Goddess of the Diamond

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“Good Morning Mr. Montiel...”

“Good Morning, sir…”

“Have a nice day, sir…”

Those simple words with no meaning for me at all.

“Mr. Montiel? Morning, I have the report,” my secretary said.

Getting the files from his hands, I scan them. Boring, nothing that would impress me today as usual.

It was another ordinary day. Nothing interesting that will get my boring life some light. I’m the most influential CEO in the world. One of the most respected and feared. I am a man with hands full of blood, a man with a life that only knows darkness.

A walking corpse. That has a desire to find the one who would make my dark heart turn into light.

It may seem like a useless dream, but that’s the only thing that keeps me motivated.

I watch from my tower the humans that are oblivious to what truly happens around them. It makes me feel disgusted. They think this world is full of love and safety, but how wrong they are.

Our world is just full of darkness, hate, and blood.

I’ve seen enough in all my life to know what’s the real thing here.

My company specializes in weapons. We are one of the most tenacious companies, with the most genius specialists in the world. We create for good, not for evil.

Silver Taurus Corporation dedicates to creating unique weapons using special gems. Not everyone can purchase them, and few can even have access. I always grant five lucky humans to choose a gun every year for the company’s anniversary.

My mother says I don’t share too much of what I have. That sometimes I’m too selfish. But the truth is that I’m not greedy. I must prevent innocents from being killed using these weapons I create. What I do, I do it for protection.

My company specializes in weapons, but we work under an organization that hunts those who want to do evil. We investigate insane humans. And psychopath people like the Dragon Organization.

The Dragon Organization specializes in hunting, selling, trafficking weird and unique beings. Just for the greed of having what they can’t have, power. And their leader is one of the few men we had never been able to capture.

No one knows how he looks, but everyone knows what he’s capable of doing. That’s why I do what I do.

One, to protect everyone, even if some don’t appreciate it. And because pests like them shouldn’t even exist.

A knock on the door has me distracted.

“Come in,” I said.

“Brother?” I hear the cheerful voice say.

I looked over my shoulder to see my beautiful sister walking in with lunch in her hand.

Smiling, I turn around.

“Lunch for two?” I said, smiling brightly.

“Yes, dear brother, I bet you have had nothing,” my sister said.

“You sure know me,” I said, laughing and kissing her cheek, “Please take a seat, Farah.”

As we both eat, my sister Farah tells me about her day. She was my adoration and my reason to be. If there was one thing I cared for was my family. They meant the world to me.

“Dominique, are you listening?” Farah said, snapping her fingers.

“Sorry, what?” I said, embarrassed.

“Where is your mind, Dominique?” Farah asked with a sigh, “I’m worried for you, you know.”

“You don’t have to…” I breathed.

“Why not? You’re my brother, and you work so hard. Why don’t you come over with me to a party tonight?” Farah asked with a smile.

A party? It’s been a while since I’ve been to a social gathering. I’ve been so busy investigating that I had forgotten what was going out. But would that be a good idea?

Shaking my head, I say no. Farah looked dejected; I knew her intentions were good.

“Please, brother…” Farah insisted, “At least for an hour.”

Sighing in frustration, I finally agree. Once our lunch was over, Farah left. Now I was back to being alone. My enormous empty office. And my soul.

Deciding to spend the rest of the day working on some files, I check some emails. I’ve been scrolling through it to see which one I should take. Most of my emails are about missions or business. I ignore a few because they are useless ones.

My phone suddenly rings.

An unknown number. Deciding to ignore it, I continue working.

By the time I’m done. I check my watch and see I still have an hour for the party. I don’t know why I agree on this, but maybe this would help me distract myself.

I said my farewells.

I leave my office with my security team.

Getting on my Black Cadillac, I head home. My house was on the outskirts of the city. In a secluded and private residence were only a few live.

“Sir, is there anything you would need for later?” my bodyguard asks.

I gave him a no. What could I need?

Watching the city lights pass by, I check on every person walking, smiling, laughing to life as nothing bothers them. The night looked gloomy, like me. Crossing my arms, I watch out and think how different my life would be if I didn’t have this wealth.

I grew up being a rich boy, but I never desired it. Life for me was blurry since I turned into a man. Nothing would excite me or made me feel happy except killing. Killing those who did deeds that thought were good for this rotten earth.

