Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique’s POV

Getting down from the car, I quickly carry her to my bedroom.

“Call the doctors now!” I ordered.

I was worried because not only she is bleeding, but her pulse was weak. I didn’t want to lose her.

I laid her in bed. I asked the butler to prepare a hot bath, some clothes, and equipment for the doctor. Hurriedly everyone takes a task. I, on the other hand, make sure her injuries stop bleeding.

In less than five minutes, the doctors run in. Explaining briefly, they all stare in awe. I know she was a distraction, but right now, her beauty wasn’t my priority.

“You need to leave,” one doctor said as another grabs my arm and pulls me.

“Wait, no, I am not leaving,” I retorted.

How could they ask me to leave her? I didn’t wish to part from her. Feeling worried, I tried to grab her hand, but the doctor insisted. A sudden grip has me jumping. Raphael and Erick stood behind me, dragging me.

“She will be fine!” Raphael scolded.

My eyes stayed with her as the bedroom door closed.

It’s been three hours since the doctor started tending her. I went and got my minor injury cured and a change of clothes. Pacing the hallway is all I can do. I was feeling desperate.

“Sit, Dominique,” Raphael said with an annoyed look.

“But…” I tried to argue, but Raphael stopped me.

“She will be fine, just wait patiently,” Erick said as he drank a cup of whiskey.

I sighed and took a seat on one armchair. Putting my head down, I curse. What was wrong with me? It was the first time I was feeling desperate. Worried filled my heart, and tightness around my neck was making me feel frustrated. I needed to see her and now.

Standing up abruptly, I walked towards the bedroom door, but the doctor opened it suddenly hit me on the forehead.

“What the Fuck!” I cursed as I held my head with a groan.

“Sorry, Sir,” the doctor said, surprised.

“Fuck that. Tell me, is Allorah ok?” I asked as my eyes moved to the bed.

“Sir, wait,” the doctor said in a hurry, “We need to talk first.”

The doctor looked solemn. I turn and look at the woman in my bed. What happened?

Taking a seat out in the living room, I wait patiently for what he has to explain. Raphael and Erick sat across me, waiting.

“Sir, that woman… she…” the doctor stuttered.

“She what?” asked Raphael.

“Well, how do I explain? She isn’t human. You see, her body is human but not her being. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself well,” the doctor said with difficulty.

He was struggling with himself on how to explain this.

“Just tell me what you have on your mind,” I said.

Nodding, the doctor pulled out a file.

“Very well, first I treated her wounds. The ones on her neck and spine were big, and scars may be visible. Whatever was on her body has been there for years, decades,” the doctor said with a sour look.

“Decades?” Erick asked.

“Yes, her body has been inside water for so long. It’s going to take a while to recover. Her consciousness won’t let her wake up,” the doctor explained.

“You’re saying she has been asleep for years?” I asked, confused.

“Yes, more to say in a coma. I also found traces of the experiment. Also, some malnourishment and torture, weak,” the doctor said with a pained look, “They were doing awful things to her. Did you find any documents about her?”

I started thinking if there were files about her.

“Yes,” Sebastian said as he walked in with a box.

“What is that?” Raphael asked as he stood up and walked over to the table.

“These are her files, and Dominique, see this,” Sebastian explained, making me curious.

Going over some papers, Sebastian handed me. I see that her name and her personal information were there. I quickly stop when I saw the word specimen and not humans. Frowning, I keep going over the highlighted letters. Anger started building up in me. Every little detail of what they did to her was there. She was tortured, raped, tested for poison, lashed. The atrocity of what they did was beyond anything I had ever seen.

I stopped when a simple word caught my attention. Goddess. What was that?

“I will need to check this carefully, but right now, I need to know how she is doing,” I said as I looked at the doctor.

“She will be fine, but I may not know when she will wake up. Her body has been in a deep sleep for so long that there’s a possibility she won’t ever wake up,” the doctor said with a stern look.

The room was silent. Breathing hard, I started crumbling the paper in my hand.

“Test her,” I said as I throw the file on the table and walk into the room, “I need you to see how she is. I need her awake.”

Kneeling next to the bed, I grab her hand and kiss it tenderly. Something in me was making me furious. I wanted blood, the blood of the bastard that hurt her.

Looking at her, I smiled.

“Hope you wake up soon,” I whispered.

Somehow I had dozed off. Feeling someone calling my name, I open my eyes.

“Your sister is here,” Erick whispered.

Nodding, I stand up and take a last look at her before leaving.

“How’s everything?” I asked as I ruffled my hair.

