Goddess of the Diamond

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*Darkness* and *Light* collide.

Dominique POV

We were about to interrogate Allorah. When I came to check on her earlier, I freaked out. She was no were. Worried, I notified everyone else, and we went to look for her. Something told me that Allorah was close, so I felt this pull towards it as I passed by the forest. So I headed in, and as expected, I found her there.

I felt so relieved when I saw her that I had forgotten that I was mad with her. Everything Raphael told me had me questioning my grandfather. My grandfather didn’t dare answer me back, but I knew that he was making me ask Allorah. I had several questions I wanted to ask Allorah. Her disappearance, Karl, this job, everything. But would there be a chance?

It infuriated me. Allorah turned into a complete person, but I was fighting with myself. All I wanted was to hug her and ask her to come back with me. But she had changed; she became the person she once asked me to help her become. It pained me because I knew Karl gave her the support I couldn’t give her.

I was jealous, but I couldn’t stop myself. Two days ago, I asked Karl about his relationship with Allorah; he was stubborn that we finished fighting. Was I stubborn too?

Allorah was the person I loved. I wanted her back; I missed her, and if it were possible, I would change for her. Anything she asked me to, I was planning to accept. Farah was still angry with me, but she gave me advice and told me to leave Allorah alone. That she was happier without me, her words hurt, but she was also half right. The day I saw Allorah in the arms of another man. She looked calm. Like she had forgotten me completely.

I remembered all that wouldn’t make me feel relieved. What I needed now was to know the truth. Allorah looked conflicted, but there were answers we all needed.

A soft knock on the door distracted us, and in walked my mother with some coffee cups. I frowned. What was she doing here?

“Thank you,” Allorah said as she grabbed a cup.

Expecting her to leave, my mother sets the tray down and takes a seat.

“Excuse me, what are you doing here, mother?” I asked, confused.

“You said you would like to know the truth, but this isn’t only Allorah’s doing. It’s mine as well,” my mother said with a menacing tone, “Sit down and listen.”

Looking between Allorah and my mother, I groaned and sat back down. Karl moved and sat next to my mother, leaving Allorah all alone.

“Now speak!” I order.

Allorah glare at me. What was that about? There was something about her demeanor that just changed.

“Fine, where do I start,” Allorah said as she looked at her coffee cup. “To answer your question, I was the one who planted the bombs, and yes, I knew you and your team were there.”

“You knew!” Raphael retorted, “How could you?”

Raising her hand, Allorah stopped Raphael.

“Listen and then make your conclusions. I planted them because we were planning on bringing the whole building down, but once we had Stefan.” Allorah explained with a look that made us stay quiet and listen. “We were looking for Stefan, but he somehow found out about the bombs, and he was the one who detonated them. We found out on time and could get out before everyone got hurt. We never expected it.”

“And what makes you think we know you are not lying?” Erick asked.

“Because he hacked our computers,” Karl said as he crossed his arms. “He found out we infiltrated the compound. We have spies there, and we just don’t know how he got ahold of everything.”

“You are saying he knew?” Erick asked again.

“Yes, and not only that. We have proof,” Allorah said as she looked at Erick, “We also have proofed he knew you were coming.”

“Wait, just hold it!” Erick said, standing up, “You say he knew about us? That everything we did was in vain?”

“Yes, and that’s why he brought the entire building down,” Allorah said with a sigh.

“Did you have any clues of where he was? He must have had escaped,” my mother asked Allorah.

“He did not escape,” Allorah said, frowning, “He hid inside a bunker that was underground on that building. Not only that but…”

“But what?” I asked.

Allorah stayed quiet. She was debating with some inner thought. What was she hiding?

“There’s something else that’s still getting investigated. And it’s confidential,” Karl blurted.

I glare at him. If he were someone else, I would punch him. But according to laws, the Black Coral Squad has authority over us.

“I think with all this mess, there shouldn’t be secrets,” I bark back.

“According to who?” my mother suddenly asked. “If you say that because Allorah and your team were in the same place and she’s telling you the details, you are wrong. Let me remind you, Allorah is the leader of the squad, and she has authority over you.”

“Mrs. Montiel, please, we just want to know everything,” Erick said, pleading.

“Hush boy,” my mother ordered, “As one associate of the squad, I have authority over all of you. If that information is confidential, so it is. We don’t have to give every detail to you or anyone, am I clear?”

Erick looked surprised and me. Mother would never snap unless it were genuinely confidential. And she was half right. We couldn’t ask her; she can deny us answers.

“Ok, let’s all calm down. Now, I apologize, but,” Allorah said as she throws daggers at Erick, “I saved Raphael, so you’re welcome.”

“I don’t think we finish here!” Erick argued.

“Yes, we are! If you don’t quite it, I will ask security to get you out. Are we clear!” Allorah snapped.

I haven’t noticed it well but seeing her like this, and her hair dyed black, she looks fierce. But I wonder why she dyes her hair.

Watching my mother excused herself, I stay with Allorah alone. Karl excused himself he needed to go to a meeting. He was in charge right now that Allorah was in bed.

“Is something you need, Dominique?” Allorah asked with a sigh, “I really would like to be alone.”

I was standing near her bed, looking down at her; I scoff.

“Yes, and those are some questions, so please answer me,” I said, taking a seat on her bed.

Allorah looked at me. No emotions on her face. Clearing my throat, I look down at the bedsheets.

“What is your relationship with Karl?” I mumble.