My family was a harmonious one even though we have different problems.

My mother and my late father were a happy couple. They had everything they could ever desire. And even if my father is no longer alive, I still try to give them that. My mother thinks I’m happy, but I’m not.

I do not desire this. I need something, a light that will change my dark life into a new one. But who could that be?

Finally reaching home, I get down and head directly to my bedroom. My butler and servants gave their usual greeting.

A big home. But with no one to share it. I lived alone, just with my security team and my butler and servants.

They would never stay in the mansion. But on the back, I built some condos for them to line in.

My sister asked me once why I didn’t share this big empty home with them. The truth was, I didn’t want to. I needed my space and silence.

My home was a three-story mansion. It was white from the inside and outside.

It had a French style to it with a touch of an old vintage.

Each floor had six bedrooms, two living rooms, and eight bathrooms. The main floor had a library, a dining room, a tearoom, a gym, and an indoor pool.

The other floor holds some offices and storerooms. That showed the forest and gardens of the place.

The house lacked the touch of a woman. And even though Farah had insisted many times on helping, I had declined. I felt it wasn’t her place, even if it sounded rude.

Undressing, I take a quick shower. Washing my hair, I hear my butler.

“Is there a problem?” I asked, annoyed.

“Sir, your grandfather, is here,” the butler said.

Sighing in frustration, I turn the shower off and head out to get change.

I change into some pants and a long white sleeve. And I head to the living room.

He was waiting for me.

“Grandfather?” I said as I took a seat.

“Did I disturb you?” my grandfather asked.

“No, so why are you here?” I asked, sounding annoyed by his unannounced presence.

“Dominique, I came to deliver this,” my grandfather said as he sets a manila folder on the table, “I think this would interest you a lot.”

I look at the thick folder. What was inside that folder that made my grandfather come all the way here?

“This is?” I asked as I picked it up and opened it.

“See it, and you shall know,” my grandfather said.

Taking out the papers, I check them. Going through the first pages, I see they mention the Dragon Organization. Raising my eyebrow, I looked at my grandfather. He was seated across me, with his hands on his cane. Almighty elder looked at me with a smirk.

“The Dragon Organization?” I asked sarcastically.

“Indeed, but keep reading,” my grandfather said.

Frowning, I went back to check on each page. Until one of them made me stop and reread it twice.

Frowning, I scan the paper. Was this real?

Lifting my head, I glare at my grandfather.

“What’s all this?” I asked, confused and surprised.

“That is where he is, my dear son. The person you have been searching for is there. That’s why we could never find him,” my grandfather explained, “So why don’t you gather a team and head there in two days?”

My grandfather’s name was Chris. Chris Montiel, a devil in disguise. I knew why he had asked me how to check on this. The person we had been yearning to find was finally found and in an unexpected place. We both wanted vengeance, for that man killed my father.

My grandfather is one of the persons who is associated with the hunting organization of evil. I didn’t want him to be part of it, but I knew he wanted to be part of it because of my father.

Sighing, I tell him I will think about it.

“Why?” my grandfather asked, “Is there a problem?”

“Not really,” I said as I stood up, “It’s that I want to plan this well and need to think about a couple of things. I should have your answer in two days.”

Turning around, I walk away. It intrigued me to know more, more about what this bastard was doing there. Looking at the files, I see it mentioned that they hide him in a building away from the prying eyes. What has this bastard been doing?

Something told me to check it. Before doing so, I called Farah and excused myself for not being able to go.

It’s midnight, and I was having my sixth cup of vodka. This file had me so distracted I didn’t notice it was this late.

Every file had information about what he was doing.

Testing in humans and animals. They were trying out new weapons and chemicals. It seems the spies that infiltrated the place had seen a lot.

Reading the last two pages, I notice a highlighted word “Specimen.” That caught my attention. The details about this were scattered, like in a code. But why do this?

Deciding that it would be best to rest, I set the papers down and head to bed. Turning the light off, I watch the moonlight flow through the window.

The white curtains swayed as a tender breeze moved the curtains from side to side.

Sighing, I close my eyes.

“Specimen…” I whispered to the silent night before finally dozing off.

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