Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

I had gathered with my men for a quick meeting over our plans to look for that bastard. We still were missing two more persons who would join us. My best friends Erick and Raphael. At first, I had planned to take Raphael, but because Erick is his brother and heard we were going for that bastard, he joined us.

I kept checking my phone for the time. Half an hour late for the meeting. But why?

Suddenly the door to the conference room opened, and in walked my two best friends and a stranger. Frowning, I glare at Raphael.

“Saluting the CEO, Dominique,” both men said in unison.

Nodding, I glare at Raphael. I was still waiting for an explanation from the stranger behind them.

“Dominique, I would like to introduce you to Sebastian, the CEO of Alluria,” Raphael said with a smile.

The CEO of Alluria? But what was he doing here?

Alluria was a company dedicated to the search for exotic rocks, such as crystals and diamonds.

“May I ask why the CEO of Alluria is here?” I asked with a serious face.

“Well, first of all, greeting Mr. Montiel. I had come upon request of Sir Raphael here and Sir Erick. Because not only I can help you, but because the person you seek has something of my interest,” Sebastian explained.

“Care to explain more,” I asked, leaning against the wooden armchair.

Nodding, Sebastian brief all of us. What was his actual intention? I hated working with people I saw were not fit to be part of the team. Sebastian’s company is just like mine. They get precious and exotic rocks, but with a reason behind it.

“Very well. So would you be providing information?” I asked, relaxing this time.

“Yes, two of our spies had notified us that lately strange things had been happening,” Sebastian said as he walked over to the secretary and handed him a USB memory.

The image on the screen pops out. It amazed me knowing that the bastard had an enormous compound hidden in the mountains near the city. He has been under our noses.

“But it’s difficult,” Sebastian said, distracting me.

“What’s difficult?” I asked.

“Well, my men informed me that the scientist and other people have been leaving and not coming back. It has been happening since four years ago,” Sebastian said.

The photo of the building entrance was shown on the screen.

“Any other odd things?” I asked, worried that maybe our target had escaped.

“Yes, there’s a restricted area that no one had entered,” Sebastian explained, rubbing his chin, “They said that no one entered that place since decades ago.”

“You sure?” I asked, confused by this piece of information.

“Yes,” Sebastian nodded.

“Excuse me, Dominique?” Erick said, raising his hand.

“Yes, Erick?” I said.

“What Sebastian is saying is right,” Erick said with a frown.

“What do you mean?” I asked, intrigued.

“According to our information, they abandoned the west side of the compound. Our men had asked out of curiosity, and all they told them is not to roam near the area. They say something dangerous lurks there,” Erick said.

The room was silent. Frowning, I think about the files. Recalling the words specimen, I scoff.

“I think I know what it might be,” I said with a smirk.

“And that would be?” Raphael said, sounding sarcastic and earning him a glare.

“A specimen,” I spat.

Erick raised his eyebrow, and some of my men at the table looked at me like an idiot.

“I said specimen, why are you looking at me like that?” I asked, shaking my head.

“Because it’s impossible to have something of value abandoned,” Sebastian said, “Who would be stupid enough to do that?”

“Exactly my question,” Raphael said, “It makes no sense to have something and leave it there. Unless it is not a specimen? You sure you’re not confused?”

“Should I?” I asked, raising my eyebrow, “I’m giving you an answer, not guessing.”

I couldn’t be wrong. The file had the word specimen highlighted.

It must be something that had value. Or something went wrong with it.

“Anyway, changing topics, are we leaving tomorrow?” Erick asked.

“Yes, everyone prepares, and I think we should start dividing roles. Let’s start our meeting,” I ordered.

By the time we finished, it was night. Heading towards my car, I hear a voice calling my name. Stopping, I turn and see the CEO of Alluria running my way.

“Is something about CEO Sebastian?” I asked.

“Here,” Sebastian said as he handed me a small envelope.

“This is?” I asked as I looked between the envelope and the man standing in front of me.

“This I think you should see it when you get home. It’s just something my spies could get, and you would be interested,” Sebastian said and bid his goodnight.

Looking at the white envelope, I get into the car and drive off with my men.

Reaching home, I greet everyone and head straight to my bedroom. Deciding it was best to check what the contents inside were. I sit and open it.

It was a picture that showed a woman’s delicate hand and tattoo. Frowning, I looked but couldn’t understand.

Why did Sebastian give me a picture?

Scoffing, I set the photo on the table and head to the bathroom.

Sighing, I relax and stare out the window. The night looked cloudy. It might rain. I was feeling eager, excited for what would happen tomorrow. Would I be able to get that bastard and avenge my father?

I didn’t want to raise my hopes, but I had to. I needed to stay positive no matter what. I hope to find what I’m looking for. They can ruin nothing.

I dry my hair. I look once again at the photo that is laid on the table, a hand and a tattoo. It was so pale it looked as if the person was dead. But something in the picture caught my attention.

The hand was so delicate, beautiful, and had long nails. The tattoo over the writing had a weird symbol. I turned my head to the side but didn’t get to understand what it was.

Deciding to flip the photo, I stop and notice a moon mark and something else. Frowning, I get the picture closer to my face.

My mind was working like crazy, but nothing came to mind. Cursing, I throw the photo back and finish drying my hair. Averting my eyes, I take a last look. Why did it call my attention so badly?

Imagining who the hand might be, has me eager. Was it someone Sebastian knew?

Many people knew I was single and had no wife or girlfriend. So I had people offering me their daughters or asking me if I would be interested in certain persons. But all this time, nothing called my attention as this simple hand did. Gulping, I grab the picture.

“Fuck,” I curse and lay down in bed.

Lifting the picture, I stare at it.

“I wonder who the lady of this hand would be… Would she be pretty?” I whispered.

Chuckling, I cover my eyes with my arm. I wanted to know who this woman was. It was the first time I was feeling like this eagerness, desire. A smile crept over my face. Deciding I should go to sleep because in a few hours I had to get up. I set the photo next to my bed and turn the lights off.

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