Goddess of the Diamond

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*Light* and *Darkness* collide

Allorah POV

Everyone looked at me in shock, even Dominique. At first, I thought it confused me, but it seems I was right. The person on that cargo was definitively Faith. Why I don’t know, but I needed to get my hands on it.

“Hold on. You’re saying that, your husband? A being? How come?” Erick asked as he sat down.

“That… I don’t know,” I whispered as I look back at the screen.

“Could you at least tell us about how you became human?” Mr. Montiel asked.

I could feel everyone’s gaze on me. They all expected me to tell them, and honestly, I didn’t wish to. With a sigh, I lean down and close my eyes. It would be hard for me.

“Everything started some decades ago. We, Goddess, can meet with certain humans. As you know, we are from a different realm, one that you humans can’t come. In the beginning, I saw you humans and thought that it would be nice to be you. But how wrong I was when I became one.” I said with a sad smile as I remember. “My partner Faith, he begged me not to be human. There was a man who made us an offer for an exchange. Me being greedy and desiring to become you accepted and that person who made the offer was….”

“Stefan?” Dominique said as he looked at me.

“Yes,” I nodded, “the connection between humans and our realm only happens every decade, and only one Goddess may visit the human who comes forward and makes an offer. And Stefan came that time, offering a way to make us humans.”

“And you accepted like that?” Farah asked.

“I did…” I whispered as I feel my tears trying to escape my eyes.

“What was the exchange?” Mr.Montiel asked.

“The exchange… it was an entrance to the realm,” I mumble as I recall the screams of help from everyone.

“You sold your people?” Erick asked angrily.

“I didn’t! I just… it wasn’t my intention,” I said as tears stream down my face, “It was a mistake.”

“Mistake?” Erick said, laughing hysterically, “You serious right now?”

“I know it may sound absurd, but I’m telling the truth. Stefan came, and he had a method to make our bodies into humans. Of course, that meant to strip our immortality off, and we would have to leave the realm.” I explained as I pinch my nose, “And Faith, he should be dead. I saw how they killed him right in front of me. The day we agreed to make the exchange, Stefan came with his people, and I had no way to stop him. Eight Goddess died that day because of me, and for that, I will always hunt me.”

“So you’re saying Stefan has a way to capture your beings? May we know what that is?” Mr. Montiel asked.

“Yes, the process is strange, but you would have to give your blood and agree. Once the pact is completed, you are strip off everything. It’s painful, and that’s when it happens. When I was in the process of finishing the pact, he attacked. He forced the ones he captured to get turned into humans… Oh, God.” I said, standing up and grabbing the laptop.

“What’s wrong?” Farah asked.

“That’s it…” I mutter, “Stefan couldn’t force Faith into taking the pact.”

“What do you mean?” Dominique asked as he stood up, “Didn’t Stefan force you?”

“Yes, but he couldn’t get with Faith because Faith’s role is to take life. And unless you voice out the pact contract words, it won’t work!” I said.

Now I knew what happened. He killed Faith, but not completely. Faith is immortal. So he would survive. It would take him time to recover, but he would still be alive. Smiling, I stare at the image.

“That’s why he is with Stefan. He must look for a way to get what he always desired.” I said, smiling.

Faith was alive, and now I could save him.

“But what was he looking for? Do you have a clue?” Karl asked after not saying a word the whole time.

Now that he asks, what was Stefan looking for? I’ve always been trying to understand. He didn’t need my blood, but neither our bodies nor our knowledge. So what was I missing?

I look at the image again. What was I missing? Rubbing my head, I pace the room.

“Shit!” I curse.

My mind was a mess; I’ve been trying to recall if I missed something from my past. Was there something that we were told and I couldn’t remember? Mother goddess mentioned nothing before, so what am I missing?

“It seems Stefan is looking for something in specific,” Erick said as he looks at the image, “You said he experimented in you, but he didn’t need your blood, right?”

“Yes,” I said as I try to follow.

“And you said the only thing of importance was your blood?” Farah asked.

“That was all of the importance,” I said but stopped.

“Allorah?” Karl asked as he walked over to the desk.

Like a light turning on my head, I ran to the closet in the office and started stripping my clothes off.

