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Darren Smith is a handsome boy which every girl will want to have. He is a natural taciturn person that seemed not to care for anyone. There she is, Lily Smith, she's a very nervous girl that hardly talks due to her timidity. They both joined Louis Alexander high school during the second year in senior high. Now Darren had begin to like Lily which most students wouldn't give her the chance. How would they survive in the great school?... Read and get to know

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Okpaise. A ThankGod
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1—The Craziest Being

The name "LOUIS ALEXANDER HIGH SCHOOL" was boldly inscribed forming a curved shape with bright colours. The school compound was wide with decorated flowers all around—like purple bougainvilleas were well maintained in front of of the door way to the classrooms. There was a little bit of silence; all students were busy concentrating on their teachers while some were making experiments in the lab. In senior high school class two, the students, all concentrating smartly on the teacher as he writes some chemical reactions on the board. The man who stood in front of them is a little over thirty years old, slim, and his tight three-piece suit emphasized this very fact. He had brown face made happy. His lips, of the sort of one who always smiles. His nose was pointed that one hadly see his nostrils. Mr Anderson Mark, that was his name.

His eyeballs moved round and round. Finally, they landed at the students in front of him. His eyes got fixated on one.

"Get up Justin!" he commanded. "Can you tell the whole class the name of this hydrocarbon?"

The boy stood up, eyes fully concentrated on the reaction on the board. All eyes were on him by now. Well, they were all confident he would come up with the right answer. They knew him to be a super intelligent student.

"Ethyne," he said smartly.

"Great! Really great!". He remarked."Now, when there is the addition of water at about sixty degree celsius, it forms what?"

He looked at the reaction once again. He had to be correct at least to make sure someone special, sitting in the same class as him is proud of him.

"Ethenol, vinyl alcohol sir"

"Bravo! Give him a round of applause everyone"

There was an uproar as almost all the students clapped him. Justin smiled in a charming way, in effect, to make sure the one special to him sees him. Alas, he was disappointed. The girl that should be staring at him by now was focusing on something under her desk.

"Gina!" Mr Anderson called. He must have noticed too.

She jerked up, gazing first at the board, and back to him.

"What are you busy with underneath your desk?" he enquired curiously.

"Nothing," she responded, accompanied by a light smile on her face. She knew if it were to be Miss Adesua, she is in doom to say the least.

"What was Justin's answer?"

"Ethenol," she replied. Not that she had paid attention to him while Justin was asking the question, but she knew the reaction on the board.

"I know you aren't paying attention. I want to see your head up." he said. His face was still a smile that one never know when he is angry .

She didn't say anything as he continued teaching. She kept her eyes on him only for few times. She turned her head down to her desk where she was hiding something. Justin was all looking at her. He wondered what she had under there. Maybe she was pinging on her phone because she was fond of bringing phones to school.

But now Justin worried less about what she was doing, he kept admiring her, staring on how smart she looked in her uniform, how her hair looked in plait. Her beauty was too much that he suffers anytime he wasn't able to see her. She had blonde hair. Her eyelashes were naturally long. Her pink lips glitters with lip gloss every day.

But there's something that baffles him a lot. Gina was a kind of bad-mannered girl, with a very nasty heart. She is considered to be the top one richest student in the school, as she's often referred to as first class money. Her father owned the biggest hotel in the States. This made her more proud.

"Sir, she is chatting!" A girl called out from behind. Her name is Jane. "She brought her phone to school," she reported.

Mr Mark now paid attention to Gina this time.

"Gina, get me the phone." he wasn't hoarse but it seemed he was upset this time. Gina turned to Jane with anger. They were best enemies ever, all, including the staffs were conversant with them. Their cases were always put to table all the time.

"Get me the phone!" barked Mr Mark.

Gina sluggishly stood and walked up to him. She handed the phone to him.

"Go and sit. I'm going to seize it. Come for it after the class and pay undivided attention to me. Am I clear?"

Gina stared at him as if she was going to eat him up. A kind of expression that combined sadness with anger.

"Don't be that way... go and sit, come get your phone after the class," Mr Mark's facial expression was a smile to please her.

Gina stood there for some seconds and what came out of her mouth was: "I'm not interested in today's chemistry." She gave a disdainful flick of her hair and marched out of the class.

Mr Mark wasn't shock. He knew so much of her unethical behavior already.

The murmuring in the class became noise as she walked out.

"Silence!" Mr Mark called. "Let's continue."

He dropped the phone on the desk and aimed at the board. He drew structural formulas of hydrocarbons and explained how they react with additional reactions. Justin loves chemistry especially this topic, Hydrocarbon. It was always a pleasure time when Mr Mark teaches about it. Now his mood is damned. The girl he admires so much has left. He really hates this moment, moments when Gina is upset.

Mr Mark gave the class an assignment to work on. Naming the set of Alkanol groups and drawing the structural formulas.

