I froze. I felt my heartbeat bump blood like crazy.

Somehow my mind went numb, and I started pressuring Farah until I got mad and threatened her. Farah knew about Allorah, and this time I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Yes, I pointed a gun at her, my sister. But all this was for the sole reason to know where Allorah was. It’s been a year. For a year, I haven’t known about her, and she hasn’t even contacted me. I was desperate. I just wanted to talk with her, know she was fine and that she was healthy.

Taking our leave once again, we head to the address Farah mentioned. At first, I thought the address sounded familiar and how right I was. We drove for four hours before arriving at the place. I knew my bodyguards were right behind us.

Reaching the entrance of the place, I look outside the window. It was afternoon by the time we got to the secluded area in the mountains.

Rolling down the window, they ask the driver what his business is. Farah panicked and rolled down the window from her side. As the guards saw her, they smiled and let her go in.

“You’ve been coming here?” I asked with a frown.

“Y-Yes, I’ve been coming to check on Allorah,” Farah mumble nervously.

Looking outside the window, I see a big building with a training area, a soccer field, and a parking lot.

“What’s this place?” I asked, glaring at Farah.

Farah stayed quiet. She was biting her lip.

A habit she has when nervous.

“Farah!” I warned.

“This is the Black Coral Building,” Farah stutter nervously, “You have heard about them.”

“What?” I whispered.

Not believing her, I rolled down the window and looked at the vast display that said welcome to the Black Coral Squad. I huff some air as I glare at the place.

I have heard stories about the Black Coral Squad. I know they were a group of train assassins and spies.

They were not only respected but feared by everyone on the underground organizations. They held the strongest agents, and their talents were terrific.

I knew grandfather was one of the council associates who was in charge of the Black Coral. He mentioned it twice before, and every time I asked him more about this place, he would stay quiet.

Parking right in front of the building. We get down. Farah looked like she was about to faint. Several guards stood at the entrance. They smiled once they saw Farah. Bastards.

“Welcome, Ms. Farah,” a woman in uniform said as she walked out of the building with two more men right behind her.

She looked at me and then frowned.

“Who is this?” the woman asked Farah.

“Hi, Emilia, um, this is Mr. Montiel, my brother,” Farah said, smiling.

The woman nodded and then greeted me.

“So what can we do for you? I thought you came to see Allorah?” Emilia said, smiling.

“Yes, but um…” Farah kept looking towards me, “Is she here?”

“Is something the matter?” Emilia asked.

“Is she here?” I snapped at her.

Emilia glared at me. Noticing my people behind us, she sighed.

“Yes, but she’s busy. If it’s ok, please follow me,” Emilia said, forcing a smile.

We followed her.

The place was amazing. It left me speechless.

It reeks in gold, literally. My company and my organization had the most advanced technology, but this place put mine into shame. Now I understood why my grandfather didn’t talk about it. This place had a lot of investors and by the looks the best of them.

“Ms. Farah, hello!” one of the assassins said as he waved from afar.

Almost everyone greeted Farah. It seems everyone knew her, and she often came by the looks of it. Getting closer to her, I grip her arm.

“How often do you come here?” I hissed.

“Every two weeks,” Farah said, smiling and looking at the floor.

So she has been coming all this time? For a year? I felt irritated just standing next to her. I couldn’t believe my sister was hiding the person I desire to see the most from my own eyes.

“We are going to the fourth floor,” Emilia said as the elevator opened and we step in.

The ride to the fourth floor was awkward. No one said anything, but I could feel Emilia’s eyes on me. I ignored her and pretended to be checking the panel.

“Nice elevator,” I said, making small conversation.

“Yes, the boss has made some changes,” Emilia said proudly.

I never heard who the boss was. Every time I tried looking into it, it said it was classified. Even Sebastian mentioned once that no one knew who the leader of the squad was. It’s like he never existed.

“Please follow me,” Emilia said as she guided us through a hallway.

From afar, I could hear voices and some laughter. This place looked relaxed.

“I heard the boss kick ass today in the morning,” someone in a room said aloud. I frown at his remark. Who was this person? Now I was curious to meet him.

“Please wait here,” Emilia said as she excused herself and left us in a small waiting area.

“Dominique let’s leave,” Farah said, holding my arm, “Please, I’m begging you.”

“Why?” I asked.

