Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

After last night’s thinking, I took the investigation. I wished to capture that bastard. He owns us big time, and if I could get my hands on him, I would.

Today I headed to my family home. I told my grandfather I would answer him in two days, but I already had it, so why wait?

“Morning, sir,” my bodyguards said.

Nodding, we get in the car and head to the mansion. My family’s home was twenty minutes away from my house. My mother, my sister, and my grandfather lived there. They had asked me before moving back with them, but I just wished for my space.

Once we reached the mansion, I headed to my grandfather’s office.

“Morning, Dominique,” my grandfather said as he put his paper down.

“Morning,” I said, taking a seat, “I’ve come to give you an answer.”

“That was fast,” my grandfather said with a smirk.

“Yes, but before I go, I have to set up a good plan, and for that, I wish to speak with you,” I said as I lean my head and cross my legs, “You see if we wish for this to be a success, I will need time. My time, not yours.”

Frowning, my grandfather kept listening.

“I need a month the most to be ready. I know it’s a long time, but let’s keep the spies there and let them inform us more about the place. I will have a team of ten to be ready for that day,” I explained, “If you do not want to, Forget it. I will go my own way.”

My grandfather stayed quiet. He was debating if to agree or not.

He had no option or choice. I was the leader and didn’t need his permission to do something. I had the final decision.

After a while of waiting, my grandfather finally decided that it was fine. Smiling, I stand up to leave.

“Wait, Dominique,” my grandfather said as he stood up, “Remember, bring him alive.”

Looking over my shoulder, I smiled and nodded.

“Dominique?” I hear the voice I love the most say.

“Mother?” I said, turning around and waiting for her to reach me.

“How are you? I’ve been wondering when you were coming over to visit,” my mother said, smiling and kissing my cheek.

“I’m sorry I’ve been busy,” I said as I hugged her, “How about I come over the weekend?”

“Sure, just let me know at what time so I can have your favorite dishes ready,” my mother said.

Smiling, I nod.

“Dominique?” my mother said as she held my hand, “Are you ok? I’m worried about you.”

“I’m fine, mother,” I said with a sigh, “No need to worry, it just works.”

“I know, but Dominique, you need a change in your life. You are already twenty-eight, and you have no girlfriend or wife,” my mother said, shaking her head, “I just want you to be happy.”

“Mom, please…” I said, averting my eyes.

“Dominique, son, just what do you want then?” my mother asked sadly, “Is it work that’s not allowing you? Or the hunting organization?”

I looked in shock at my mother. She never knew what I did. So how did she find out?

Giggling, she raises her hand and caresses my face.

“I’ve always known. I didn’t want to mention it because I know you are trying to protect me,” my mother said with a sweet smile.

Sighing, I laugh. This woman would drive me crazy.

“Ok, ok, let’s stop being gloomy, and off you go. Just be sure to come for the weekend, love,” my mother said as she kissed my cheek.

Smiling, I wave goodbye and leave the mansion.

It’s been a week since I started working with my team. We have four original plans on how to attack and capture everyone without spilling blood. It overjoyed my team when I told them what we were about to do.

I had requested the best of my men, that included my best friend. He wasn’t here because he was on a mission, but he would be back before we left.

“Sir, your documents, and is there anything you need for right now?” my secretary asked.

I’ve been so focused that I’ve forgotten to eat. I was getting hungry now, and I know that if I stopped eating, nothing good would happen. Asking to please bring me something to eat, the man excuses himself and leaves me alone.

Returning to work, I go quickly over the files my grandfather brought. I needed to be sure I had missed nothing. I had other information the spies had provided. So, I needed to compare everything and see we had everything correct.

Focused on my paperwork, I feel my phone vibrate. Mother was calling. It had to be about the weekend gathering.

“Mother?” I said as I kept working.

“Son, sorry to disturb you, but I need to confirm that you are coming over this weekend,” my mother said worriedly.

“I am, so don’t worry,” I said, smiling.

I know it worries her I would change my mind and not come over. It wouldn’t be the first time I say yes, and then I wouldn’t go.

“I will see you tomorrow morning, ok? I’m planning on staying all day,” I said, smiling and bidding my farewell.

After lunch, I had a couple of important meetings I needed to attend. A couple of guests from other companies were coming over to propose. I usually would not receive other proposals because I worked alone with my team. We were capable enough to do our work without the help of others.

“Sir, our guests are here,” my secretary said.

Nodding, I greet everyone and take my seat.

The meeting lasted for forty-five minutes. I had planned on making this short, but their proposal was long. What surprised me the most was that they had something to offer. One anyone would think about it and agree to it, but not me. I was not interested in giving knowledge in exchange for money or weapons.

My company had always handled it. And is known as one of the fiercest CEOs was an advantage.

“Mr. Montiel, please think about it,” one guest said, stopping me.

Turning around, I check the men up and down. He was an intermediate they sent to propose. Not even the chief of that company came over.

“No need, have a nice day, gentlemen,” I said and left.

“Sir, with all due respect, are you sure about this?” my secretary asked, worried.

“Sure enough. Now, if there are no more meetings, I will take my leave,” I said, grabbing my coat and leaving with my men.

Saturday morning came, and I had taken my sports car to my mother’s mansion. It was close, and I didn’t need my men with me. There were enough people around my mother’s home for my safety.

Parking the car, I see my sister waving her hand.

“Hey Dominique, you early!” Farah hugged me.

“Sure, I promised to come early, didn’t I?” I said, smiling and kissing her temple.

“Very well! I hope you are. I prepare a lot of stuff for us to do,” Farah said, pulling me, “So move.”

Shaking my head, I laugh.

Farah and I had spent all day playing sports and doing some competitions. It was two in the afternoon, and I watched as Farah slept in my lap. She was tired after some archery.

“She looks tired,” my mother said as she took a seat.

“She is just like you. Fierce and dedicated to what they do,” I said, caressing her head, “Has she been doing good?”

“Yes, so don’t worry,” my mother said as she looked at her daughter with love, “So I know you are heading on a mission.”

“How?” I was confused, “Who told you?”

“I know my way, Dominique. Remember why your father married me,” my mother said with a smirk.

I know my mother and father met on a mission. My mother was the leader of a SWAT team. She had a fierce background.

She looks delicate. But she was an undercover agent for a SWAT team. She knew her ways, and she was good with it.

“Just be careful ok?” my mother said, taking a sip of her tea, “And remember, you don’t need to spill blood. Let the men do it.”

“You know that’s impossible. I have to help,” I explained with annoyance.

I hated when they asked me not to kill. But it’s my way of helping, and as the leader, I had a reputation to keep. I didn’t enjoy hiding behind my men. Instead, I was the protective one. If only people could understand it.

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