Goddess of the Diamond

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*Darkness* Ends *Lights* Reborn

Dominique POV


That simple name on repeat. That single name had me running like crazy back home. My home, our home, what was it?

I tried calling anyone at home, no one answered. We could hear the shots from afar. The backup seems to have arrived. But my mind couldn’t stop thinking about one person, her.

“Dom!” Erick called as he saw me running towards the mansion, “Finally, you’re back!”

Pushing him aside, I walk in.

“Dominique, what’s wrong?” Farah asked as she notices me walking desperately in.

Farah was with some of my men, and my mother was with her as well. I look around, trying to find Allorah.

“Where is she?” I asked Farah, “I asked where is she!”

I was becoming desperate.

“Dominique, what do you mean?” my mother asked with worried.

“Where is Allorah?” I said as my words break.

“Allorah? She’s up in the bedroom,” Farah said, but I had sprinted up the stairs. I ignored everyone else.

Yelling her name, I barge into every room. Nothing. Where was Allorah?

Thinking that maybe she was in my bedroom, I move fast but stop when I see the trail of blood on the marble floor. It was coming out of my bedroom but heading towards another place.

Panting, I followed it like a moth attracted to fire. Something in me was telling me something terrible happened. My heart lingers in pain, and my mind yearns for Allorah.

Seeing where the trail of blood ends, I stop and open the door. It was the piano room. Frowning, I walk in quietly. Was someone injured? Was Allorah ok?

My mind swirl in different questions.

Gulping, I stop when I notice the blood trial ending on the piano. Where was the rest? Confused, I look around. The entire place was eerily quiet and empty.

Then I saw it, a piece of paper. Grabbing it with shaky hands, I read it.

“Don’t look, don’t guess. Everything was a mistake, and things shouldn’t have happened.

Don’t come looking for her. She no longer lives in this world. If you don’t believe me, look at your hand, and you shall know.”

I lowered my eyes and looked at the hand with the tattoo. Gasping, I frown. The tattoo with the moon was disappearing. Confused at what was happening, I continue ready.

“She said she would pay the price, as she regretted becoming human. She paid for it and is no longer alive. They needed this to get done. A mistake that shouldn’t exist. Her existence should have never been known. She was forbidden to humans. And she wasn’t allowed to be with you, even though she yearned to be with you.

I learn she really felt sorry, and now that I know, I feel sorry for what I did.

There I left something for you to remember her. I think you will know what it is once you see it.

The only thing I can tell you know is. Live and commit no more sins because Allorah paid with her life for yours. This was always an exchange of life, not a fate of love, nor destiny. It was a seal for an exchange. She saved you, so don’t turn back and be what you were. Don’t become something she never wanted.

Now I bid my farewell. Remember Dominique, don’t come looking for us. We don’t belong to this world.


Speechless, that’s all I could think of. I had no words. It felt suffocating but confusing at the same time. Looking for what he said, I find a white rose and a necklace.

Grabbing the silver necklace, I open the small oval shape pendant that hangs.

Opening it, I see a small piece of rock glimmering light. Feeling a warm light emitting from it, I touch it slightly. Just to see what Faith mentioned.


“Tell me, Allorah. What would you do for a human being? But for someone you think it may not have forgiveness?” a woman with silver hair asked as she sat on a throne.

“If I had to do something, I would give my life in exchange,” Allorah said as blood dripped from her hand.

“Would you? For a human?” the woman with silver hair asked curiously.

“Yes,” Allorah said, smiling as a person’s face appears.

The woman with silver hair stood up and watched as Allorah moved her hand around the fountain.

“Is that the person you would save, Allorah?” the woman asked.

“Yes, Mother Goddess. His soul is tainted and can still get saved,” Allorah said as she earnestly watches him.

“So if we can save him, then why?” Mother Goddess asked.

“Because he will have his soul tainted. In the future, he won’t be able to be saved.” Allorah explained with a sad smile, “But for him, I would exchange my life, just to save him. He’s worth it.”

