Black rose

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Roseline wanted love her whole life. But as she went through her life she decides that love is not the way she is looking forward . As the time passes she realised that her broken heart is healing...... just one name Luther Carl. Luther Carl is a player. A cassinova, who didn't cared about anyone or anything. He lives his life on his terms. He likes to break the hearts..... but one day he come across the girl who will give him a heartache. Are these two peole from different backgrounds fall for each other.......

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Seeing you for first time...


As i entered the company for the meeting, I was greeted by a young lady. Seeing her in my front my heart rejoiced. Soon i composed myself. I saw her she was confused as i froze.

I cleared my throat and i told her i came for the meeting. She took me to the conference room. I sat there she asked me that i need anything. I asked for her name. She answered that her name is roseline.

Hearing her name for firt time. I thought..... "Rose... MY ROSE". Shewent to retrieve her boss. They came back. As the meeting starts i found hard to concentrate because Rose was also there. I some how concluded the meeting i decided to go with the deal. All the details have been finalised. I want to know more about Rose...


I was sorting papers on my desk. Some one cleared the throat to get my attention. He was very handsome with blue eyes. Tall , handsome, i felt butterflies in my stomach. He told me that he came for the meeting. I went with him to the conference room. Made him sit and asked for tea,coffee, or anything. He asked me for my name. I shyly told roseline...

Meeting went well deal was cracked but somehow i was sad about my job. I went to check papers left the room . I came back and saw my boss was in deep conversation with Mr Luther.

Seeing me they stopped talking . And then Mr Luther started to go. I felt i am seeing him for last time.


I told Mr Brown that i am keeping rose's job. First he was shocked then he told me she is very efficient and hard working. He told me that he will give her the news. I was satisfied that my day was fruitful and i saw my Angel.... my Rose... i went back to my office.

Next day ... i will meet her again....

Hello loves i hope you liked this chapter. Please comment and share. Please feel free to give a feedback. Take care. Stay safe...

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