Goddess of the Diamond

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Allorah POV

Feeling warm lips on me, I cough the water out. My chest burns, and my stings as someone sits me up and pats my back softly.

“You are fine,” a voice said.

Surprised, I slowly turn and look at him, Faith.

“Faith?” I mumble.

“I will explain later, come,” Faith said as he carries me in his arms.

Dashing, I see Faith shooting. My chest hurt, and my body felt heavy. I could barely keep my eyes open.

Putting my arms around him, I hug him. It made me happy to see him.

“Allorah, let go,” Fait said, “Why don’t you help me?”

“What?” I struggle to say as Faith pulls out a gun.

“Here, protect my back, and I will take care of the rest,” Faith said with a stern look on his face.

Nodding, I load the gun. Faith’s arm got tighter around me as we wait for the elevator. Several guards run up to us, but both Faith and I got rid of them.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“We going to get one of his cars. I need to get you out of here!” Faith said with annoyance.

Why was he acting like this?

Pressing a number, I see the elevator close.

“I’m so glad to see you!” I whispered as I hug him.

“Don’t,” Faith said, pushing me, “Just don’t.”

Eyes wide, I lowered my head.

I could feel Faith’s anger. His hate was blatant. Was he still hurt because I sold them?

An explosion has the elevator shaking and stopping halfway through.

“Damn it,” I said, turning around and looking at the panel.

“It seems we are stuck for now,” Faith said as he puts me down, “Can you stand?”

“Yes, thank you,” I whispered.

My entire body was covered in a sticky liquid. I could even feel it in my mouth.

“How am I alive?” I asked, remembering that Stefan shot me.

“The bullet didn’t kill you, just graze your heart. And Sebastian kind of help,” Faith explained as he kept his eyes on the number panel.

“Sebastian?” I asked, confused.

“Yes, he works with Stefan,” Faith said as his eyes meet mine.

Stunned, I look back at him. What was Faith even talking about?

“Sebastian is not that person!” I argue back.

“You’re quite naïve and stupid, you know,” Faith said with disgust, “Sometimes I wonder how did you become a goddess.”

It shocked me hearing Faith talk to me like that. Why was he so different?

F-Faith?” I stutter, “Did I do something?”

Faith’s glare had me backing away from him. Being inside the small elevator has me feeling sick. His powers were oppressing me. I immediately lower my gaze.

“Talk to me, Faith,” I said, barely a whisper.

“Fine,” Faith said, grabbing my arm. His grip was so firm I was afraid he would break it. “You want to hear me, then her me clear because I will just say this once.”

Gulping, I try to break away. Faith was scaring me.

“I hate you,” Faith whispered, making me look at him in utter shock. I felt the air leave my lungs as his words hurt like never before. “I hate you so much I wished Stefan had killed you. But no, he missed your heart. The heart that was once empty.”

“You know, at first, it pained me seeing you get hurt. When Stefan tried to make me human, he told me what his plan was. I wished I could kill him with these hands,” Faith retorted, “But no, he half killed me. I barely healed. It took some time. And now, after all this time, I see you still alive and not only that you found him. Wasn’t your dream realize but because of the blood spilled of us goddess!” Faith said, smacking his hand near my face as my back hits the wall. “How I wished he would never find you. But he saved you, right? The goddess saved by the fated mate.”

Faith back away and scoffed.

“But you always find a way,” Faith said after a while, “You always have what you want.”

He was glaring at me with mixed emotions. I couldn’t tell if he was happy, sad, or hurt. His long black hair covers his face.

Baiser de la mort, why?” Faith asked.

I was looking at him sideways. I ask what he meant.

“That song Baiser de la Mort. Why did you play that?” Faith asked, “You shouldn’t play that song unless you know the meaning behind it.

Remembering what Faith was talking about. I frown. I played that song twice, but I couldn’t remember why or what it had of unique.

“You don’t remember? Let me ask you something else. Since when do you play the piano?” Faith asked.

“The piano?” I repeated, confused. Remembering suddenly, I look at him, “I didn’t know how to. The lyrics and music just came to me.”