Mother Goddess watches her as she looked at the man in the fountain with warm eyes.

“Is he the one you received a name?” Mother Goddess asked.

“Yes,” Allorah said, looking at Mother Goddess.

“Come, child,” Mother Goddess offered.

They both walked away towards another large fountain. Moving her hand, Mother Goddess made a swirl. The clear water glimmer like it had sparkles suddenly change into a crimson red. She was dabbing it.

She turns to Allorah. A smile played on her lips.

“Give me your hand, child,” Mother Goddess said.

Offering her left hand, she watches with awe what she was doing. Mother Goddess drew a moon inside a circle.

“Now, forget this.” Mother goddess said as she lightly pokes Allorah’s forehead.

Like nothing ever happens, Allorah turns away. Mother Goddess, watch her leave.

“Now that destiny has been sealed, that child will suffer. But at the end, everything will be for him,” Mother Goddess said as she looked back at the fountain. An image appeared.

“The so-called power of love.”

Flashback ends.

By the time I opened my eyes, I was on the floor in tears. So this was it? Allorah had given her life to save me? Was it never our fate to be together?

The pain I was feeling had me sobbing like a kid. I could feel it in my heart that Allorah was dead. Crying all alone, I watch as the moonshine down at me. My tears glisten on the white floor.

My throat could not get a single breath in. My chest burns in pain just knowing I never had the chance to tell her I loved her. Why?

Was this now my sin to carry?

“Dominique?” Farah mumble.

I looked back at the door and saw everyone standing there. I crouched down and cried my heart out.

Why was I been punished like this? Why?

Four years later…

The elevator door opened, and I walk out. Heading to my office, I greet everyone.

“Morning Sir, we have everything ready,” my secretary says.

Hearing him tell me what my schedule was, was like just hearing a buzzing sound.

It’s been four years since everything happened.

At first, it was hard, and I couldn’t even get out of my bedroom. Not having Allorah around hurt so much; I cried every night. My sister and friends worried maybe I would not get better, but one night. I visited the piano room.

I haven’t entered that room since I read Faith’s letter. Just knowing it was there bothered me. Those memories that still played on my mind make me hate my life.

So that night I went. I had locked that place so no one would go in.

I walked in, dust-covered the whole place. No maid had come in to clean in three years. Deciding to take a seat on the stool, I open the piano and play it lightly. With a sigh, I played it. It’s been a long time since I have played the piano. I used to play it before my father passed away, and now I played knowing Allorah was dead.

A song came into mind. It was called the kiss of death. It was a sad song, but it showed the power of love towards the person you loved. The song had a hidden message on it, and it forgave me with a kiss of death.

I don’t know why my mind played that, but it felt nostalgic. Closing my eyes, I engross myself completely. My heart tugs as my hands leisurely move.

Each delicate movement was describing words—sadness, happiness, regret, love. Tears slide down my face. In silence, I let my silent cries drown as the melody portrays what I feel.

What I never expected was that when I played the last chord, and I open my eyes. I found Faith leaning against the piano. Faith crossed his arms, and his eyes close as he hums the melody.

I stopped and looked at him. His body glowed lightly and his long raven hair braided to the side.

“Good to see you,” Faith said as he stayed in the same position, “It amazes me you know that melody.”

I looked down at my hands that still were on the piano.

“You know it?” I asked him without looking up.

“Yes, it’s a song I play a lot. It’s a song Allorah played here in this room.” Faith said with a smile, “It’s been a while….”

“Yes, it’s been…” I mutter back.

I had no strength to argue. No need to feel mad at him or sad. My mind didn’t blame him.

“Why are you here?” I asked him as I played a chord.

“I’ve come to apologies,” Faith said as he opened his eyes and looked at me, “I just came to apologies.”

Looking up, I see his grey eyes looking at me with mixed emotions. His grey eyes reminded me of Allorah.

“I can see the similarity,” I mumble, chuckling softly.

“You mean the eyes?” Faith asked softly.

I nodded and continue striking another chord and another until I started playing again.