"See you all in the practical lab next tomorrow," he said and left. He didn't take the phone along. Maybe he forgot. Justin stood up from his seat, walked up to the front desk and took up the phone.

"Are you going to take it to Mr Mark?" Dave asked. He was sitting next to the desk.

"No I ain't," he replied coldly. "I'll keep it until she returns for English class."

"Be careful don't let Miss Adesua spot it." Dave warned. "You know she would seize it till the end of the term and then you know your are dead, Gina would definately kill you."

"I wouldn't allow that to happen." he said assuredly and walked up to his seat.

As soon. The students were ready for English class, as they sat in order. Their textbooks already set on their desks. But Gina wasn't inside yet and it made Justin worry: matching his feet continually on the ground, flicking his finger on the side of his desk. Anyone who walks in made his heart sank... It's always not Gina. He held the phone tight as he gave some deep breaths. The phone suddenly vibrated and gave a pop light. When the screen turned on there's a notification. He was up to click it--- all students stood up suddenly and when he looked up he saw the slim woman staring at him. He dropped the phone on the the ground, stood up as fast he could.

"Good morning ma!" his voice was late, not rhyming with others. Miss Adesua kept her eyes on him that he made his heart pulse faster.

"Get me the phone." she said. Justin thought he would faint as the words came out of her mouth.

"Ma... The phone... " He tried his possible best to rescue this moment but Adesua was very tough.

"Should I get the phone myself?" Her voice wasn't harsh but he knew what's behind those words. He sluggishly picked up the phone and walked to her. He was about to hand it over to her when a voice interrupted the outgoing silence.

"Ma, Mr Mark gave it to him to deliver it to someone."

When Justin turned back, it was Dave who spoke.

"To who?" She questioned Justin this time.

"To..to..the principal," he thought of the best answer but he had to be fast not to fuck up

"Why can't he go to the principal himself whereas his office is not far from him?"

"He was done with us just now so he went to the school clinic."

"What happened to him?"

"I don't know." Justin heart was beating


She looked at him for some seconds and turned to the phone. His nervousness has reached the extreme. They must not be caught lying. Now she is deciding to take it from him. Gina's picture was right at the wallpaper, that's an evidence it isn't for Mr Mark.

"Take the phone to the principal now," she said and Justin felt relieved. He walked out of the class with rapid paces. Bursting out into the locker room he checked for Gina, his head cocked forward as he searches for her. He walked out to the school compound, he checked if she was outside maybe sitting on one of the seats as she use to do but she wasn't sitting on any. He walked back to the locker room making a decision on keeping it in his locker. His index finger clicked on the keys delivering his password. As it unlocked, he placed the phone on his books covering it with his basketball vest. He locked it up. He turned for class, on his way, just by the side, he saw her sitting at a corner her head bent, eyes fully in concentrated on what she held. She was reading a Romance magazine. Justin wondered where she got that from. At first she didn't notice his arrival. As he stood in front of her, he became timid, lacking confidence.

"Justin." she called. It made him alarmed

"Gina... " In front of her eyes seemed war. Pronouncing her name was sweet, it sounded beautiful off his lips.

"What're you doing here?" She dropped the magazine on her thigh, her eyes went narrowed and bitting the inside of her cheek.

"I came over to take something from my locker," he awkwardly scratching his head. He wasn't feeling comfortable. She focused back to her magazine, there was nothing to say to him. He stylishly walked back to his locker to get her phone.

"Take." He stretched his hand to her after he came over. When she looked up her phone was right in his hands

"What's my phone doing with you?" she said in a slight shock mixed with anger. He knew her temper was beginning to rise.

"Mr Mark dropped it on the desk so I helped you keep it."

She took it off his hand and began operation on it, checking the notifications without any gesture of appreciation. Although Justin wasn't expecting any of it.

He was up to walk to the class but he stopped.

"Gina." He forged the courage. When she looked up to him, into her eyes he felt beads of sweat on him. As a matter of fact Justin too is a rich student. He is a second class money and second class money were respected in the school. But in front of Gina, he always seems like no one.

"What?" she asked as he wasn't saying anything.

Justin thought of revealing his feelings for her. Is this the time? She still looked upset.

"We are having English class," he ended up saying.

Gina went back to her phone. He didn't feel embarrassed, he was used to it.

When he walked to the class, the students were busy writing on their books.

"What took you so long?" asked Miss Adesua as he was about to take his seat.

"The principal took my time signing some documents."

"I gave them a work to do. Look at the board." said Miss Adesua. He looked at the board and read out the words in whisper. Write on the most craziest thing you've ever seen. He sat comfortably, held his pen smartly and focus his thought on what to write on.

Just then Gina walked into the class. Justin gazed his sight temporarily on her .

Yes she is. Gina, the craziest being I ever seen...

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