Faith raised an eyebrow and looked down at me.

“Honestly?” Faith asked. “You are telling me you just played it? Like that”

“Yes,” I said, holding his arm, “I saw the piano, and somehow I played it like twice.”

“You don’t have an idea, do you?” Faith said as he pulls another gun.

I heard a ping, and that distracted me. When did we move?

Grabbing my wrist, Faith drags me out hurriedly.

“Let’s hide here!” Faith mumble as we hid behind a pillar.

At least six cars were on the underground parking lot. We had at least three men far from us.

“Let’s get that one!” I said, pointing to a jeep.

“Fine,” Faith said as we crawl quietly.

Reaching for the door, I cross my fingers, hoping it’s open. Indeed it was, and we got in.

“Keys, keys. We need keys,” I mumble as I look around. Finding them under the chair. I use them and turn the car on. “Seatbelt,” I order.

Driving like a maniac, we go through the gate, breaking and taking everything on the road. This underground parking lot was leading up to the forest.

That’s where we came in. I remember it clearly.

“Now what?” I asked.

“Let’s head south. That is is another car so that we can change,” Faith explained. Nodding, I follow his instructions.

Just like he said, a black USV laid hidden.

“You stole a car?” I asked as I recognize the car as one of Dominique’s favorite ones.

“I burrowed it,” Faith said smiling, “Let’s hurry.”

Driving away, I take a turn and head for the city. We were safer if we headed to the city than back to the building. It was also further away. At least ten minutes pass by when two cars started chasing us.

“We got company,” I mutter as I see the cars in the review mirror.

“Don’t worry, I will take care of this,” Faith said, pulling a gun out and opening the window. Half his body was out.

“Faith, it’s dangerous!” I cursed.

“Just drive and don’t worry for me.” Faith urged.

Driving faster, I take a turn. Seeing the road I was heading to, I remember Dominique’s mansion was this way. Turning abruptly, I hear Faith curse.

“Why are you going there?” Faith asks as he gets back in.

“I have an idea,” I said, smiling at him, “Check and see if there’s a phone or anything.”

Faith opened and started checking around. Finding a walkie-talkie, I ask him to look for a channel.

“Nothing?” I asked as I see the cars get closer.

“Wait,” Faith said as we hear static and then voices. What was Erick’s voice?

Grabbing the walkie-talkie from Faith’s hand, I speak.

“Erick, can you hear me?” I shouted.

“Allorah?” Erick asked, surprised, “Is that you?”

“Yes! Thank you!” I whispered, “Erick, we are heading to Dominique’s mansion. I have two cars tagging me. Track the black USV.”

“Got you! I will let the men know!” Erick said.

“Do you think this is a good idea?” Faith asked, glancing my way.

“Honestly, I think so, but if not, I’m ready for the worst. I’m not going down without a fight,” I said, smirking, “So you decide if to join or leave.”

No words, just silence. I could feel Faith’s eyes judging me.

“Faith, before we arrive, I want to tell you something,” I mutter.

“Keep it. I don’t wish to hear it,” Faith said.

“But listen!” I begged.

“No, there’s nothing to listen to,” Faith mumble, “There will never be again.”

Reaching the mansion, we both get down quickly and head in. Surprised, I find everyone there.

“ALLORAH!” Farah yelled with tears.

Hugging me, I hug her back. Everyone greeted me. Looking around, I notice Dominique isn’t here.

“Where’s Dom?” I asked.

“He is not here!” Erick said, making me frown.

“What do you mean?” I asked, scared to hear the answer.

Everyone exchanged glances.

“Dominique left with Sebastian. They’re on Stefan’s building,” Farah explained.

“What? Why?” I asked, confused, “Didn’t they know Faith went for me?”

“They did, but you came faster than expected. Didn’t you see them, Faith?” Erick asked Faith.

Faith stood with his back to us.

“No, and we have company,” Faith said, making us look at the surveillance videos.

“Two cars and eight men,” I said, “Erick, ask some men to come over.”

“What are you doing?” Erick asked, confused, “I need to get weapons. Faith comes.”

