Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

We have been traveling for four hours. My men had gathered everyone in a whole secured spot. Eager to arrive, I keep checking our plans. Everything was going well, and I could feel my eagerness filling up that void in my heart. I yearned to have my hands on that bastard.

We finally reached our small camp. I get down from the car and tell my best friend to meet up with me in fifteen minutes. I needed to go over the plans once again. Nothing could go wrong. Aware of my surroundings, I keep tabs on my men.

I had made sure that no one would betray us. Everything was top secret.

Once my men gather, we go over our plans once again.

The meeting ended quickly. We had our assigned roles, and we all knew what to do. As the time came closer, we started dividing ourselves into groups of three. The place we’re heading to was excessively guarded.

Getting our weapons, we march into the dense forest. Quietly, we made sure no one noticed us. We needed to be careful. Scouting the area, I signal my men to spread.

My group was heading to the west side.

The lab was there; I had chosen this place because it intrigued me. There was something gloomy about it.

Checking out the area, we find that there were only five guards. Fully armored and with weapons that only the Dragon Organization could make, they stand in guard. Receiving intel that they had entered from the south side of the compound, I signal my men to attack quietly. We needed to be quick. The less noise we made, the faster we could surround the place.

Swiftly I pulled a Scottish Dirks dagger, one of my favorites. A long and light blade, easy to carry around. Without making too much of a noise, I grab the man’s neck and slit his throat. Removing his weapon, I move with my men.

For being an abandoned place, it had a lot of men securing it. I wonder what was inside that needed men taking care of this place. Signaling my other men, we move and keep taking men down.

“How’s everything?” I asked one of my partners.

“Everything’s going well so far, Sir. Our men have infiltrated the compound we are surrounding it right now,” my partner explained.

Nodding, I walk forward. We reached an enormous metallic double door. Finding a panel, I open it and insert a code one of our spies got.

“Error,” the robotic voice said.

Cursing, I ask one of my men to get the information or hack the controls.

“Erick, how’s everything on the north side?” I asked, but no answer came back. I heard sudden shotguns. Getting on alert, I curse. It seems they found out we are here.

“Stay here and figure out a way to open this door!” I ordered as I started running towards the north side.

Gunshots resonated around the place. Hiding behind a concrete pillar, I saw Erick and Sebastian from afar. Six security guards were shooting at my men.

“Sebastian, can you hear me?” I yelled through the mic.

Sebastian’s head snapped to where I was hiding, signaling him to stay put. I scan the room. There were at least three enormous windows. Concrete pillars and furniture decorated the hall. We needed to stop this, and soon because if the leader were here, he would escape, and I didn’t need that right now.

Ordering my men to open fire, we attack until every man is down. Blood pools cover the concrete floor. So far, no other men had come and attacked.

“Everyone alright?” I asked as I counted my men, “What happened?” I asked Erick.

“Sorry, somehow they found out we were here and ambushed us,” Erick explained.

Nodding, I keep walking. One of my men had secured the security room. We had a man alive. Taking a seat, I pull my dagger out and stab him in the thigh.

“Speak, where is your leader,” I retorted.

“L-Leader?” the man stuttered, “There’s no one here, just us.”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I pulled the dagger and cleaned it with a piece of cloth, “Explain what is happening here.”

“L-like I said, nothing… we are only taking care of this p-place,” the man said as his eyes moved to my dagger.

“Impossible,” Raphael said as he walked into the room, “We captured four of your men and said the leader left four hours ago.”

“He what?” I retorted.

Looking back at the men, I stab him again, but this time on the chest.

“Check the security cameras,” I ordered and stood up, “If we have men alive, let’s take them back. Anything else?”

“So far, just two rooms full of weapons, a lab on the west side, some cars and the men,” Raphael explained.

“Erick?” I asked.

“Same here, security detail and armory. We found some torturing rooms,” Erick said with disgust.

“I found a floor full of animals and things they have been researching on. I think it would be best to check those files,” Sebastian said, “I think there might be clues.”

Ordering what to do, we all separate, walking back to the west side with Raphael. I check the area. This place was humongous. It looked abandoned, but from the inside, you could see its luxury. Every room I’ve seen so far had the latest weapons and machinery needed. This lab was still in use.

“Did you find anything in that place?” Raphael asked, getting me distracted.

“We haven’t been able to open it. It seems it’s secured,” I explained briefly.

Fixing my hair, I walk fast. I was eager to reach that side. Finally, I see my men standing with a sour face.

“Something the matter?” I asked, confused.

“Sir, we cannot open this door. We tried hacking it, but it’s impossible,” one of my partners said.

“Impossible?” asked Raphael.

Raising my hand, I stop Raphael. We walked where the panel was. I pull out the laptop and start going into their system. Communicating back with Erick, I ask him to see any clues about the abandoned area.

“Any survivors?” I asked.

All my men just stared at each other. With a sigh, I return my attention to the laptop. Frowning, I see that what my men said was true. Why was it hard to decipher? Cursing, I stand up and ask one of my partners to head back and bring back one survivor.