“What are you doing?” Dominique asked as he walks in and stops.

I stripped everything off, leaving just my underwear and sports bra on. Checking my body, I turn side to side. Nothing, there was nothing on my body.

“Allorah?” Farah asked as I see everyone standing by the door.

“I know what Stefan wants,” I said, chuckling like crazy.

“What?” Dominique asked.

“Our immortality,” I whispered, “Stefan wants our immortality.”

“Are you sure?” Farah asked, confused.

“You are right!” Dominique said as he rubs his chin. “You mentioned the small symbol. That one that represented what your role was.”

“Exactly! Mine was a Diamond, and it’s no longer on me,” I said.

“Because you are a human,” Farah said smiling, “And Faith has it because he’s immortal?”

“Yes, so he will experiment on Faith and try to make himself immortal!” I snapped.

How couldn’t I think of that before? My immortality. All this time, it was right in front of me, and I couldn’t figure it out. Is that why he stopped experimenting on me?

Realizing everything had my head feeling light. Swaying a bit, I hold myself from the wall.

“Everyone out,” Dominique suddenly order.

Taking several deep breaths, I try to calm down. Faith was in danger.

“Allorah…” Dominique said, making me open my eyes and look at him. He had a worried look. “Are you ok?”

Nodding, I pick my clothes up and start dressing again.

“Are you planning on saving him?” Dominique asked.

Stopping, I put my hands down. Was I planning to save him?

“Yes,” I said as I look at him in the mirror, “I am going to save him.”


Once I finished we all sat back down and discussed our next move.

“It seems you are determined to save him,” Erick said with a smirk.

“I am. I own it to Faith,” I said, smiling sadly, “It was my fault, and guilt is killing me.”

“Very well then,” Dominique said as he stood up and headed towards the door, “I think it’s time we join hands and bring him down.”

Snapping my head up, I look at him in surprise. Was Dominique serious?

“Really?” I asked, “Mr. Montiel would that be alright?”

“My dear, all this time, don’t think I gave you the position of a leader just because you are Allorah the Goddess. I gave it so you could mend your mistakes any way you want to.” Mr. Montiel said, standing up and smiling warmly, “You may proceed.”

Smiling, I thank him, and everyone makes plans. Dominique left the office without saying a word.

“Go,” Karl suddenly said, making me frown.

“Go where?” I asked.

“Follow him, Allorah… Dominique must felt awkward about all this.” Karl said as he smiled, “So go, and we shall meet in the conference room in two hours.”

Hugging him, I ran out of the room.

I didn’t know where Dominique went—asking if they saw him. Two of the guards tell me they saw him walk outside. Heading out, I saw Dominique walking towards the forest. Following him quietly, I stop when he reaches the river.

There was a river that flowed between the mountains that were in the territory. It was a place where most of the staff would come to have picnics. Trees and flowers surrounded it.

I stayed near a tree as I watch him take a seat on a rock—his back towards me. I could see he was conflicted with himself, and I knew the reason. Sighing, I turned and leaned against the tree. If Faith was alive, what would I do? Was I still in love with Faith? He was, after all, my partner.

“You know, if you have something to say, just come and say it,” Dominique said, making me jump.

“W-What?” I stutter, scared.

Dominique was on the other side of the tree. He was peeking on the side.

His eyes waver in fear. He looked worried.

“I- I don’t know what you are talking about,” I stutter nervously.

“I see,” Dominique mutter as he looked at the tree trunk.

The silence between us was awkward. I know Dominique wanted to tell me about Faith, but I couldn’t bring myself even to mention it either.

“You are saving him?” Dominique suddenly asked, making me cringe at his words.

“Yes…” I said after a while, “I am Dominique.”

“Will you go back with him?” Dominique asked, making me look at him.

I gripped my shirt. Gulping down, I turn away from Dominique.

“He is the person they paired me with. But he’s not the person I’m fated to be with,” I said with a shaky voice. Reaching for my chest, I feel my heartbeat fast. “He’s not the person I love or had ever dreamed of. But you, Dominique.”

Looking over my shoulder, I see Dominique with his eyes wide.

“You are the person who I am destined for,” I said as I look at my hand with the tattoo. “Even Mother Goddess said it herself. Since the moment they sealed my fate with you, I had no way to go back.”