Dragging Faith away, we head up. Opening a bedroom door, I walk over and start undressing.

“What are you doing?” Faith asked as his eyes scan my body.

“Getting ready for battle and you,” I said, grabbing him and bringing him to a closet, “You will stay here.”

“You’re thinking of hiding me?” Faith asked, offended, “You think I will stay here?”

“Yes, Faith!” I retorted, “Stefan wants you, and his men will take you back.”

“NO, THEY WON’T!” Faith yelled as he grabs me and throws me against the wall, “He won’t!”

I could see something in his eyes. What was Faith hiding from me?

“Tell me, what did you do?” I asked.

Lowering his gaze, he let go and turn around.

“Nothing of importance,” Faith sighed.

“TELL ME!” I snap at him.

Looking over his shoulder, Faith sigh again.

“Stefan won’t come for me or you,” Faith said, “I, let’s say when I went to rescue you, I did something to him.”

“Faith?” I mutter, “What did you do?”

Sebastian POV

Everything was a fucking chaos. Fire and explosions started spreading around the compound twenty minutes ago. After my talk with Dominique, I headed back to Stefan’s building because Faith was here. But when I arrived, everything was a mess. Dead bodies laid everywhere, and some workers flee the place hurriedly. Like if something scared them.

I immediately went to look for Stefan or Faith, but I bumped into neither of them. Thinking where Stefan might be, I head down. My first thing in mind was to look for Allorah. I had informed my men to monitor everything, but I lost communication with them.

Getting my gun, I hear the elevator door open and hid behind a pillar. My phone started vibrating; it was a text. Dominique just informed me he had arrived. I brief him on everything and sent it back.

I needed to reach the last level where Stefan kept Allorah. Another explosion was heard, and the entire building shake. Looking to see if anyone was close, I head to another place—the security room.

With the gun in hand, I barge in, taking every man down. Quickly, I get on the computer and let Dominique know I have secured the place.

Dominique was already heading down. He took the stairs with his men. Nervously, I try to look for Faith. I had a bad feeling about this.

Going back to some videos, I stop when I see Faith and Stefan. What was this?

It seems Faith found Stefan. Observing the video, I wait for anything to happen. To my shock, a blinding light covers the screen, making the footage get lost. After some minutes, the video goes back to normal.

Stefan laid on the floor. His hand on his chest. What was happening?

It confused me because we had missed a piece of the video. I still kept looking until I saw Faith turn his back on Stefan. For instance, Faith looked happy. But creepily. He was disappearing from the room. Stefan is the only one left.

His hand still gripped his chest, and a shocked look had me wondering what happened.

“Dominique! Can you hear me?” I said loud through the phone.

“Yes! What is it?” Dominique asked.

“Stefan is in his office. Make sure to run down the hall. There’s a secret door. I will send you the code.” I explained to him.

“Is he alone?” Dominique asked.

“Yes…” I breathed.

Something in all this seems off. Checking the rest of the videos, I stop when I find Faith in the lab. They kept Allorah. It seems Stefan had moved her.

Killing everyone, Faith takes Allorah out by breaking the glass. It reminded me of Dominique saving Allorah. Grabbing her, he takes her away.

Dominique POV

Heading down to where Sebastian said Stefan was. I see that things around were eerily silent. Something felt off, and I didn’t know why.

“Let’s divide into groups of three,” I order.

Raphael had joined me. We headed towards the office when guards ambush us.

“Go, Dom, I will distract them,” Raphael said.

When we arrive, we notice the building was on fire. And we heard so far two explosions.

Quickly I move, finding the hidden door Sebastian mentioned. Making a sound like it was a ticking clock. The door opens. With my gun, I pad. There was no noise. Approaching another entrance, I peek inside and see Stefan standing with his back to me.

“You know you can come out,” Stefan said with a rough voice.

“So you know I’m here?” I said, walking out of my hidden spot, “You never cease to amaze me.”

“Ha, I should say that,” Stefan said as he coughed.

Why wasn’t Stefan turning around?

Getting closer, I wait for him.

“You know. That bitch was so lucky since the beginning,” Stefan said with a laugh, “I’m amazed that she accomplished a lot even though she looked stupid. But what you don’t know is that you’ve been played.”

