Goddess of the Diamond

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Sebastian POV

Everyone watched as the door close. Clearing my throat back, I turn my attention to everyone. Their eyes were piercing at me. Somehow this guy knew all about me. But was it because he was a goddess?

“Let’s continue, please,” Dominique order. It was making me nod quickly.

I explained to everyone what my plan was. I would lure Dominique towards Stefan. Pretending he doesn’t know. Maybe it wasn’t the best choice, but for Allorah, I had to try. Things may turn dangerous, but there had to be away.

Feeling that I had to be honest with everyone, I explain that this is not a trap—that everything I did it with the best of my intentions.

Finally, after a heated discussion, we made a plan, and now it was time to get everything ready.

“Sebastian,” Dominique called, “Please stay.”

Nodding, I gather my things and sit on an opposite chair. We waited for everyone to leave.

“Tell me why give me a reason why are you working as an undercover person. Why to pretend to be friends with Stefan,” Dominique said.

“I… it’s not about me being friends. Stefan always provided fine and unique gems. Do you know how my company grew? It was thanks to Stefan,” I explained, “He helped me grow. He provided what I needed but nothing else. It was hard to get Stefan’s trust, but I had to find a way. And now I’m planning to put an end to this.”

“But why? You said you owed it to her, but why?” Dominique asked.

“Because… a few months ago, Allorah helped me. Some bastards from the underground mafia kidnapped my sister. You know that she’s my only family member left. Needing a helping hand, I asked Allorah to help me. It was kind of hard to contact her because we all had no clue where she was. But then I received word that Black Coral had a new leader.” I explained with a sad smile, “I was desperate, so I told her to help me, and in exchange, I would pledge my alliance with them. Allorah agreed, but she said she didn’t need the alliance, and still, I owned it to her.”

Nodding, Dominique stands up.

“I hope you are right, and you don’t betray Allorah,” Dominique said as he pats my shoulders and walks out of the room.

Deciding it was best to head back home. I see Farah and Faith getting in a car. Were they going somewhere?

Calling for the guard to stop the car, Farah rolls the window down.

“Is something the matter?” Farah asked.

“You heading somewhere?” I asked as I look at Faith. He was ignoring me.

“Yes, home. What about you?” Farah asked, intrigued.

“Home as well. But before I go, can we talk?” I asked.

Farah looked at Faith. Smiling back, she asks me if I could follow. Agreeing, I get on the car, and we followed behind. Surprised, Farah stops in the mansion where Dominique had Allorah.

Getting down, I look at the building. Faith frowned as he stares at it. It was a great place.

“You’re staying here?” I asked her.

“Yes, I’ve been staying here. Dominique doesn’t mind, and also, after Allorah left, he never came back,” Farah explained.

Asking us to follow her, we go in. A butler greets us.

“Please feel at home. Sasha, please prepare a room for him,” Farah order smiling, “You guys must be hungry, come.”

Faith looked at Farah with awe. Was it me, or did I see something weird here?

I kept my eyes on him. His presence was uncomfortable, but I had to bear with it.

“Would you guys mind if I cook pasta?” Farah said as she grabs things.

“No,” I mumble. Faith sat down, but his eyes were on Farah. Why did I feel like the third wheel here?

“Tell me, what did you want to talk about?” Farah asked, my eyes move to Faith.

He was ignoring me.

"Farah, I need your help in something,” I said as the butler serves me a cup of wine.

“Please tell me in what I can assist you,” Farah said, grabbing some sauce.

“Poison, I need poison,” I said.

Farah stopped cooking and turned to look at me.

"Poison?” Farah asked, stunned, “Sorry, but may I ask for what?”

“I will use them to make some bullets. Dominique will have them,” I explained.

I was taking every precaution and every measurement. For this, I would need weapons. And I have a chemical that would work well. But for it, I needed the most potent poison.

“Look, Sebastian, I deal with many poisons but,” Farah sighed. “This is something I can’t give you like that.”

“I know, but I need some—just a bottle. Hear me out, Farah, just give me a bottle of your strongest poison you have. And even I can come and work it on the lab.” I said. I needed to strike a deal with her.

Farah looked at me and then smiled.

“Fine, but come to the lab,” Farah turned back to cooking.

