Goddess of the Diamond

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*Light* and *Darkness Collide

Allorah POV

*Important Chapter*

“What are you seeing?” he asked as he sits down.

“I’m checking on this family,” I said, “There’s someone here who caught my attention.”

“Someone?” he asked, “Is there a reason for it?”

“Reason? Now that you mentioned it, I’ve seen this family three times. A wealthy family with a strong heir,” I said.

“Do you have a clear view of who they are?” he asked, leaning to the fountain.

“Just a name,” I said, intrigued, “What was it?”

“Name? It’s strange for you to get names,” he asked as he frowned, “You sure about this?”

“Yes, I am. There must be a reason I keep seeing it.” I said, frowning, “It would be best to ask about it.”

“Once the Goddess visit, we shall ask her. This is quite intriguing.” He said, standing up, “If you excuse me, I will leave. I have duty.”

“Fine,” I said as I keep my eyes on the fountain, “What was your name? I’m quite intrigued to know more about you.” I said as blood drips from my hands and the image changes.

Squinting my eyes, I see it, “Oh, if it’s Dominique….”

I was opening my eyes. I wait for them to adjust. The smell of medicine lingering in the air. Was I on the ward?

I slowly turned my head and looked towards the window. With a sigh, I close my eyes and open them—a dream. I had a dream about my past. It was unusual to have them, but I had one, and now I could see things. Sighing again, I try to sit up. My head felt light. How long have I been sleeping?

I was all alone in the room. No one seems to be around. Looking back at the window, I notice the sky is dark.

“It seems like it might rain,” I whispered.

My mind was a mess. That dream had me thinking about a lot of things, especially Dominique. Yes, him. He was the person I saw several times on my fountain. I remember the first time I saw his family. They all had this light aura, but I couldn’t see it. In the beginning, I found it odd, but as I kept seeing more about them. I finally got the chance to see his aura, black.

Now I know why the first time I met Dominique, I felt he was familiar. Everything makes sense. He was the boy I was given a name to. I remember asking Mother Goddess about it. She mentioned that when that happened, it was because fate marked my life. In other words, a red string only visible to her showed I was tied to that being in a form. When I asked her why she said it was destiny. But she mentioned once she finds it quite peculiar for a being like me to get tied to a human-like him—opposites but somewhat tied.

Faith even mentioned that it was strange. That maybe there was a mistake, but Mother Goddess said it wasn’t possible. She said that if there were a chance of meeting, the other would have a mark representing the binding that fate gives. But so far, Dominique has none.

And I was the same. I had none but a red string that only Mother Goddess could see.

Everything change when I made my mistake, and I got to be a human. A tattoo appeared on my left hand. It was an upside-down half moon with an arrow through it and around it a thin circle.

Touching it slightly, I notice that my hand is no longer purple. Lifting my eyebrows, I turn my hand to be sure I’m not mistaken. But how come? It confused me, but did it mean it healed me?

My illness always had me thinking about what the cause of it was. I always thought that maybe all those years that Stefan experimented with me were doing their effect. That maybe my body needed something or was reacting to the other alternative medicine Farah had given me. But even so, something down there made me think it meant something else.

Staring again outside the window, I move and stand up carefully. My body felt rested, and I even felt better. Finding a long coat on an armchair, I grab it and put it on. I was in the building’s emergency hospital. This was the private ward that had a balcony with stairs towards the forest. Deciding that I needed to clear my mind, I head outside for a walk.

The air was chilly, making me shiver. The season was changing. Taking a quick turn, I head to the forest. So far, no one had noticed me. This part of the forest was always empty. Looking around, I see a lot of yellow and brown leaves on the ground—timepass by quickly.

That dream had me feeling different emotions, hate, sadness, happiness, fear. And now that I think about it, Faith. He looked so natural in the dream I wished he was alive. I know we were still investigating that cargo that left the compound. It intrigued me. I was sure that what I saw was the correct thing. That person was Faith. But I saw Faith died; I saw how they discarded his body. Was he cloning?

Reaching an opening, I find an enormous tree trunk. Taking a seat, I hug myself and keep thinking. What was I missing in all this?