Furrowing my brows, I get closer to him.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Oh Dominique, we both got played,” Stefan said as he turns around.

Shocked, I back away from him. Stefan’s entire face and body were sweating. Small, like veins spread across his body. His chest had blood, and he was panting hard.

“Shocking, right?” Stefan said as he laughed aloud, “Well, let me tell you that you can go ahead and just finish the job.”

Coughing blood, Stefan holds from a chair.

“What happened?” I asked, now confused.

“It’s not what but who,” Stefan stutter. His entire body swayed. “If you don’t go, that, that you protect dearly might be in danger.”

Angry, I grab Stefan from his shirt.

“Where’s Allorah!?” I hissed angrily.

Raising his eyebrow, Stefan laughs.

“It seems he was ahead of you,” Stefan mutter, “How enjoyable seeing you so confused.

Annoyed, I throw him against his desk. Pulling out a knife, I smirk.

“If you don’t want to die, speak,” I order.

Stefan turned serious and glared at me silently.

Gripping the knife, I move, but Stefan pulls a dagger out and attacks me. Jumping back, I evade his attack. Even though he looked badly hurt, he still moved fast.

“You know, I think I’m changing ideas. I think I should drag you with me to hell,” Stefan said with anger as he lunges at me. Kicking him on his leg, Stefan groans.

“Bastard!” I said, attacking him.

Stefan could dodge my attacks. Grabbing an armchair, he throws it my way, making me lose the grip on my knife.

“My, my, my,” Stefan said as he walked and kicked my knife, “How do you wish to die?”

I looked at the knife that was close to the enormous window glass. I needed to run and grab ahold of it.

“Die?” I said, smirking, “That should be my question to you.”

Jumping, I bring him down and knock the air out of him. Stefan lost his dagger, and I moved quickly to grab mine.

Taking the knife, I make a turn, and before Stefan can move. I throw the blade directly on his chest, hitting his heart.

I heard a slight groan and gasp. Stefan kneeled on the floor.

“Y-You…” Stefan mutter as blood dripped down his mouth.

Walking up to him, I kick his dagger away.

The bastard looked like trash. A smile spread on my lips. Lowering myself, I look at him sternly and then pull the knife out.

Blood dripped on the floor as my golden knife glistens with his blood.

Grabbing him, I kick him hard until his back is on the floor. Hovering over him, I watch him as he struggles.

“You know this is my favorite knife,” I said as I clean it on my pants, “I had this one made especially for you.”

“BASTARD!” Yelled Stefan, “You will pay!”

Feeling a slight twitching in my eye, I stab him again in his stomach. Feeling it wasn’t enough, I pulled and stab, pulled and stab. It was a repeat. The feeling of the flesh getting cut had me excited. Blood splattered on my face as I enjoy his screams.

“S-Stop it!” Stefan cried.

“Stop it?” I said, laughing like a maniac, “How could I ever stop?”

Bringing my hand down, I stab him in the throat. Blood gushed out like a fountain. And Stefan struggled to breathe.

Standing up, I pull the knife and turn away from him. As I walk out feeling satisfied, I hear Stefan whisper something. Snapping my head, I look at him.

“What was that?” I asked, confused if I heard right or not.

“Y-You w-w-will… l-lose, h-her.” Stefan stopped breathing. His eyes were rolling back.

I stare at his now stiff body. What was he referring to?

Hearing footsteps, I pull my gun out.

“DOM!” Raphael yelled.

“Here!” I said, putting my gun away, “Is something the matter?”

“Stefan’s men are attacking the mansion!” Raphael said as his eyes move to Stefan’s dead body, “Is he finally dead?”

“Yes…” I mumble.

“But what happens to him?” Raphael asked.

“I don’t know; it seems someone or something attacked him,” I explained.

Hearing a thud, we turn around.

“Dominique!” Sebastian said, panting, “It’s Allorah!”

“Did something happen?” Raphael asked.

Taking a deep breath, Sebastian looks at me, “It seems Faith will kill Allorah.”

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