Dominique didn’t say a word. He looks away. Mustering all the courage I could, I kept talking.

“I dreamt of you before. I already knew about you, and you were the reason I wanted to become human.” I said, chuckling softly, “I let the greediness to be with you win over me.”

I felt my throat block. A small sob left my lips.

It was all because of Dominique. It was always because of him. How could I forget?


“You are saying you want to be human because of him!” Faith yelled in anger, “How stupid of you!”

I flinched at his words. I hated to see him angry because I knew my words were hurting him. It wasn’t my intention, but my heart yearned for him.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble as I toyed with my hands.

Feeling him stand before me, I kept my head low.

“Are you?” Faith hissed with hate.

I stayed quiet, just closing my eyes and waiting for him to tell me how he didn’t wish to be with me anymore.

But I felt his hands on me. I looked at him, confused. Slowly, he caresses my face and then my hair. Taking some on his hand, he brings it to his lips and kisses it. The gesture made me regret what I had said before.

“Very well, but remember something, Allorah. I will always love you, no matter what the outcome is. For me, you will always be my Goddess of the diamond.” Faith said as he raised my hand and kissed the goddess symbol.

Flashback end.

I looked at my left hand, where now stood the tattoo mark that Dominique and I shared. This was the place I had the goddess symbol, a small diamond on my ring finger. It disappeared when I became human. And then the tattoo appeared.

“If I save Faith, I will know that I could mend for my mistakes. Maybe I couldn’t save the others, but if I can save him, I will feel less guilty. After all, I owned it to him, not just as a goddess but as his partner.” I said smiling, “I can’t let Stefan get his hands on Faith.”

Dominique stared at me. Then out of nowhere, he started laughing.

“Now I see how much you have change, Allorah,” Dominique said as he held my hand and brings it up to his lips, “That’s why I also love you, because of your kind and lovely heart.”

Kissing my tattoo mark, I feel his warmth spread all over my body. Dominique’s feelings were real. Smiling warmly, I pull him and hug him.

“Thank you,” I said as I hide my face on his chest.

“Thank me for what?” Dominique said as he laughed and kissed my head.

“For everything…” I whispered.

“If you want to thank me, I have a way,” Dominique suddenly said as he grabs my chin and pulls my face up so I could see him.

“What would that be?” I whispered.

“Kiss me…” Dominique said seductively as his face got closer to mine, “Kiss me because I’ve been dying to kiss you all this time.”

Smiling brightly, I stand on my toes and reach for his face. Kissing him softly at first but then deepening the kiss. His lips felt like soft cotton. Putting his hands around my waist, he pulls me until our bodies were close enough to feel our hearts. Pushing past my lips, Dominique explores my mouth, his expert tongue playing with mine as two waves crashing on the ocean.

Biting my lower lip, he pulls and sucks. He was making me moan in his arms. I felt my legs quiver as his hands reach for my butt. Squeezing, he makes me moan again.

“I want you,” Dominique mumbles against my lips, making me shiver.

“We, We can’t,” I whispered back.

Sighing loudly, Dominique slowly stops kissing me, our forehead the only thing between us. His hands gripped my waist. Panting, I open my eyes and look at him. Dominique had his eyes still close. I could see him fighting for self-control.

Reaching for his face, I caress it.

“Once we finish with this, maybe we could… you know,” I whispered, embarrassed. My face was burning hot.

“We could what?” Dominique said with a smirk as his eyes met mine.

“W-We could… you know…” I said, looking away shyly.

Dominique started laughing as I felt my face burn in embarrassment.

“Stop laughing!” I said, hitting him on the chest.

“Sorry, it’s that you look so damn cute; I think I won’t be able to control myself,” Dominique said as he pressed my waist towards his body, making me gasp. “This is how you are making me feel.”

Dominique left me in shock. He was turned on. I could feel how big he was, making me gulp in desire. What was wrong with me? My ears were burning in embarrassment.

Deciding to push him away, I back away and clear my throat. Looking down at his pants, I feel my eyes go wide. I immediately cover my face.

“Let’s g-g-go back,” I said as I walked away, almost running.

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