Once we had dinner. I excused myself to use the bathroom.

Faith was still ignoring me. It’s like I was some pest for him.

Drying my hands, I head back to the kitchen to bid my farewell to Farah. As I head back, I hear Farah yelling the butler’s name. Was something wrong?

Seeing the guards and the butler heading up, I followed suit.

“What’s the matter?” I asked as I stop in an open room. Eyes wide, I see a wall was open in two. Was that a hidden room?

Farah?” I said as I curiously look at the place, “What happened?”

Farah turned around with tears in her eyes.

“It’s Faith!” Farah mumbles as she covers her face.

Looking inside the place, I see no blood or body.

“What do you mean?” asked confused, “Faith isn’t here.”

“I know, he left. Faith took Dominique’s weapons and left,” Farah said teary, “The weapons he took are dangerous. This is Dominique’s weapon room.”

“Did you see him go?” I asked as I reached for my phone, “I shall call Dominique and let him know.”

“We are on it, sir,” the butler said.

Nodding, I put my phone away.

“You ok?” I asked Farah.

“Sebastian, I’m worried. Faith took weapons that have never been seen.” Farah said as she sat down.

“How did he even get in here?” I asked as I look at the weapons on the wall.

“I don’t know. Faith said he was going for a walk, and then I heard something unlock. When I came to see; he was gone with the weapons,” Farah said, frustrated, “Dominique will be mad!”

Turning my attention to the weapons, I see he took small weapons. I had this bad feeling.

“Did you tell him anything about Allorah?” I asked, thinking.

“Oh, just that she spent time here, and she liked the piano room here,” Farah said, “Why?”

“I think Faith will save Allorah,” I mutter.


Dominique and everyone else arrived after an hour. As Farah mentioned, it pissed Dominique.

“Didn’t you monitor him?” Dominique argued.

“I did, but he said he was going for a walk!” Farah said with tears, “I’m sorry!”

“Sorry? Gosh, you just don’t think!” Dominique retorted.

“Enough being mad won’t solve this problem,” I said, stopping Dominique.

“Raphael, see if you can track one gun,” Dominique said, giving orders out, “Then we will move out.”

“What are you planning to do?” I asked.

“We will go to the compound. Faith might be there,” Dominique said with a stern look, “Go back and try to see if you can find anything and if you do, stop him, Sebastian!”

Nodding, I order my men to move. I was taking my other phone out. I called my men and spies. My plan would go back and see what’s going on. Let Stefan know Dominique had accepted.

Faith POV

The humans that surrounded me were all sinners—each of them except her. When I saw her, I felt it, and I saw it. She was oblivious to it, but I knew better.

Rolling my sleeve up, I watch as the small lotus tattoo disappears right in front of my eyes. It also appeared on her right hand, but she didn’t notice it.

But seeing that just causes me to hate. I hated humans, all of them. They ruined the person I love. Allorah couldn’t let go of the idea. She was stubborn, but since Mother Goddess said they tied her with someone human. She did everything to make her wish possible.

Just remembering had me furious. Allorah didn’t even think on us, on me.

At first, when I heard they captured Allorah, I didn’t care. I saw it as karma. She deserves it. But I was hearing Farah speaking about her with care. It had me wondering what did Allorah do to make people love her?

Other goddesses already loved her, and I loved her even though I was her opposite.

All that had me conflicted, and more when Farah showed me the piano room and told me that Allorah played the piano. Allorah didn’t know. The one who knew how to play it was me. So it surprised me knowing she played, especially the song of choice. It was called Baiser de la mort.

That song had a meaning behind it. That’s why I couldn’t stop myself and stopped this. I found the room using my powers and got what would help me. It would make me a sinner, wouldn’t it?

My role was to take one life, especially if you were a sinner.

Finally reaching the place of destination, I get down and leave the car from a far distance. Careful not to be noticed, I walk like I had nothing to fear and I had none. I wouldn’t be able to die.

Pulling out the gun, I put the silencer and shot the first five guards on the forehead. I needed to move quickly. This was not my cup of tea, but I had no choice.

Shooting every guard, I walk like I own the building. My imposing aura making some employees run in fear. Stefan would plan to capture me, but I would kill him before anyone else could get here.

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