Goddess of the Diamond

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*Light* Collides

Allorah POV

Everything was a blur. I tried to see where it would be best for me to go through. Dominique must be boiling in anger. But I had no choice.

This was my choice. Even though we had cleared things up, I needed to do this—the sinner required to be me, not him.

Signaling the men, we move silently. The coast was clear, and only four guards were stationed. Stefan wasn’t around this time, and my small team of six would be all it takes to take this man down and get what we came for.

Dashing, I stand behind one of the guards, pulling my gun. I point it to his head.

“Move, and I’ll fuck your brain,” I whispered as I remove the gun’s safety.

The guard tried turning around but distracted as he was, Karl runs up to him and slits his throat.

“How many left?” I asked as I put my gun away.

“Three to go. But the men will take care of it,” Karl said as we both stared at the double door, “You think we can crack this?”

“You serious, Karl?” I asked as I walked to the panel. “This will be easy.”

Pressing the panel, I put the code in.

“You sure Dominique won’t show here?” Karl asked as he scans the surroundings.

“That… I’m sure,” I said as I turn my eyes back to the panel.

10 Hours Ago…

“You must be crazy if you think I will let you go alone!” Dominique argued as I sat on a chair and listened to his rants.

“Dominique, I’m not going alone. And it’s not my first mission,” I stated, making him groan in frustration, “The less, the better.”

Frustrated, Dominique kneels before me. Groaning, he leans his forehead on my knees.

“No, Allorah, I can’t. You will have to forgive me, but if this means I have to tie you, I will,” Dominique said with a sigh.

I knew this would happen. Earlier, we had a small meeting about our mission to get Faith back. The mission this time was to extract Object X without the need for blood. Those were lies. Of course, blood would be spilled.

What Dominique didn’t know was that my team was doing this without him. The reason.

I had talked with everyone when Dominique was on a call and asked them not to let Dominique get involved. It was for his safety and because I knew that if Stefan were there, Dominique would lose it. Revenge blinded his eyes. So his first move would be to get Stefan and then Faith, and it wasn’t time to get Stefan still. We needed Faith first.

So I had a plan that would make Dominique be pissed at me once he finds out.

“Allorah, are you listening!” Dominique said as he grips my hands.

“Enough, I don’t wish to hear it,” I spat, standing up and proceeding with my plan.

“Woman, can’t you do as I ask?” Dominique said, almost yelling.

Sighing, I open a drawer and pretend to be looking for something.

“I don’t need you to be worrying for me. I can protect myself. Or should I remind you that I became stronger, so you need not care for me?” I spat, making Dominique flinch, “You were not there when I needed you, and I don’t need you on this mission.”

Being angry and saying things weren’t helping, but I needed to distract him.

Pinching my nose, I walk up and grab his hands.

“Look, I’m sorry ok, but I need you here on the base,” I said, pleading with him, “This is not what I wanted but, we are not going for Stefan. He won’t even be there.”

“But…” Dominique mumble as he looks dejected.

“No buts Dominique please,” I said as I pulled him into a hug.

“What if something happens?” Dominique asked as he hugged me firmly.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror right in front, I smirk.

“Nothing will happen, Dom,” I said as I pull out a needle from my sleeve, “Ok, trust me.”

And with that, I stab him in the neck.

“What the fuck!” Dominique said, pulling away and grabbing his neck.

Discarding the needle on the trash bin, I clean my hands.

“What did you do?” Dominique breathed as he tries to hold himself from the floor lamp.

“Just something to relax you,” I said, walking up to him.

“How could you…” Dominique slurred.

Dominique’s body swayed.

He was fighting the drug, holding him in my arms. I look at myself once again in the mirror. I watch as Dominique’s body slowly slumps in my arms.

“Everything will be fine,” I whispered as Dominique falls asleep.


Just remembering has me sighing. Hearing the panel say access granted. I move back and wait for it to open.

“Well, just make sure you are not there when he wakes up,” Karl said as we walk in.

“No need to worry,” I said, giggling.

I walked in and, the lights turn on one by one. The place was enormous. It reminded me of the lab they locked me in.

“What is all this?” Karl asked with shock.

“This is what I can call home,” I spat with a serious tone.

Looking side to side, I order the men to get any information from the drives they can get. Any file or paper that would be useful. Finding a hallway, I stop and look at it.