“My relationship? One that you didn’t give me,” Allorah said without a hitch.

I cringe at her words. It felt like a knife was getting stabbed in my chest.

“So you guys are dating? Well, I ask because you were kissing,” I stutter.

Without looking at her, I waited patiently. The silence was becoming awkward.

“Sort off,” Allorah said as she laid back on her pillows, “Karl and I, well, he was there when I needed him, and somehow we complement each other.”

“You guys are alike?” I asked as I raised my eyes.

Allorah had her eyes closed.

“Yes, you remember I once mentioned I had a husband?” Allorah suddenly asked.

“Yes?” I said, curious.

“I never got to tell you who he was, right?” Allorah said as she opens her eyes.

Shaking my head, I look back down. This was uncomfortable.

“You see, his name was Faith. He was someone that would be my other half, according to Mother Goddess.” Allorah explained, “Mother Goddess was someone who was like our creator. She would pair goddess if they were a match.”

“So both of you were?” I asked, now intrigued.

“Yes, Faith was my opposite. I had white hair, and he was black. He was darkness, and I was light. The only thing we had in common was our eyes.” Allorah said as she smiled softly. “And Karl is exactly as Faith.”

“What did you say?” I asked, confused.

Allorah looked at me and smiled.

“Karl is just like Faith. While you are his dark side.” Allorah explained, making me confused. “Somehow, when I met Karl, we both clicked. It was just like when I met Faith, the way we immediately made that connection was amazing. While with you, there’s this dark aura that reminds me of him.”

“I see…” I mutter.

Honestly, I didn’t particularly appreciate that Allorah was comparing me to Karl and this Faith. It made me jealous.

“But hey,” Allorah said, holding my hand between hers, “Even though that’s what I see in him, it doesn’t mean I love him.”

“So you don’t?” I asked with hope in my voice.

“No… because…” Allorah said and then stayed quiet.

Allorah started frowning. Abruptly she sat up and started getting down off the bed.

“What happened?” I asked.

Cursing, I see Allorah ran out of the bedroom. I called her name, but she didn’t stop.

Allorah POV

How could I have forgotten?

Right now, that I was having this conversation with Dominique, I recalled something. Faith had a tattoo. It was more of a rune than a tattoo. As Goddesses, some of us had a mall symbol that represented our role. And Faith had one on his arm.

Running towards the meeting hall where I know Karl is with everyone. I barge in. everyone looked surprised by my sudden intrusion.

“Everyone out now, except Karl and the team leaders! Now!” I ordered.

Everyone started making haste. Once the last person was out. I asked the secretary to show us the images of the experiments that Stefan had on the compound. I needed a list of what was there and what was left on the cargo.

“Here, Ma’am,” the secretary said.

“What’s the matter?” one of the team leaders asked.

“I need to verify something, I recall. For that, I need you to check the images,” I explained briefly. “There’s an insignificant detail I want you to help me with.”

“What would that be?’ Karl asked.

“A symbol,” I said, looking at him, “Check if there any symbol.”

Karl started ordering the secretary to display all the images of the contents and experiments Stefan had. Scanning with my eyes quickly, I yelled stop.

“There! Enlarge that picture!” I order as I stare at the image of the tube they were uploading to the truck.

Looking for anything on the body, I stop when I see it. My eyes go wide, and I felt sick.

It was impossible; I saw him die. I couldn’t see his face, but that symbol there couldn’t be another one.

“Allorah?” Karl asked as I feel everyone’s eyes on me.

Excusing myself, I leave the conference room. I needed a bathroom; my stomach was doing flips back and forth, reaching for the nearest bathroom. I run and start throwing up. Cold sweat was breaking on my forehead.

“Allorah?” I heard Karl called.

Standing as I could, I walk out of the stall.

“Allorah…” Karl breathed.

All the emotions were hitting me like cold water. I started crying. How could Faith be there?

Feeling arms around me, I cry myself out. Karl was hugging me.

I could feel him worried for me. It was impossible.

Once I had to calm down, Karl brought me back to the office.

“Here, take it,” Karl said as he handed me a glass of water.

I drank it quietly. It felt like I was eating needles. Now my guilt was getting worst. If Faith was there, it meant that possibly he was alive. But the more I think about it, the harder it to believe it.

“Would you mind telling me what’s all this about?” Karl asked as he kneeled.

I study his face. He had a warm smile on his face. The way he looked at me made me calm down. That’s why I had enjoyed being around Karl. There was this warm feeling that made me feel calm, just like Faith had.

“I will, but before I do. I would like for you to call Dominique, Erick, Mr. Montiel, and Farah. Please.” I said, smiling at him.

Karl nodded and left, leaving me and my thoughts all alone. Setting the glass down on the table, I stand up and sit on the desk. I started checking on the files we had recovered.

“Oh, Faith, I hope you are not alive and suffering,” I whispered to the air.

After a while, Karl came back with Mr. Montiel and everyone else.

“Are you ok?” Mr. Montiel asked as he looked at me worriedly.

I nodded and asked everyone to take a seat. Dominique had this confused look. I know everyone was wondering why I called them.

“Thanks, everyone, for being here, but I think there are some things I need to tell you,” I said with a sigh.

“What would that be, dear?” Mr.Montiel asked.

“That… would be how I became human, who offered to me and what is on this cargo that left the compound before the explosion,” I said as I showed the image of the cargo on the screen.

“What’s that?” Mr. Montiel asked.

“That… is my deceased husband.”

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