Goddess of the Diamond

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Karl POV


“No!” I whispered in pain.

The doors had closed completely. Feeling my companion pulling me away. I stand firm and wait. I couldn’t leave her; my mind couldn’t stop thinking I had to save her. All this was a trap.

“We need to go!” One of my companions said as he drags me out.

Gripping my hands, I run away. With pain in my heart, I had to leave her. She made her choice. She had decided.

After running for a while, we reached the entrance and ran towards our meeting point. It seems no one was following us. Taking a last look behind me, I get in the car and drove away.

How was I going to explain this?


Looking toward the gates of the building, we drive-in. I had to prepare for the worst. And as expected, I saw everyone except Dominique waiting outside. Parking right in front of the building, we get down.

“Bring him here!” Farah ordered as my men get Faith down the jeep.

“Where’s Allorah?” Erick asked as he looks at me, confused.

All my men went silent. This silence was awkward, and I prepared my mind for what’s coming.

“Allorah… she isn’t coming back,” I mumble.

“What?” Farah breathed, “What do you mean?”

“She gave herself as an exchange for Faith,” I explained, lifting my gaze.

No one said a word. Shocked expressions looked at me like this was a grim joke.

“W-what… do y-you mean?” a rough voice that wavers said.

Everyone looked at the building entrance. Dominique stood as he held himself from the doors. He had a shocked face that was making him turn pale.

“What do you mean?” Dominique asked again as he lowered his gaze.

Getting my resolve together, I grip my hands, and, looking at everyone, I say.

“Allorah exchange herself for Faith,” I said, this time firm. I could feel my throat blocking. Taking a deep breath, I look at Dominique.

“You… how dare you?” Dominique said through gritted teeth. His anger clear. “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU LET HER?”

Dominique’s yelled, making me cringe. How can I tell him I tried, but she had decided?

“How fucking could you!” Dominique hissed as he punches my face, making me fall backward the stairs.

“ENOUGH, DOMINIQUE!” Erick yelled, intervening, “We should listen to what happens.”

Dominique had tears in his eyes. His anger was making him pant deeply. Lowering my head in shame, I inhale.

“Stefan ambush us. Everything was a trap,” I retorted, “Allorah went alone to get Faith; we didn’t expect him to be there! Do you think I didn’t stop her? I tried, but she…” I was choking; I was mad at myself. “She closed the doors after she threw Faith to us. Stefan wasn’t alone! So we couldn’t risk it!”

“So you’re saying it was an order?” Raphael asked.

“Yes, she orders us. I couldn’t stop her. Everything happened quickly, and it was too late,” I mumble, looking away.

“So Stefan has her?” Farah asked.

Had her? I didn’t even know if she was still alive.

“I… I…” I couldn’t tell them. How could I make a lie about this?

“What are you fucking hiding?” Dominique said, gripping my shirt, “Tell me!”

I could see the desperation in his eyes. He was on the verge of a collapse.

“I… I think Allorah is dead,” I mutter, earning gasps from everyone.

Dominique’s hand trembles as he lets go and sways. He looked paler than before.

“D-Dead?” Dominique mumble, “No…”

“Yes,” I said, looking at him sadly, “We saw when Stefan shot her.”

The other companions who were on the same mission nodded. I look back at Dominique.

His face was with tears. I had not realized it, but now I could see it. He was really in love with Allorah. Holding his head suddenly, Dominique groans. Farah and Erick tried to keep him, but Dominique collapsed.

Helping me up, I hold my pained cheek. Farah took Dominique back in.

“Are you telling the truth,” Raphael asked me as I stare at the entrance.

“You think I make a lie like that?” I said as I turn my attention to him, “For me, Allorah means everything. What we have to do now is wake Faith up and look for Allorah.” I said as I walked back in.

I had to bring Allorah back. I would not have Stefan do what he wants with her, even if she’s dead.


It’s been two days since the incident. Farah has been working day and night on trying to wake Faith up. According to her, he is fine, but his mind is denying waking up. It’s like his body is here but not his consciousness. Not only that, but Dominique has been having anger issues. He’s taking his anger on everyone, including his mother. Farah had to sedate him several times already.

In contrast, I was trying to find Stefan. It was a mess, and I needed to find a solution. My priority right now was to find any clue that would let us know Allorah is still alive.

Having some spies on Stefan’s compounds has been of help, but not the help we need. No one had heard or seen Stefan in none of the buildings, and it was nerve-racking. Where could he be?