Excusing himself, I watch him leave.

“This is a gigantic door,” Raphael said as he inspects the area, “What is behind this door?”

“This isn’t just your average metallic door. It’s a double door with a revolving code and a password.

The door is of pure metal. It can prevent even a bomb from opening it, and as you can see, it has the size of a house,” I brief everyone.

Everyone stayed quiet. Hearing a voice from afar, I turn my head and watch as my partner drags the bastard across the hallway. He was cursing and bleeding. It was a delightful sight.

Throwing him in front of me, I glare at the men. Pulling out a knife, my partner grabs him from the hair and bares his neck. Tightly, the blade cuts slowly and painfully.

“Tell me the code?” I ordered.

The scarred man looked at me and the double door.

“I-I… I don’t know.” The man stuttered, “T-that door hasn’t opened in a long while.”

Raising an eyebrow, I turn and look at the door. It seems the man wasn’t lying. This place was full of dust, and it seems no one has been taking care of it.

“There has to be a way to open this, right?” I asked the men.

Kneeling, I grab his chin.

“Tell me, is there any file or anything we can use?” I asked as I squeezed harder.

“I-I’m not l-lying… we don’t know…” the man stuttered.

With a sigh, I stand up and signal my men to kill him.

“Dispose of his body. Raphael, ask Sebastian to come over,” I ordered.

I sat with my arms crossed, thinking how to get in. Sebastian was trying to decode the password. It’s been three hours and nothing. What was inside that place? Looking up, I notice some vents.

“Raphael,” I called, “Get some men up there.”

Raphael looked at where I was pointing. With a smirk, he nodded and left.

“Damn this shit,” I hear Sebastian curse.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“The fucking code gets changed every twenty minutes,” Sebastian explained with a sigh, “It’s going to take time.”

Nodding, I let him do his work. Receiving a call from Erick, I hear him notify me about the weapons. So far, there was an arsenal of weapons for a perfect ambush. All the guns were the latest in technology.

The Dragon Organization did its best in implementing all the technology it could find. They base their weapons on technology, while I used gems and jewels to make unique weapons.

Suddenly Raphael yells my name. Turning my head, I look where he is standing.

“We got two men in!” Raphael yelled.

Smiling, I stand up and walk over.

“Don’t stop trying,” I told Sebastian, “I will be back.”

Heading where Raphael was, I look up. Surely two men could go in.

“They have their mics with them?” I asked Raphael.

Nodding his head, I grab the mic and try to communicate with them.

“Try to see if there’s any file or code we can use,” I told my men, “Let us know if you have anything.”

“Hey Dominique, I could access it!” Sebastian yelled.

“Great,” I smiled.

Something revolving in the door started making a humming noise. We stare at the door. I frown as I keep looking. The door we were starring at didn’t budge. Was there another door?

“Is something the matter?” Raphael asked with a confused look.

“It seems there’s another door behind this one,” I explained, “We might take longer than we thought.”

“Damn it,” cursed Sebastian.

“Get me a gear,” I said. Raphael looked at me, surprised.

“Don’t tell me you’re going up,” Raphael asked with a smirk.

“Does it look like I’m playing?” I said with a stern look.

“Fine, fine,” Raphael said, laughing and raising his hands, “Men get the boss some gear for his filthy ass.”

I throw daggers at Raphael. He needed to tone it down when he spoke to me. Groaning in anger, I turn and head to get change.

“Pull it!” Raphael shouted.

“SHUT UP!” I yelled back.

I’ve been climbing the wall with difficulty. I didn’t expect to be so slippery and tall to reach. From down, the vents looked closed, but honestly, it wasn’t.

Reaching for my man’s hand, I grab it and help him pull me. We were inside a vent. Crawling, he explains to me that one of the guys is already inside.

“Anything unusual?” I asked curiously.

“Sir, that place is huge. We haven’t ventured inside yet,” my men explained.

Nodding, we keep crawling until we finally reach the exit. Jumping down, I see the lights flicker.

“Sir?” my other men said.

“What did you find?” I asked.

He had a confused look. Like if he was worried about something.

“You can speak freely,” I said, frowning.

“This place is immense, Sir. There are two more doors, and they are encrypted,” the men explained.

Cursing, I walk around the room. This place was enormous. It amazed me to see this place.

It was like another compound. From the outside, it didn’t look that big, but once in, it was different.

“Did you find anything else?” I asked as we walked.

“So far, just papers and computers,” he explained.

I tried to communicate with Sebastian. I ask him how he’s doing. So far, he has decoded half of the password for the other door. Letting him know I would be on the other side. We walk towards the double door.

“Check the area and let me know,” I said.

My men nodded. I took a seat and started checking one of the computers. Finally, I found the codes. Smiling, I let Sebastian know. The double door started making a noise, and it started opening. Dust flew around the room.

The security guard wasn’t lying. This place hasn’t been open in a while.

“Damn, finally!” Sebastian said as he blew the dust away.

“Let’s move. I will stay behind,” I said.

“Why?” Sebastian asked.