Stefan wanted to find something on me. It was something he would never mention, but he knew what it was. He would experiment, torture me, just to start all over again. I wonder all these years what it was.

In my past life, I remembered nothing peculiar. As a goddess, the only valuable thing on me was my blood. But Stefan didn’t want that. So what did he want?

Mother Goddess never mentioned anything odd. She said that my sole purpose was to bring light to those who had a dark aura. The ones are full of vengeance and unclean hands. Faith was my opposite. His job was to take away that life for the ones who had a dark heart—the ones who could not go back and get back to the light.

When we got paired, all the other goddesses wonder why we, in specific, were paired. I had light; he was darkness. My hair was white; he was black except for our eyes. We shared the same color.

Faith always showed me he loved me. We could work together, and actually, we matched. It was like he was my other half. But I remember the words Mother Goddess said the day we asked her about the name.

“If you have the string of fate on you, it means Faith isn’t your destine partner, but that person.”

I remember Faith getting angry at her for the words she said. Now I find it quite funny because fate worked his way. Dominique was my savior, and now we were together. Not as it should be, but we met. The only peculiar thing is the tattoo mark hasn’t appeared on him, after all this time.

After all, I became human. Shouldn’t he have it?

Breaking the stick, I groan in frustration. All this is a mess. My mind keeps replaying Faith’s face. All this time, I had always remembered him, missed him. But now it made me feel bad, guilty.

If I hadn’t accepted the offer, Faith wouldn’t have died and everyone else on it. All this year, I felt a bit of remorse, but now I felt the guilt. I shouldn’t have said yes that day.


“Allorah, are you insane?” Faith yelled, frustrated, “Why? Tell me why!”

“Enough Faith, this… this is my choice,” Allorah said as she walked up and down.

“Your choice? So what about me? Don’t you even think about my feelings?” Faith said as his voice broke, “Please… I beg you, don’t accept it.”

“This… has always… been my dream,” Allorah whispered as she looked at the ground, “So please understand.”

Faith didn’t say a word. His silence is the only answer. Turning, he walked away but stopped and looked over his shoulder. Sad eyes were meeting Allorah’s.

“This will be your doom.”

End of Flashback.

Faith begged me so many times; he almost cried begging me. But for being greedy, I didn’t think about the consequences. The consequences that lead to his death and the destruction of the others.

All because of Stefan.

“Allorah?” a voice said, making me tense.

Slowly, I turn my head.

“Dominique?” I whispered.

His eyes were full of worry. What was wrong with him? Lowering my eyes, I stop when I notice Dominique’s hand. Frowning, I look and then gasp. I was covering my mouth. I look at him.

“That… what’s that?” I stutter nervously.

Were my eyes deceiving me?

“This,” Dominique said, raising his hand and showing me, “This appeared on me a few hours ago. After I saved you.”

“Saved me?” I asked, confused.

“Yes, you were dying, Allorah… and you needed blood,” Dominique said as he looks somewhere else. “Farah needed blood, so we made a blood transfusion using my blood. Once my blood was compatible with yours, this appeared.”

On his right hand was a tattoo with the same design as mine. It shocked me to the bones. The Tattoo mark appeared. But why till now?

“Allorah, are you alright?” Dominique asked worriedly, “You look pale.”

Snapping my head, I back away from his reaching hand.

“Allorah?” Dominique mutter as he looked hurt.

“W-Why do you have that?” I whispered, afraid to hear his answer.

“This? I don’t know. But when Farah said that your blood wasn’t compatible with anyone, I asked her to try mine. And I had this hunch we are fated,” Dominique explained with a soft smile.

I had no words. My heart beat fast. All this was it real?

“So, what happened to me?” I asked without looking at him. I grip the coat tightly.

“You somehow recover. The bruise on that arm disappeared in mere seconds. It’s like it never existed. Farah ran some tests and discovered that you had healed completely. Even your scars, they somehow disappear.” Dominique said, making me look at him confused.

“Disappear?” I said, shocked. Lifting my sleeves, I check my body. He was right. They did not leave even a single scar.

My body looked clean. Feeling slightly overwhelmed, I sway.

Reaching for my arm, Dominique holds me. I leaned against him.

“You need to go back,” Dominique whispered after a while, “You have been asleep for four days, and Farah would need to check on you.”