“Where does this take us? Karl asked curiously.

“I will check it. You stay here and yelled in case something happens,” I order. Feeling Karl’s hand on my wrist, I turn.

“Let me go with you,” Karl reproached.

“No, just have your head down and guard up,” I said, nodding and walking away.

The hallway had no doors or windows. Just white lights illuminated the white tiles.

My footsteps echoed. I felt something was strange, so I kept my guard up.

Reaching a set of stairs, I descend them. Every step made the lights turn on. Stopping, I gasp in shock. In the middle of the enormous place was a large tube with yellow liquid. Noticing whose inside, I run up, stopping right in front of it. The tube was long. Looking around, I tried to find anything to open it.

Finding a computer, I try to access it. Hacking it, I try to open it.

“What’s this?” I whispered as I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to read the words on the screen.

The tube where Faith was locked had a date set to open up? But why?

“Why so long?” I asked no one, “I need to open it!”

It was frustrating me. I needed to find a way. It was impossible to wait for six years so I could open the tube. To begin with, we didn’t even have a car to move this. I groan in frustration and lookup.

Faith had an oxygen mask. He was in a fetal position, so it meant he was alive.

Scrolling through the screen, I try to find a way. Finding a file that had Faith’s name, I click on it. It had a password. Was it that one?

Inputting the password, I wait for any movement. Suddenly something started rotating. Trying to find where this was coming from, I see that the tube with Faith started getting empty. Frowning, I run down. What was happening?

Glancing to the sides for something to break the glass, I notice a pair of stairs that go up. A small flashback played on my mind as I recalled when they put me into the same tube. Running up the stairs, I contain the tears that threaten to come out.

Flashbacks of what I went through start playing. It was torture, but it was not time to be crying over stuff in the past. Reaching the last stair, I see a latch. Pulling it, I open it and press the button next to it. Another set of stairs descended. Getting in, I quickly haste way.

“Faith…” I mumble as my voice cracked.

Pulling the tubes out of him, I hold his unconscious body. Was he alive?

Using all the strength, I throw him over my shoulders. He was thin, but he still was heavy. Going back to the stairs, I carry Faith on my back. Securing my belt around him, I start my struggle up the stairs.

“I will save you, Faith,” I breathed as I step well on the stairs. Reaching the top, I pull myself out. Panting, I look over my shoulder. I needed to keep it up; we had no time to waste.

After some time and struggle, I finally get down. I was laying Faith’s body down on the ground. I grab a lab coat and cover his body. Making sure he was still breathing; I check his pulse. It was light, but he had one. Quickly scanning his body, I see several wounds bleeding. All the machinery attached to him must have had hurt him when I pulled them.

Seeing his goddess symbol, I softly caress it.

“Sorry, Faith…” I whispered as I put his head on my lap.

“Are you sorry?” a voice suddenly said, as I feel a metallic object against my head. Hissing, I glance at the person.

“You!” I hissed furiously.

“Long time no see, dear,” Stefan said as he points the gun to my head, “I’ve missed you.”

Holding Faith against my body, I glare at him.

“For a second, I couldn’t recognize you, you know,” Stefan said with disgust, “How dare you ruined your hair?”

Pure hate left his lips.

“None of your business,” I spat.

Stefan was with a guard. It was just the two of them. Glancing to the entrance quickly, I try to see if I see Karl or anyone.

It seems Stefan doesn’t know I’m with the company.

Pushing my head with the gun, he makes me look at him.

“So tell me, you came to save your beloved?” Stefan asked as he looks at Faith.

“How could you?” I retorted, “How could you have Faith here!”

“Oh, that’s because he would be useful. You still think I killed him that day?” Stefan asked, making me frown.

“What do you mean? If I saw you kill him.” I said, confused.

“Yes, but look at his neck,” Stefan said as I glance down.

On Faith’s neck was a slight cut. But not deep enough to kill him.

“That time, one of my men slit his throat, but another had applied a certain drug. So it made him die for, let’s say, half an hour?” Stefan said with a smirk.

Kneeling, he looks at me intensely.

“This,” Stefan said, moving his gun over Faith’s body, “It’s small insurance. After all, I couldn’t get what I wanted from you.”

“You want Faith for his immortality?” I asked.

“BRAVO!” Stefan said as he laughs aloud and claps happily, “I see you’re not that stupid!”