“So far, we could get their weapons, some important drives, and their cars,” Erick explained, “Every man was fine, but we need to interrogate the prisoners.”

“Fine, see what you get. I need to know where that bastard is. Get Sebastian to figure out why there was a bomb,” I ordered.

With a nod, Erick excused himself. I headed to the living room on the first floor, where my sister awaited me.

Watching her paced the room with a worried look made me wonder if mother told her anything.

“Farah?” I called.

Farah turned and looked at me with relief.

“Damn you, brother, I was so worried for you,” Farah said as she removed her glasses, “Why didn’t you call earlier? Mother was worried.”

“Did grandfather send you?” I asked as I hugged her.

“Yes, and no, he asked me to come, but I would have come because I was worried about you. Mother told me everything, and Raphael explained what happened during the mission,” Farah mumbled with a sad face.

My sister was not a normal teenage girl, but she was one of my genius scientists working in the corporation. She managed and supervised the testing of weapons. She was in charge of seeing which weapons were approved or not.

“Look, everything is ok, you see?” I said, turning around and showing her I was well.

“What about her?” Farah suddenly asked.

“What?” I said.

“The woman you found, how is she?” Farah asked with curiosity.

“Who told you?” I said mad, “This is a secret.”

“And I’m your sister, brother. I want to meet her, so tell me. Where is she? Can I see her?” Farah said excitedly.

“She is no toy,” I retorted, making her scared, “She is not to experiment.”

I don’t know why it got me mad, but her excitement was making me angry. What was Farah thinking?

“Dominique?” Farah said, walking over to me and hugging me, “Are you jealous or something?”

What? I looked down at her in shock. Me jealous? Of what?

“Look,” Farah said as she let go and shake her head, “I have the feeling that you brought her because you fell for her?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I said, baffled.

I fall for her? I had never fallen for a woman, especially for a stranger.

“If you looked at your face, you would understand. Look, all I want is to see and help you,” Farah explained as she tapped my shoulder, “Don’t worry, I will help you.”

I followed Farah back to my bedroom. Opening the door with a creak, Farah turns the lights on. A ghost of a smile playing on her lips.

“She’s beautiful,” Farah whispered, “But she has a lot of wounds.”

Farah held her arm and started checking on her. She looked so pale that I was worried that she was dying.

“Do you mind if I bring the equipment and install everything here?” Farah asked, “The doctors will work closely with me, and we will help her recover soon.”

“Fine, but there are some things you need to know before,” I said with a stern look.

Farah frowned. She at the woman in my bed and me.

“Fine, tell me over a cup of tea,” Farah said as she turned the lights off and walked away.

I brief Farah on what she was and how we found her. Farah listens attentively. I told her what her issue was and showed her some files. And what the doctors concluded when they treated her.

Farah looked lost in thought.

“So we still don’t know what she is?” Farah asked.

“No, that’s why… that’s why I need for her to wake up…” I mumble.

“Brother?” Farah said with a soft smile, “You like this woman, right?”

“What?” I retorted, “What crazy shit are you saying.”

“Well, to what I have seen, the most feared CEO is having a weakness with this woman. It is the first time I see you like this,” Farah said, amused, “You are desperate for her. I can see that.”

Me desperate? I could agree I was feeling somewhat frustrated. But how could I fall for someone I don’t know?

“Don’t make that face,” Farah said, waving her hand, “Go back to your room. I will prepare everything and shall be back tomorrow. So have a rest, ok.”

Farah stood up and grabbed her purse.

“And please stop worrying. We will do everything we can, ok?” Farah said as she kissed my cheek and left.

After Farah left, I went back to my bedroom and gave myself a quick shower. Changing into sweat pants, I head back and sit on the armchair.

Drying my hair, I look at the woman in my bed. Was I a jealous freak? That was impossible. But something made me desire her, need her. With a sigh, I throw the towel on the floor and lean against the chair. Closing my eyes, I fall asleep.

Third Person POV

Angry, I threw everything on my table to the floor. Grabbing the chair, I throw it against the wall. How incompetent were the men I had left in taking care of the compound?

A few hours prior, I had gone and visited the place. I had stopped going because I didn’t have much to do. I knew my little specimen was secure, and no one should have known that place even existed. So how did that damn guy know?

Seething in anger, I call one of my associates.

“Sir?” the person said as he stood with his head low.

“Investigate, where is she! I need her back with me now!” I ordered.

I couldn’t lose her, even if it meant she was useless. No one should know about her except me. I was the only one who could touch her. She will be mine, and I will get her back.

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