Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique’s POV

With a groan, I wake up. I had fallen asleep in a weird position in the chair. My pain neck, I massage the area. I had no clue what time it was. With a sigh, I look at the woman in the bed. She slept soundlessly.

Getting closer to her, I grab her hand. It had the same tattoo I saw in the photo. I was still curious to know how Sebastian got his hand on that picture if no one could get into that lab.

I was finding it odd. I get up and leave the bedroom. Now I was curious to know. I was knocking on Sebastian’s bedroom. I hear shuffling and a muffled I’m coming. It intrigued me knowing how he got it.

“Dominique?” Sebastian said as he opened the door with sleepy eyes.

“We need to talk, now!” I said, barging in.

“It’s three in the morning. Can we wait for later?” Sebastian said as he stretched.

“No, now tell me, how did you get that photo?” I asked as I took a seat on the sofa.

“What photo?” Sebastian yawned.

“The one you gave me a few days back. The woman with the tattoo in her hand,” I said with a stern look, “Do you know who that woman is?”

Sebastian frowned. He looked like he didn’t know at all.

“Really?” I said.

Taking a seat, Sebastian keeps frowning.

“May I see the picture?” Sebastian asked.

I handed the small photo to Sebastian as he looked at it for some seconds.

“They handed me this six years ago, by one of my spies,” Sebastian explained.

“Six years ago?” I asked.

“Yes, he said he saw something. Like a human locked on the lab, but why the question?” Sebastian asked as he handed me back the photo.

“Because this hand belongs to the woman in my bedroom,” I mumble.

“You mean Allorah?” Sebastian said, taking me by surprise.

“How do you know her name?” I asked, confused.

“It’s on her file, the one I handed you,” Sebastian explained, “You saw it; didn’t you notice the name?”

Thinking I remember seeing a name, but I was in a hurry that I didn’t pay too much attention.

“Reread the file, and you see that the only things missing about her are her age and her family,” Sebastian said as he rubbed his temple, “I’m still investigating why they had her in there. And don’t worry, I will help you.”

With a sigh, I nod and stand up to leave.

“Dominique?” Sebastian said, making me turn around, “If someone made the lab explode, it means someone knows we have her. So be careful.”

Thanking Sebastian, I excuse myself.

A few hours later, my sister Farah and some doctor arrive. I waited for them in the living room.

“Morning, brother,” Farah said as she pecks my cheeks, “I brought my team. Now, where is the beauty?”

I had a feeling my sister wouldn’t let me get close to her. It’s like she just received a Christmas gift. Smiling, I asked them to follow me.

“You sure want her to stay in your bedroom?” Farah asked.

I know it seems wrong to keep her here. She should be somewhere like in the hospital or the lab. But I honestly knew what they did to her before. I feared that once she wakes up, she would get scared, and the least I wanted was for her to worry us.

“It’s ok, get whatever you need here and work here,” I said.

For a while, I watched everyone come back and forth with equipment. Farah turned my bedroom into a hospital ward,

“Why do you need all this equipment?” I asked.

“To help her recover, we need all this, Dominique. I’m dying to see her opening her eyes,” Farah said smiling sweetly, “And I know, dear brother, you want to meet her.”

I looked at Farah with embarrassment.

“Oh, look at you blushing, now this is a surprise,” Farah said, giggling.

“Shut up and get to work,” I said, turning around and walking away.

Smiling like an idiot, I think back to what Farah said. Meeting her, I was dying to see her, talk to her. Would she be afraid of us? Of me?

Deciding it’s best to go back to work, I head to my office.

“Here you are!” Raphael said.

“Something the matter?” I asked as I closed the door.

“Not much. We just got some important files you should see,” Raphael said as he handed me the laptop, “Read carefully.”

Taking a seat, I check the files that were in the drive. It contained information on two other compounds in the country. Smirking, I see that one of them is where they keep weapons.

“Interesting,” I mumble.

“Not only that,” Raphael said, “But Sebastian could find information about an experiment.”

“An experiment?” I asked with a frown, “What was it about?”

“That’s the intriguing thing. It only mentions that the specimen had something of importance,” Raphael explained, “But that specimen is that woman. The only thing is that they don’t specify what the thing they need is.”

“Anything from Sebastian?” I asked.

“So far, he could get some important codes and some important transaction files. I’m amazed he could get several drives,” Raphael said with a smirk, “The little weasel is good.”

Sebastian, as a CEO, was good at his job. His obsession with weird and exotic treasures and rocks made him one of my best competitions in the market. It amazed me he was helping him. But what had me curious was to know what he was looking for. He didn’t give too much information about what he needed, and I wouldn’t pry. It wasn’t my business.

“Dominique?” Raphael said, making me lookup.

“Yes?” I said.

“What are you planning to do with that woman when she wakes up?” Raphael asked with a stern look.

“I haven’t thought about that, but once she wakes up, I hope she can tell us about the bastard,” I said briefly.

Nodding, Raphael went back to work.

Was I planning that? I didn’t know what to do, and now that Raphael had mentioned it made me think if I would let her go.

The next day I head to the company. I came to work; it made me stressed being at home and just looking at her sleeping body. How long would I have to wait for her to wake up?

Walking to the conference room, I see my assistant running my way.

“Sir! You have a guest,” my assistant stutter nervously.

“Who’s that guest?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

Opening the door, I stop as I hear the voice of the person. I turn and look at my assistant. Why the hell did he let this Natasha in?

“Hi, Dominique,” the woman said as she hugged me.

I looked at her furiously. This woman hugging me was the daughter of the CEO of one of the rival companies. I hated this woman touching me. Her father was eager to get us together. The asshole thinks I don’t know about his intentions.

Removing her arms from my waist, I turn and walk over to the armchair.

“Not even a hi Dominique?” she retorted.

“Why are you here, Natasha?” I asked, annoyed by her presence, “I think you could not step into my company.”

“Was I?” Natasha said as she sat on my lap.

Gritting my teeth, I smiled. I was so close to pushing Natasha away. All my life, I had never liked a woman touching me, especially without my permission. The only two women I would allow would be my mother and my sister. Other woman’s touch felt wrong.

“Get off Natasha,” I ordered.

Her red lips were turning into a bright smile. She was a pest, and I was getting angry.

“Oh Dominique,” Natasha said as she leaned, “I came to offer you a proposal.”

“You know I don’t do business with other companies. Now fuck off,” I said as I stood up, making Natasha fall to the floor.

Walking towards the door, I yell for security. Everyone on the floor flinches as I scream.

“Guys, please escort Miss Natasha out of my building,” I snarled, “Leave now, Natasha.”

Natasha’s eyes furrowed. She was turning red from anger. Standing up, she fixes her skirt and storms out of the room. I couldn’t believe this woman. Calling for my assistant, I tell him to get me new clean clothes. I felt dirty.

Excusing himself, I watch the assistant walking hurriedly away. With a sigh, I go back and watch everyone walking down, having their everyday lives. Seriously, what was that man planning now?

Feeling my phone vibrate, I take it out of my pocket and look at the dialer; it was Farah.

“Farah?” I said, worried.

“Dominique, bring your ass home, now!” Farah said excitedly.

“Why?” I asked, worried.

“Just come home!” Farah said, hanging up.

Walking out of the conference room, I let my assistant know I’m heading back home. I don’t understand why Farah called, but now I was worried that maybe something happened to her.

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