Why was Farah so eager to go? What was she hiding?

“Hmm, strange she’s not here,” Emilia said as she walked back into the waiting area.

“Maybe she’s busy,” Farah said, smiling.

“No, she was here a while ago,” Emilia said as she rubbed her chin.

“Hey Ferdinand, where is Allorah?” Emilia yelled at a group of men who were playing cards.

“She was here a while ago,” the guy named Ferdinand said with a shrug.

Sighing, Emilia excuses herself.

“It seems she’s not here! So let’s go after all. I didn’t call her in advance,” Farah said as she looked around.

“Enough!” I hissed, “What’s your problem?”

Farah flinches and backs away.

“Sorry, but it seems she left,” Emilia said as she hangs up her phone, “You will need to come some other time.”

“That’s ok,” Farah said as she dragged me back to the elevator, “Thanks, Emilia!”

Emilia nodded and then walked us back to the elevator. Reaching the elevator, Farah presses the bottom.

“Oh, that’s the wrong elevator,” Emilia said as the door to that elevator opens, and we see a couple kissing.

Farah gasp in surprise. Raising my eyebrow, I stare at the couple in the elevator.

A blonde man with amber eyes looked at us. He was holding a woman with short black hair. She had her back towards us.

“Oh, General Karl, we are so sorry!” Emilia said, embarrassed.

So that was General Karl? I had met him once before. He was well respected, and he was a genius. He would have been a great asset to my organization.

Lost in thought, I feel Farah grip my arm tightly. Looking at her, I frown. Her eye wide and in shock. Following her gaze, I look back at the couple. What was she looking at?

Eyes wide, I stare at the person right in front of me. What the hell was I seeing?

“Allorah?” I breathed to surprise.

Hearing her name, Allorah turns around completely. She gasps when she finally noticed us. She looked between Farah and me.

“W-What…” Allorah mutter.

My mind was blank. I couldn’t think straight.

Frowning suddenly, Allorah turns to Farah.

“What’s this about?” Allorah retorted.

“I-I-I’m sorry,” Farah said, bowing her head.

“What’s the matter, Allorah?” General Karl asked.

My mind was so in shock at seeing her I didn’t process what I had seen before. The woman General Karl was kissing was Allorah.

“What the fuck!” I snapped and grabbed Allorah from her arm. I was pulling her towards me.

Gripping her arm, I stare at the man behind her. Then I felt it, right under my chin.

“Let go!” Allorah whispered lowly. Was that a threat?

I heard the click of the cold gun under my chin. Allorah was pointing a gun at me. Was this the fragile woman I knew?

“I think I didn’t make myself clear, right?” Allorah hissed as I let go of her arm.

Raising my hands, I back away.

“Why are you here?” Allorah asked Farah.

Farah looked at me. She was on the verge of tears. Sighing, I turn and look at Allorah.

“I asked her to bring me here,” I said, staring at her.

“No! You force me!” Farah screeched in tears.

With a sigh, Allorah puts her gun away and pinches her nose.

“Karl, could you please take Farah to a resting room? I have something to talk with, Mr.Montiel,” Allorah said with a glare that could kill.

Karl nodded and took Farah away. Emilia excused herself and left us all alone.

“Follow me,” Allorah said as she walked towards the elevator once again.

I stayed quiet, just staring at her. I frown as I look at her. She had her hair dyed black and short. What did she do to herself? For a second, I thought it was someone else if it weren’t for her eyes.

Not only that, but she was wearing a uniform. It differed from the rest. Hers was all black with golden details. General Karl was blue and white, and the rest were white with different colors. It seems there were other teams.

Once the elevator door opened, we walked out. This floor was enormous. It was an open space, little furniture here and there.

There was a touch of a woman here. Right in front of the window glass was a black wooden desk with some chairs.

“Please take a seat,” Allorah said as she walked and sat behind the desk.

Taking a seat, I stare at her. This was no ordinary office. It looked like someone of importance would have a room like this. Pressing a panel, Allorah called a name. In mere seconds the door opened, and in walk, a man.

“Yes, Boss?” the man asked.

Did he just say, boss?

“Bring two coffees, please, and strong ones,” Allorah ordered. The man excused himself. Hearing the door shut, I stare at her once again.

“So why did you come?” Allorah asked as she leans against the chair.

“What did that man just called you?” I asked.