“There are two more doors,” I said, pointing at them.

“You go, I will check this out,” Sebastian suggested.

Nodding, I get up and head to the doors. Raphael divided the group into two. As the doors finally start opening, one of the room’s lights is off.

“Find the lights,” one of my man’s orders.

Switching the lights on, I’m left speechless. Inside the big room laid enormous containers. Full of green liquid.

“What the fuck is this place?” one of my men asked, shocked.

I frown, walking over to the computers. I check what they have. So far, lines of documents showing what was inside each container appear. All the enormous tubes were functioning.

“Make a thorough check and see what they are hiding here,” I ordered.

Putting my weapon down, I walk towards the stairs.

“DOMINIQUE!” a voice yelled.

Turning my attention to it, I ran towards the person.

Finding one of my men on the floor scared, I look up. Raphael was standing with eyes wide open. I didn’t comprehend what they were looking for in here. Lifting his hand, Raphael points towards the front. Before looking, I see all my men in the same state of shock.

Raising my eyes, I gasp. Inside a long tube floated a body. In the fetal position, the body laid motionless. It floated inside the dark green liquid. Gulping nervously, I dawdle.

“No,” Raphael said as he grabbed my hand.

I looked at Raphael, his face pale. Letting go. I turn my head back to the tube. What was that inside it?

Touching the tube, I clean the dust away. I gasp in surprise when I see what lay inside, a woman.

A woman with hair white as the snow. And a body as thin that we could see every little bone laid with her eyes close in a fetal position. Wires and strange machinery connected to her body made me think that maybe she was alive. My eyes move all over her body. For some reason, I was nervous. Fear was creeping up my spine. Suddenly my eyes stopped.

Leaning against the tube, I clean it like crazy. Were my eyes deceiving me? The woman inside had the same tattoo that I saw in the photo Sebastian gave me before. Her hand and the tattoo were the same.

Sudden realization hit me like a rock.

She was the person I yearn for all this time. The sensation, the feeling of wanting to touch her, made me desperate.

It was a feeling I never had before. I reached for Allorah and carried her out of that place. I order Raphael to figure out a way to open this.

Everyone looked at me like I had gone crazy, but I needed to take her out of there.

An alarm started blaring, making us all stop moving.

“WE HAVE TO GO!” Sebastian yelled as he ran towards us.

“Why?” I asked in anger.

“Someone knows we are inside, and they activated a detonator. This place will blow up in five minutes, so we need to go now!” Sebastian explained in a hurry.

Feeling my arm pulled, I see Raphael trying to drag me away. But I stopped him. I couldn’t leave without her.

“What are you doing?” Raphael asked angrily, “We need to go, now!”

“I can’t,” I whispered.

Raphael looked at me with an alarming face.

“YOU CRAZY!” Raphael yelled over the alarm.

Angry, I slap his arm away and start hitting the glass tube with my gun. Cursing, Raphael tries to help me.

The glass wasn’t budging. Not even a crack. Deciding to shoot at it, I tell Raphael to leave. We had less than three minutes, and I needed to hurry.

It was hard to see; I needed to shoot and not hurt her. Finding some spots, I shoot. The glass started crackling, and a foul smell started coming out of the liquid that was leaking.

A crashing sound echoed in the room as the liquid inside starts to put pressure on the glass.

Moving in a hurry, I grab the body. I didn’t want to get her hurt with the glass shards. Quickly, I removed what was attached to her. Blood started oozing out of the cold body that laid naked in my arms. I carry her away.

I ran like a maniac trying to get out of the place.

My men waited with the cars. In a hurry, Raphael helps me get in and drive away.

“Embrace,” I heard someone yell.

Holding her body close to mine, we hear an explosion. The windows of the car vibrated as the explosion happened.

Finally, stopping some miles away. I turn and look outside the window. The forest burned.

“We have to go,” Raphael said.

Nodding, I give the order to return to the headquarters.

My eyes moved to the woman in my arms. Everyone in the car looked at her with awe. Grabbing a blanket from behind, I cover her body. Somehow I was becoming jealous of the other guys looking at her.

Moving my hand, I check her face. She was beautiful. Smooth like porcelain skin, hair white as snow capture my eyes. She looked like a goddess. Her lips looked pale, and that worried me.

“Is she alive?” I heard one of my men whispering.

Nervous to know the answer, I put my hand on her neck. I closed my eyes and prayed there was at least a pulse.

Faintly but there was a pulse. Letting out a sigh of relief, I order Raphael to head to my house.

“Sir?” one of my men said.

“Yes?” I asked.

“She is bleeding…” one of the men said, making me frown.

Not sure what he was talking about, I removed my arm. Surprised by the excess of blood, I sat her body up. A small gasp escaped my lips. Her spine was injured. It seems where all the tubes and machinery were connected had wounded her when I pulled them out.

Blood oozing out of her body like a river. Worried, I let my men hurry.

I won’t let anything happen to her.

Unconsciously, I kiss her forehead. I felt the need to protect her.

To hold her dear. My heart was beating for this stranger that laid in my arms.

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