The Crush that was never a crush.

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Story of a girl and a boy, both liked each other but the circumstances never helped them confess their feelings. In the times of social media, both remained in and out of contact but will that be enough to get them together? Let's find out.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1.1

A Normal day in the office was about to end when the phone covered with a Chelsea FC’s logo started vibrating. Lost into her daydreaming as usual when it was time to go home Rachel got startled and answered it. It was from Mrs. Pearson.

Just when Rachel saw that name she was about to let it ring knowing what all boring conversation she would have to bear with a forceful ‘hmm’ and a lot of fake smiling.

Now someone should presume that Rachel was an introvert, a BIG NO because she could just talk and talk and talk with her mother, her brother, and very very few friends who could really understand her blabbering.

She also had a rule that one should always bitch (Yeah she is not a saint) but to only those people that you are dead sure will never spill it out, in Rachel’s case, it was her mother and brother and sometimes her best friend actually now she was just a friend, Mia.

You see Rachel was neither an introvert person nor an extrovert and noot even an ambivert, it was just that she would not engage in conversing with people who mostly compare their lives with others rather than working towards improving it or to make it the way they wanted.

But, on many occasions, she just couldn’t be so rash and upfront to everybody so it was just best for her and people around her to get along whether it was talking or socializing or any such thing.

So after a lot of thinking during the phone’s ringing, she finally answered the call. ″Hello, Madam, how are you?” the voice said. “Yeah, Hi ma’am I am all good, What about you, and how’s everyone at home?” said Rachel.

And the conversation was, as usual, more of ‘Hmm’ from Rachel’s side and a lot of talking from Mrs. Pearson’s side.

Mrs. Pearson was once Rachel’s colleague and boss too. Actually Mr. Pearson was the owner of the coaching classes where Rachel used to teach for the initial years after her graduation. She was always on good terms with the family even after leaving the classes so it did not surprise her when Mrs.Pearson invited her to Mr. Pearson’s 50′th Birthday party on Saturday.

Clock struck 6 and Rachel wrapped her thing up and left the office. A thought which she had been resisting for so long now came up to her when she had just boarded the train.

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