Faith watches me played. His eyes on my hands as they move across the tiles.

“Sorry for taking Allorah away,” Faith suddenly whispered.

I stopped playing and kept my eyes downcast. I was letting him continue.

“That day, you know. I saw the determination on Allorah. Even though she questions me on why I was doing it, I could see her determination. She had this look in her eyes when she told me how she regretted everything. At first, I didn’t understand her, but after I did. But when I realized it was late,” Faith said as he moved towards the window.

His back towards me. I saw him slump his shoulders.

“She loved you…” Faith whispered. I thought I heard him wrong. “She loved you so much that I regret what I did.”

“But it was your job, right?” I said as I closed the piano.

Faith scoffed.

“My job? Sometimes I wonder what my actual job is,” Faith sighed, “Allorah used to tell me that maybe my job wasn’t to take lives but to fix that corrupt soul into light, just like her.”

“You were opposites, right?” I asked, intrigued.

“Yes,” Faith said, looking over his shoulder and smiling. “She was the light, and I was the darkness. But, I wasn’t darkness… that was you.”

I look at him with a frown.

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“What I mean is that Mother Goddess made you Allorah’s darkness, and you were Allorah’s light. Mother Goddess made Allorah forget, so she could not only save you, and you could save her.” Faith explained.

Raising his hand, I watch as it glows. A small swirl of water pooled in his hand. Standing before me, he lowered it and whispered a word I didn’t understand. An image appeared, and I saw a woman with long white hair sitting on the floor. She had her body weight on her right arm, as her left was bleeding.

“Allorah?” I mumble…

Allorah flinched and looked around.

“She heard you, but she won’t see you,” Faith whispered.

Snapping my head, I look at him in shock.

“What did you say?” I asked him.

“Allorah is alive,” Faith said, “She was reborn when I killed her. All thanks to Mother goddess. But she has no memories of anything.”

Looking back, I smiled.

“Allorah’s alive… I see…” I mutter.

Seeing her and knowing she was at least alive made me happy.

Biting my lips because they tremble, I fist my hand and take a deep breath.

“May I?” I asked Faith.

Nodding, I extended my hand, and the water moves to mine.

I grit my teeth as a sob tries to leave my lips. I wanted to tell Allorah so much. It hurt. Closing my eyes softly, I let tears fall.

Sniffing, I open them and sigh. My chest felt heavy.

“I miss you, Allorah,” I mumble, “But knowing you’re fine, that makes me happy. So thank you for everything. Thank you so much. Now that this will be the last time I will see you, I hope you are happy. And I just wanted to tell you; I love you, I will always love you.”

With that, I smiled, and the image with Allorah faded away.

Faith stayed silent. Awkwardly, I sniff and lower my head.

“It’s time for me to take my leave. It was nice meeting you,” Faith said as he walks towards the window that reflected the moon, “Behave and be happy, Dominique.”

“Wait!” I called. “Allorah… right that her name means God of Light?”

Faith just chuckled and nodded, disappearing under the moon’s light.

Walking to the same window, I look up. A smile spread across my face. I could feel peace in my mind and heart. Whispering a good night, I leave the room, shutting its doors lightly.

Now that another year passed. I started changing. There would be times where I would remember her and feel sad, but I know she was always next to me.

“Excuse me, sir?” I heard my secretary said through the intercom, “The meeting is ready.”

“Very well, I’ll be there in a few,” I said, standing up and fixing my suit.

I was walking towards the enormous window that showed me the city. I look down at the humans that walk like nothing could happen to them. Smiling, I put my hands in my pockets and walk.

Stopping, I turn and see it. Grabbing it with my hand, I bring it up and smell it.

“Thanks, Allorah,” I said aloud as I take the white rose that appeared on my desk with me to my meeting.

The End.

Author’s Note:

Did you know I unconsciously choose the name Allorah without knowing the meaning of the name until now?

That’s why I took longer on the ending. I cried when I found out I chose her name that it meant God of Light.

Remember to leave your review on how you felt! I would appreciate it!


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