I was still processing what he just said. Farah mentioned Allorah was here, but she didn’t say why she was here or what she was.

“Just what you heard, Mr. Montiel. I’m the leader of the Black Coral Squad,” Allorah said with a wave of her hand.

“You are the leader?” I asked, confused.

“Yes. Now tell me, why have you come?” Allorah asked again, but this time she was serious.

Fisting my hands, I lowered my gaze and took a deep breath. Allorah was kissing another man. She is looking so calm now. Did she change that much?

“Dominique, I don’t have your time,” Allorah said with a sigh, “Could you hurry? I have a meeting.”

Wasn’t she happy to see me?

“Allorah… Why, are you not happy to see me?” I said with a pained voice.

“Happy?” Allorah asked, surprised.

“Yes, I am. It’s been a while,” Allorah said, smiling.

I hated this; this is not how things are supposed to go.

“Allorah, why are you indifferent?” I asked. I couldn’t hold it in. I needed to know. “You look… different.”

“Yes, I know…” Allorah said with a sigh. “People change, Dominique.”

She smiled sadly.

“You haven’t changed,” Allorah said as I look up. Her grey eyes glare at me. They look sad.

“I… Is it?” I asked. I didn’t know what to say.

She was right. I haven’t changed.

“Anyway, it’s good seeing you. If you excuse me, I need to go. I’m late for a meeting,” Allorah said, standing up.

I followed suit and stand up.

“Wait!” I said as I move in front of her.

I didn’t know what to say. Trying hard to think about something, I suddenly feel a hand on my face. Surprised, I look at Allorah.

“You should rest. Your injured arm looks bad, your even bleeding.” Allorah said.

I didn’t notice when I started bleeding. Allorah pressed the panel with a sigh and asked for an emergency kit to be brought into her office. Grabbing my other arm, Allorah pulls me towards an armchair.

The office door opened, and in walked two men—one with the coffees and the other with a kit. Leaving the stuff, they excused themselves.

Allorah pulled the other armchair and grabbed my injured arm carefully. Silently, she removes the bandages and starts tending to them.

“I’m sorry…” I whispered unconsciously. Surprised by my own words, I look at her. Allorah looked at me, surprised. This was awkward. Clearing her throat, Allorah smiled and continues tending my wound.

Getting a grip, I decided to be honest with her.

“I’ve missed you, Allorah, every day. I’m also sorry for everything. I should have never done what I did. What I mean is I shouldn’t have lied or left you alone. It’s my fault, and I’m truly sorry.” I said as I looked at our hands.

Allorah was holding my hand as she dressed the wound. I waited for her to say something, but she stayed quiet. I dare not look at her. Feeling my face hot, I lowered my head more.

Out of the blue, I hear tiny giggles. I looked up and saw Allorah giggling. Her hair swayed side to side.

“You looked cute for a moment,” Allorah said as her face turns red.

I smiled at her. My hands twitch with the need to touch her. Smiling softly, I looked at the floor. Allorah didn’t say a word after that.

Once Allorah treated the wound, Allorah started putting everything away.

“Thank you,” I said as I pulled my hand back on my lap.

“Wait, I missed this,” Allorah said as she pulls out a small pin.

Holding my hand back, she fixes it. I watch curiously as her hands move diligently.

“All…” Allorah mutters but stopped.

Furrowing my eyebrows, I close and open my eyes. What was that?

“Allorah?” I said as I snap my head up.

Shocked at what I see, I move and grab her. Allorah was bleeding from her nose. It wasn’t normal bleeding; it was like if a deep wound had opened. Covering her face, Allorah stood up and back away.

“S-Sorry,” Allorah stutter. I stood up and grabbed her.

“Are you alright?” I asked, scared. Her hands were covered in blood. Nodding quickly, she grabs a towel was on the desk and covered her face. Pulling her phone quickly, she calls someone. I heard the person on the other line panic.

“Allorah, what’s happening? Do you need something?” I asked, not knowing what to do.

“NO!” Allorah suddenly yelled. Pressing the panel, she called someone urgently.

“Please escort Mr. Montiel back,” Allorah said hurriedly. The same man started asking me to follow him.

I couldn’t leave Allorah all alone like that.

“No, I’m not leaving!” I said, scared as I held her arm.

I was begging her to listen to me. Allorah pushes my hand away.

