Goddess of the Diamond

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Sebastian POV

Once the door was closed, I turn my attention to Allorah. She looked severely injured. Sighing, I pull out my phone. Dialing my men, I ask them to get some medicine.

No one knew I had a double life. Not only did I hide the truth from everyone, but I also hid more than they could imagine. My work with Stefan all these years was a show. I had been working with him as an undercover agent. My job was to associate with him and earn his trust. I had known everything he has been doing since the beginning.

I kept everything a secret for my safety. And so far, it worked. He hasn’t found out I am working with Dominique, and neither does Dominique know I’m with Stefan. I had to keep up faces for the safety of my men and everyone else.

Now that things had gotten a bit out of control. I had to hurry and help Dominique. I have always aimed my support at Dominique. I wasn’t a bad guy and wasn’t planning on becoming one.

“Don’t worry, I will help you,” I whispered as I turn away from the glass.

If my guess were right, Dominique’s or Allorah’s men would call for my help. Deciding to leave the building, I head back to my office.

I had always been careful about how I do things. Stefan has always kept his eyes on me. Any wrong move, and I would be dead.

Getting in my car, I order the men to take me back to my office.

“This surely will be a long week,” I said as I turn my other phone on.

Just as I do, a call pops on my screen. Smiling, I answer.

“Wow, you read my mind,” I said as Erick scoffs on the other side.

“Get your body here! We need to have a chat,” Erick said.

Smiling, I look outside the window. Trees as high as buildings greeted the landscape I was leaving.

“Sure, but in three hours,” I said and hung up. I didn’t give him a chance to answer back. Sighing again, I lean against the window.

“Should I do my move?” I whispered as the window get moist with my breath.

The season was changing, and so our lives.

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