I’ve been going through the past details about his work and all the compounds he owns. Is there something missing?

Still, it surprised me no one followed us that day. And one thing is confusing: why was he only with two other guards?

“Hey, may I come in?” Erick asked as he peeks inside the office.

I was so distracted I didn’t notice him knocking or opening the door. Nodding at him, I watch him with some files.

“Here, look at this,” Erick said as he handed me a file.

Looking at it carefully, I see they are blueprints.

“This?” I questioned him.

“Sebastian gave them to me. You know the CEO Sebastian,” Erick said.

Nodding, I looked back at the blueprints. I knew Sebastian thanks to Allorah. Several times during our missions, he could assist us. Allorah brought him once, and he was kind enough to lend us a hand.

“You’re saying he got this?” I asked as I look at Erick, “From what compound is this?”

“This is from the same compound Faith was. The one you went with Allorah. I have something on my mind I would like to discuss. Of course, if it’s ok,” Erick said.

Offering him a seat, Erick pulls out his phone. Watching him, I look at him, frowning.

“Ok, so according to these blueprints, Stefan is there. There’s an underground compound on the same building. If my guess is right, I think Allorah might be there,” Erick explained as he keeps his eyes on his phone, “And,” Erick said, showing me his phone, “This is a video from a spy.”

Grabbing his phone, I inspect. It surprised me to see that the entrance to that place was in the same place where Faith was.

“You sure about this?” I asked, frowning.

“Yes, Sebastian will send someone to see if he’s able to enter,” Erick explained, “And for that, I would like to ask you a favor.”

Raising my eyebrow, I nod.

“What favor might that be,” I said as I lean on the chair.

“Power. I need your men for this mission,” Erick said seriously, “I think they would help.”

Now that I think about it, everyone has been stressed, especially after hearing the news that they captured Allorah.

“Just the men?” I asked as I scratch my head.

“No. I would need weapons,” Erick said as he stood up and bow, “Please, general, we need your help.”

Chuckling softly, I stand up and offer him my hand.

“You don’t need to ask. I am going to help even if you don’t ask me,” I said as he beams at me and shakes my hand.

Stefan POV

It enraged me. This stupid woman had to fuck things up. Still, I couldn’t believe how much she has changed. Not only could she free Faith, but she even sacrifices herself.

Turning in my chair, I look at the window glass that divided my office and Allorah. When I saw Allorah closing the door, I shot her in pure anger. She did not only make those bastards take Faith, but she stabbed me. Now I had to rest, and I couldn’t have my revenge on her.

Scoffing, I stand up and walk towards the long window glass. Allorah’s body floated inside an especial tube. This was a testing water tube where I would keep Faith once he wakes up. The regenerating compounds that the light blue liquid had could heal any wound. It was inoffensive.

The shot I gave her was directly on her chest, gracing her heart by a centimeter. I wanted to lay my hands on her so severely that it itched.

“Once I’m better, I will make you pay bitch,” I hissed as I looked at her body float calmly.

“You know you have to be calm. Don’t overexert yourself,” a voice said as I groan furiously.

“What are you doing here? Sebastian?” I spat as I turn and watch that stupid bastard with a smirk on his face.

“I came to see how you were doing, can’t I?” Sebastian said as he walked over and patted my shoulder, making me hiss as the small wound hurts.

Glaring at the bastard, I turn away from him. Small chuckles from him making me feel angrier.

Sebastian was one of my partners. We started working together long ago. I always found him suspicious, but I could find nothing fishy. But still, I felt something off from him.

“By the way, what are you planning to do with her?” Sebastian asked.

“With her? Kill her, what else?” I said with disgust, “Bitch needs to die. I had enough of her.”

“I see,” Sebastian said as he got closer to the window glass, “How about we make a deal?”

“What?” I asked, annoyed.

“Give her to me, and I will give you Dominique in exchange,” Sebastian suggested.

Snapping my head, I frown at him.

“May I know how you do that?” I asked as I study his face.

“Dominique always wished to work with me, but I always denied his offers. So how about I accept one of his offers and lure him to you?” Sebastian said as he smirked, “He would fall easily. Especially if he is desperate to find her.”

Pointing towards Allorah, I look back at her. He was right, but should I believe him.

For the last years, Sebastian has always been loyal. He showed nothing that would make me lose my trust in him. He was good at strategies and good with anything you requested of him.

But was this a good idea?

Turning away, I walk towards the door.

“I will think about it,” I said as I waved my hand and closed the door.

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