“Please leave; this is nothing,” Allorah said as she looked away.

The office door opened once again and walked Farah with a surprised face, and General Karl immediately walked over to Allorah.

“You ok?” General Karl asked her.

“Yes, just a nosebleed,” Allorah said. I felt like a stranger.

“Take a seat,” Farah said, “let me see.”

Removing the towel from her face, I frown. Allorah was bleeding a lot. These didn’t seem like normal bleeding.

“Can you bring some ice and some towels,” Farah asked the secretary.

Nodding, he leaves.

“Dominique, please leave,” Allorah said, groaning frustrated, “I don’t want you here!”

“What? Why? You think I’m leaving like this?” I retorted.

“YES!” Allorah snapped. “It’s an order!”

Flinching at her tone, I shake my head and scoff.

“You can’t order me,” I snap back.

“Under the orders and laws of the organizations, she can order you,” General Karl retorted, “And it would be wise if you change your tone.”

“This is none of your business, so stay out!” I hissed angrily. What was his deal?

“Yes, it is!” General Karl said, standing up, “It is because she’s my girlfriend!”

What? Laughing loudly, I looked at him. Was he joking? I turn and look at Allorah. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Frowning, I turn to Farah. She looked at me with pain in her eyes. This wasn’t a joke?

“You were serious right now?” I asked as my voice breaks.

Allorah stood up, but Farah held her.

“Seat, please,” Farah begged.

Allorah held Farah; she looked pale.

“Allorah, please,” Farah insisted.

“I think it would be best if I take her home,” General Karl said as he grabbed Allorah and carried her.

“Where the hell do you think you are going with her?” I said as I stood in front of him.

“Back away, Dominique!” General Karl said, “This is no time to be fucking around, now move!”

“Allorah is coming back with me!” I snapped.

“No,” Farah said, annoyed, “She is not Dominique! Now could you please stop it!”

Moving me away, Karl takes Allorah away. I tried stopping them.

“Fucking stop it, Dominique!” Farah retorted as she turns me around, “Just stop it! Don’t you see Allorah isn’t doing well? When are you going to stop acting like a jerk?”

Farah was angry with me. It was the second time I’ve seen her act like this.

“HELP!” someone yelled. Running out of the office, we see Karl kneeled. Allorah was throwing up blood. Shocked, I stayed still. What was happening to Allorah? Allorah looked sick.

“Shit!” Farah cursed, “Called the medics tell them to prepare a room. Karl, let’s take her to the emergency room now!”

Panicking, I followed them.

“Allorah,” I breathed. Getting on the elevator with them, we head to the emergency room. Some doctors waited for us once we arrived. I noticed the elevator stopped underground. How big was this place?

Putting Allorah on a bed, they take her away. We were running behind them, careful not to hurt myself. We enter a room. Allorah kept throwing up.

“Since when has she had these attacks?” Farah asked as they remove her clothes.

Karl looked at Farah with worried eyes.

“Tell me, Karl! There’s no time,” Farah said, snapping at him.

“Since a few months back,” Karl whispered and sighed, “Allorah has been keeping them a secret from you.”

“And you let her?” Farah snarled, “Is this the responsible boyfriend?”

I fisted my hand in anger.

Farah removed Allorah’s gloves. Baffled by what we were seeing, everyone gasps.

“Oh my God,” one doctor said.

What happened to Allorah’s hand?

Her entire hand and arm were purple. The bruise looked even black as it crawled up to her shoulder. It looked infected.

“What’s this?” Farah mumbles as she inspects.

“Her, Her hand has been like that since a few months back,” Karl said, shaking his head, “I told her to tell you, but she said she didn’t want to. That it was nothing.”

“Nothing? This was nothing?” Farah said furiously, “You should have told me!”

“But I promised her! I wouldn’t break that promise, Farah. I couldn’t,” Karl said. I didn’t know why his words made me angry. Was he in love with her?

“I need you both out!” Farah suddenly said as she snapped her fingers, “Take them out.”

Grabbing us, they pull us out of the room. I took a last look at Allorah that was groaning in pain. Watching the doors close, I take a last look at her hand where her tattoo is. The moment I did, a burning sensation made me groan in pain. I held my injured hand. What was that?


Pinching my nose, I stand up and start pacing the waiting area. We have been for at least four hours in the waiting room. Farah came once out and told us she was heading to the lab. We didn’t know how she was doing.