“You!” I said, gritting my teeth.

I needed to escape with Faith. There still were no signs of Karl and the guys. I needed to find an exit or a way to distract him.

“Yes, you know I always wanted YOUR immortality, but I didn’t expect once you turned human, you would be just like us.” Stefan said as he lowered himself once again, “And, well, because I didn’t get what I wanted, I decided to put you away for future experiments.”

I grip Faith tighter. My time was running out; where was Karl?

“But you see, everything got ruined when that fucking bastard came to save you,” Stefan said, furious.

“You mean Dominique,” I said, smirking, “Not a fan of his?”

“Shut up!” Stefan said as he hit me with the back of the gun on the face.

Falling backward, I grab my burning cheek. Feeling the metallic blood, I spit.

“Don’t dare mention his name!” Stefan said as he pulls my hair, “Did he taint you?”

Grabbing Stefan’s hand, I try not to scream because of the pain.

“But well, if he did doesn’t matter,” Stefan said as he leans closer to my ear, “I can still enjoy you and then kill you.”

Eyes wide, I look at him. His eyes, with a mischievous look, stare back at me.

“I always envy him, you know,” Stefan suddenly said as he glances at Faith.

What was he talking about?

“Envy who?” I asked as I sat up.

“This,” Stefan said, looking at Faith, “You know this bastard tried to kill me just for you!”

“What?” I said, confused at him, “What are you talking about?”

“I said that this being, your fucking lover, came to me and tried to kill me. He somehow found out about my plan, and when we were supposed to meet up, he already knew of everything. What surprised me the most was that he didn’t tell you, did he?” Stefan said as he glances at me.

What was Stefan even talking about?

Looking back at Faith’s limp body, I try to recall anything. Faith never told me. The only thing he would do was beg.

“Impossible!” I retorted, “You are lying.”

“Oh?” Stefan said as he moves Faith’s hair away from his face. “Doesn’t matter now, right? Now that you’re back, I think it’s best to kill him and take what I need now.” Stefan said as he smirked and put the gun against Faith’s temple.

“NO!” I yelled as I cover Faith’s body with mine, “Please!”

Stefan raised his eyebrow and looked at us. Laughing, he grabs my arm and pulls me. Struggling, I notice a shadow pass by. It was Karl.

“You bitch, you still love these men?” Stefan suddenly asked as he pulled me up, making me stand up.

“W-What?” I said.

Grabbing my weapons, Stefan discards them, and holding a blade, he stabs me on my thigh, making me scream.

“Oh, how I miss your screams,” Stefan said as he laughs like crazy. His eyes looked dilated. “Grab him, and let’s go!”

Doing as his order, the other man grabs Faith’s body and throws him over his shoulders. I struggled and tried to make Stefan lose his grip. I was going up the stairs. I see the panel that locks the lab. What I was about to do might get me killed or hurt badly, but I had to.

“Please save him,” I begged, “Just take him.”

Stefan looked at me and stopped halfway up the stairs.

“What are you fucking saying?” Stefan asked angrily, “Save him?”

“Yes!” I said as I glare at him.

This was for Karl to hear.

“Leave him here, and in exchange, take me!” I begged again. I had to win over Stefan and make Karl take Faith away.

Stefan laughed.

“You seriously are crazy,” Stefan said, laughing still.

Lowering my head, I let my hair cover my face. Glancing, I see Karl looking at me like I’m crazy. I was making a signal with my hand. I see him struggle with himself. The man that was with Stefan was reaching the entrance.

Taking a deep breath, I proceed.

“Yes,” I said, snapping my head and taking Stefan by surprise.

Pulling the blade from my thigh, I stab Stefan on the chest, making him lose his grip on my arm. Dashing, I reach for the panel, pressing the red button until the doors close. The man with Stefan turned around. Getting him by surprise, I kick him square on the face making him stumble. Grabbing Faith, I throw him out the door as it closes.

“COME ON!” Karl yelled.

I had time to escape, but as I reach for it, I turn to look back, and then I hear it.


Standing, I reach for my chest, hands covered in red stains. I started panting as a slight burning sensation spread on my chest. Nervously I turn as I hear Karl yelled my name.

“ALLORAH!” Karl screamed as I turn and smile weakly at him.

“Save… him…” I mumble as I see the lab door close completely.

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