Goddess of the Diamond

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Faith POV

Meeting Stefan was a thing. Rescuing Allorah was another. I had one plan, and that was all.

Stefan was an easy target. He was pure evil, and taking his life wasn’t even enough. When I found him, I thought should I kill him or leave it for someone else. Honestly, I didn’t care.

Deciding what I should do, I use my powers and hurt him in a way I enjoy seeing. Slowly and painful. It would make them beg, and I love hearing them begging for forgiveness. Of course, I would just laugh and enjoy the sounds they make, just like when they burn in hell.

Humans that are tainted can get saved. Others don’t even care to say sorry for what they did. And Stefan was one of those. The sinner with no turning back. This man had done so many atrocities; I doubt even one of the hells would accept him.

They corrupted his mind to the point of no return. But what no one knew was why he became like that.

Stefan’s life as he grew up was a sad one. I remember once Allorah showed it on the fountains. She didn’t see him, but I did. Allorah would engross herself in petty humans whose life had a purpose. The ones like Stefan were shown to me.

He was not only abused mentally, but he was abuse physically, making him a psycho. He killed with pleasure.

He tortures with pleasure. And he experimented with the desire to have a taste for himself.

Just remembering makes me smile.

So now that I’m watching him, I know that dying isn’t enough.

“You human thought you could accomplish what no one else could. How wrong you were,” I told Stefan as he watches me in utter shock.

It still shocked him I came back and used my powers on him. Turning around to leave, I hear Stefan laugh.

“You truly are the God of Death,” Stefan said, making me look over my shoulders.

“If you knew who I was. It would be best if you had not messed with me,” I said, bored.

“You’re doing this for her?” Stefan asked.

Thinking now about it. Was I doing it for Allorah?

“No,” I mutter as I looked at the office door.

“Ha, I see. You’re just me,” Stefan pointed out.

Turning, I glare at him.

“You’re comparing me with you?” I asked, annoyed.

“Yes…” Stefan hissed with a wicked smile, “You do it, but with another intention, right?”

Scoffing, I leave. Time was speeding.

“That is not for you to care,” I whispered, walking away.

“Oh, too bad I won’t be able to see this ending,” Stefan said as the door shut.

I was finally getting into the lab room where Allorah was. I killed everyone. I left some alive, but just the scientist who I saw I could save later. Or wait on them to become sinners.

Getting Allorah out of the tube she was in. I try to wake her up. Giving her some oxygen, I kiss her. It’s been so long that I kissed her lips, and they felt the same as I remember.

Allorah slowly coughed, and I helped her sit up. Grabbing her in my arms, I take my leave. I had no time. An explosion could happen soon. Allorah was happy to see me, but I wasn’t, or so I thought.

Seeing her so close to me and watching her grey eyes had me feeling conflicted. I needed to put that aside. Every approach Allorah gave me was easy to cut. Stopping her didn’t hurt me. Feeling her pained gaze was another thing.

Her eyes bore into my face. I knew she was feeling conflicted as I was. And I knew she had a lot of questions. So when she asked me how and why I was acting this way. My mouth slipped, and I said what I was feeling; hate.

I hated her with all my might I did. It enraged me knowing that after all this time, she still acted like nothing. Couldn’t she see I was in this chaos because of her? She was the one at fault, not me. Innocents died because of her. So what was there to be excited for? Because she saved me, or I saved her? Was it because she could mend some of her mistakes by keeping me?

I wonder how much of an idiot she was.

Escaping, I planned to take her away. I was aware Dominique and his men were already here. The thing was, I didn’t tell Allorah, and I wasn’t planning to.


Reaching the mansion, I was earlier before. Everyone greets Allorah.

I heard sighs of relief. Following everyone, we go back in. Allorah asked for that stupid human, Dominique. Knowing what happened, I pretended not to see a thing. Giving my back to everyone, I just heard them talking.

Crossing my arms, I look at the night sky. A smirk was playing on my lips but disappearing when Allorah dragged me away. I watch her back. Her hair was short and black, just like mine.

Opening a bedroom door, Allorah drags me in and starts undressing. Asking her what she was doing, Allorah explains she would keep me hidden and then head out to fight. I frowned at her order. Her ordering me around was not something I was used to. So it annoyed me.

When she insisted on keeping me in because Stefan would come and get me, I snapped. I knew best that Stefan would be dead any minute. Me snapping at Allorah made me give myself away.

Gritting my teeth as she persistently keeps asking what I was hiding. I groaned and grabbed her from the neck. Her back hit against the wall as I put pressure on her fragile neck.

“F-Faith!” Allorah stutter, shocked.

“You know he won’t come,” I said as I chuckled, “He won’t because by now Stefan is dead.”

Allorah’s eyes went wide. Her hands reached for my hand and started struggling.

“You know, I wanted to kill him by pieces. Torture him and make him die slowly. But no, I did half of the job and left someone else to finish it,” I said as I lean closer to Allorah’s face, “Take a guess who will kill him.”

Allorah kept struggling. Losing my grip, she gasps and asks me why I was doing it. And why make Dominique get his hands bloody.

“You are stupid? You know Dominique is a fucking sinner. He pretends to be mean and just someone with robust character. But that man’s hands are bloodier than you think,” I said, smirking, “You just can’t see it.”

“Faith! Why? What’s wrong with you?” Allorah asked. Her eyes were tearing up.

“With me, nothing. You see, we are just having a small talk here.” Laughing, I turn my attention back at her. Slowly my eyes wander down her body.

“You look good,” I said, “But they tainted you.”

Hearing my words, she stopped struggling.

“You’re not Faith…” Allorah breathed, “My Faith wouldn’t tell me this.”

Seriously, I look at her and then laugh aloud. Letting go of her neck, I back away laughing.

“You seriously are one of a kind,” I said as I laugh. “But you know that uniqueness was what I loved about you. I loved it; now I’m not too fond of it. Just like I hate you. I will never forgive you.”

“I… Faith, have you thought that I don’t care what happened?” Allorah said, shocked, “You think I haven’t been feeling guilty? Do you have any idea how I regret it?”

“Do you?” I spat, “Do you regret being a human?”

Allorah grey eyes look at my grey ones. It’s like I saw my own.

“Yes…” Allorah whispered, “I regret it because I can see now how grave my sin is. Nothing, not even your forgiveness, would make this guilt go away.”

My mind went numb. Slouching my shoulders, I stare at Allorah.

“I’m so sorry, Faith…” Allorah whispered as she reaches for my face, “I’m so sorry….”

Her words were just superficial. I couldn’t feel anything. It was like if one of those Bastards asked for forgiveness but internally was cursing me. They were pretending.

“If you’re so sorry, then, how about a pay up?” I said, crooking my head to the side.

“Pay?” Allorah asked, confused.

“Yes…” I said and moved my arm.

I watch Allorah. Just a tiny inhale move on her lips.

“Yes…” I repeated.

Allorah lowered her face and inhaled again. She tried to breathe hard.

“F-Faith…” Allorah mumble. “Why?”

Allorah whispered as she raised her face, and a single tear slowly runs down her pale face. Coughing blood out, she keeps looking at me.

“Why Faith…” Allorah repeated this time lower.

“Hmm, I wonder.” I said with a smile that didn’t reach my eyes, “I wonder why….”

I heard a commotion downstairs and some shots. I curse and pulled my hand out, bringing with it Allorah’s heart.

Allorah’s body falls to the ground with a thud.

I stare at my bloody hand.

“Now I see…” I mumble as I walk away.

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