Karl and I had gotten into an argument an hour ago. Security had to come and separate us before we started throwing punches. Walking up and down, I hear the elevator door open. Looking up, I see my grandfather walked with my mother behind him. What were they doing here?

“Dominique?” my grandfather said as he stops halfway through. My mother looked over his shoulders and gasped, surprised.

“Why are you here?” my mother asked.

“Long story…” I said with a sigh. “Why are you guys here?”

“We came because Karl notified us that Allorah was in the emergency room,” my grandfather said as he took a seat. “Guessing you came with Farah?”

Nodding, I turn away from them. I didn’t want to ask questions. Hearing Farah’s voice, we all turn and wait for her to hang up her phone. Putting it in her pocket, she sighs and massages her temple.

“We need a blood transfusion,” Farah said with annoyance.

“Very well, is there a problem?” my grandfather asked.

“Yes…” Farah said as she opened a file. “None of the types of blood on the blood bank are compatible with hers.”

“What do you mean?” Karl asked, confused.

Farah exchanged looks with my grandfather.

“Allorah isn’t human. She’s different from us,” my grandfather explained.

“What will you do?” my mother suddenly asked.

“I don’t know. I have some men having their blood tested and see if we find someone,” Farah said as she looked at the file again.

“Test mine,” I suddenly said, earning glares from everyone.

“What?” Farah snapped, “Your blood?”

“Yes, do it,” I insisted.

“Your blood is the same as Farah’s. What makes you think it will be compatible?” Karl said as he stares at me.

“I know it will.” I said, turning my attention at Farah, “Run my blood. I have a feeling we are compatible.”

Farah looked skeptical. She lowered her gaze, and after some minutes, she sighed in surrender.

“Fine, but it won’t work,” Farah said, “that I’m sure.”

I am doing as Farah requested. I wait for a nurse to extract my blood and run a test. Farah stayed with me as the results come out.

“Here,” one of the nurses said, handing Farah a paper.

“Oh, my!” Farah said, eyes wide.

“What?” I asked, frowning.

“You…You were right…” Farah breathed, “You are compatible.”

Grabbing the paper from her, I check it. Highlighted in red was the word compatible. I smiled at it. Allorah and I were compatibles. Was that fate?

“Ok, let’s start doing the transfusion,” Farah said as she calls a nurse, “If you feel dizzy, let me know.”

“Gosh,” I mutter as I held my head.

“It’s over,” Farah said.

A slight headache was crawling to my head.

The transfusion was annoying. It made me sick. Farah said that we would stop because I was injured and had lost blood as well.

I was asking one nurse to take me to a room to rest. I follow her. Passing by a hall, I see several rooms opened. Hearing a familiar voice, I frown and make a turn. Did I listen to things?

Peeking inside the bedroom, I stumble in.

“Raphael?” I said, sounding stupid.

Raphael had a shocked look. What was Raphael doing here?

“Dominique? What the hell are you doing here?” Raphael asked as he tried to sit but groan in pain.

Walking over to his bed, I check on him. His entire stomach had bandages.

“You survived?” I said, still confused about this new revelation.

“Yes… all thanks to Allorah,” Raphael said with a frown, “But why are you here?”

“That’s what I should ask you. Why didn’t you go back?” I asked.

“Allorah said I wasn’t leaving. But don’t change the topic. Tell me, how come you are here?” Raphael said, annoyed, “What is happening?”

“Look, I’m confused. I came here to meet Allorah. I um, I forced Farah.” I said with shame.

“You did what?” Raphael asked angrily, “You forced her?”

“Fuck that, Raphael. Why are you here? You said thanks to Allorah but, how come?” I said, pressuring him.

Raphael stayed quiet. He was pondering. Was something at miss here?

“Dominique, don’t you know?” Raphael suddenly said, making me furrow my brows, confused.

“Know what exactly?” I asked, not understanding him.

“Dom, the explosion was Allorah’s doing. I… I thought you came because she told you?”

“What did you just said? Explosions?” I scoff. What the hell was happening here? “I don’t understand!”

“Dominique, I said that the bombs were Allorah’s doing. I got injured because of her. She was the one who made the building explode!” Raphael said as he grabbed my shirt, “Allorah almost killed everyone! Including you!”

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