What did he just say? Four days?

“I’ve been sleeping for that long?” I asked as I look up.

“Yes…” Dominique breathed.

Moving his hand, he caresses my cheek.

His touch was leaving a warm sensation—my breathing hitch. There was something different about him.

“Do you feel it?” Dominique suddenly asked, “You feel it, right?”

I furrowed my eyebrows, unable to understand what he was referring to.

“Allorah, the warm sensation. You feel it, right?” Dominique said, smiling down at me, “I can feel it. There’s this warm feeling that spreads all over the body. I first felt it the first day of the transfusion. I found it odd after the tattoo mark appears, but then I understood.”

“Understood what?” I asked softly.

Leaning his head closer to my face, he whispered.

“I understood that I truly love you. Allorah, I’m madly in love with you.”

Did Dominique just confess to me?

He left me speechless. All I could do was watch him. He looked different. At first, I didn’t notice it, but now I do. The dark aura that roamed his body is dissipating.

“Say something, Allorah,” Dominique whispered as he pokes my forehead.

Feeling something warm slide down my face. I sniff.

“What’s wrong?” Dominique said, panicking, “Tell me, Allorah, are you unwell?”

I was chuckling softly. I dry my face and look back at Dominique.

Was this what Mother Goddess saw?

Now I knew that after everything I have been through. Dominique was the one that fate paired me with.

Lifting my hand, I touch his face and smile as more tears fall like cascades down my face.

“I’m just happy,” I said, smiling brightly.

“You scared me…” Dominique said as he sighed and smiled, “Let’s go back, ok?”

Nodding, I let Dominique guide me back to the building.


“LOOK AT YOU!” Farah yelled angrily, “What were you doing in the forest, and barefoot? You think we don’t worry about you?”

Farah was snapping at me. Her anger clears all over her delicate face.

“It’s ok. I’m fine,” I said, pinching my nose.

“Fine? You know what… UGH!!” Farah said, almost groaning like an animal.

I sat on the ward bed. Dominique, Erick, and Farah were with me. Erick was glaring at me strangely. There was something off about him.

“Take this, and go back to rest,” Farah ordered, “Now, if you excuse me. I have something to do. I will be back later.”

With that said, Farah closed the door angrily. Shaking my head, I laid back down.

Looking towards the seats, I see Erick with a frown and Dominique with a conflicted look on his face.

“Is something the matter?” I asked, bothered by their way of acting.

“Yes, but before we talk about it. We are waiting in two more persons,” Dominique said as he grabbed his cup of coffee and took a sip.

“Could you please at least tell me what’s the problem?” I asked, confused.

As I finished asking, the door opened, and in walked Karl and behind him on a wheelchair, Raphael.

My eyes were the size of a golf ball. Why was Raphael here?

I turn to look for an answer. But Dominique had his eyes close and arms crossed.

“Karl?” I said as I turn my attention to me.

“Hi…” Karl whispered as he sat on the bed.

“What’s this about?” I asked him. Karl gripped my hands.

“I think we have a lot to talk about,” Karl said worriedly, “So you need to tell the truth.”

I was looking between Erick and Dominique. I could feel something was off.

Raphael glared at me. At first, he looked relieved, but then he changed.

“Karl, can you tell me what’s all this about?” I said uncomfortably.

“Yes, but first. Where you the one who planted those bombs on the compound?” Dominique said, making me turn my face. “Tell me, Allorah was that your doing?”

Dominique looked pissed. How did his behavior change that quickly?

“Excuse me?” I asked, feeling insulted. I had a clue where this was coming from. It must have had been Raphael who told him.

“Just what you heard, Allorah,” Dominique said this time as he stood up, “Tell us why did you plant those bombs if you knew my men and I would be there! Where are you planning on killing us?”

Was Dominique serious right now?

I was feeling anger built on me. I try to argue but then felt soft squeezes on my hands. I had forgotten Karl was with me on the bed. He was pleading with me, and for a split second, he reminded me of Faith. The way his eyes begged.

Sighing loudly, I massage my temple.

“Fine, but before we start, let’s get something to drink,” I said as I laid back down, “This will be a long story.”

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