Life As We Know It

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“Life as we know it, one minute we are here, then the next minute: BOOM!" Four teens who all go to the same high school and same support group. Meet Evan, A depressed football star. Who uses drugs and alcohol to dull his pain. Meet Peter, Theatre star and nerd. Who has an eating disorder. Meet Harper, Homeschooled freak with shaky hands. Who has social anxiety and anxiety. Meet Genny, Has no friends and is always alone. Who has bipolar, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and fibromyalgia. Once all these teens meet in the support group, all hell breaks lose. Will they get better? Get worse? This is: Life As We Know It.

Romance / Humor
Caty Lyle
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Chapter One-Harper

Harper's POV

Okay Harper,

It's your first day of high school, even though it's your senior year.

You can do this.

You can do this!

"Harper! Are you ready?" Mom calls out.


I finish by putting on a bright pink lipstick. So maybe I won't look so pale.

My braided my long and straight black in a french braid.

I decided to wear jeans, a v-neck black shirt, and sandals.

"You look great! You can do this!" I say to myself one last time before I grab my backpack.

"You look great honey!" Mom smiles at me as she kisses me goodbye.

"You are going to do great!" Dad smiles back at me.

I love my parents even though they are my adopted parents. I don't know my biological parents or anything about them. I haven't asked Mom or Dad about them. Not ready to know the truth, I guess.

"Remember, you have support group after school." Mom reminds me.

Right, my lame ass support group my therapist and parents are making me go to.

Oh joy.

"You are going to do great Harp!" My twelve year old sister, Sadie encourages me as I walk out the door.

"Bye guys! Wish me luck!"

With that, I start my adventure.


I walk into the school's front office.

"Hi! You must be Harper." Smiles one of the office ladies.

"Yes, I am Harper Flynn." I try to smile back.

But honestly, I am so nervous and shaky it's hard to even stand.

"Well I am Mrs. Doe at the front office. You can always call me if you need anything. Here is your schedule and a map of the school. I hope you enjoy your first day at Ridgewood High."

"Thank you." I smile back at her. I really smile this time.

I look down at my schedule and see my first class is English with Mrs. Lindsey.

Okay Harper, you can do this.

As I am calming myself down, I walk into someone.

"Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!"

"It's fine!"

I look up and see a tall and handsome boy. He is shinny, tall, has brown curly hair, and blue eyes.

"Hi, you must be new. I am Peter." He smiles back at me.

"Hi, I am Harper. Harper Flynn."

"Nice to meet you, Harper Flynn. Since you ran into me, would you like to sign up for our school's play? We are doing Mousetrap." He smiles at me. He really doesn't stop smiling.

"I don't act. But I can help with costumes, makeup, or backstage!" I offer.

Mom would be so excited if I signed up to help with this play.

"That would be great! Here let me call on our backstage girl. Marie!" Peter calls out and a beautiful shiny blonde with blue eyes comes over.

"Yeah?" She asks.

"This is Harper. She is new. She's not an actor but she wants to work backstage with you."

"That would be great! Practice starts tomorrow night at 6:30. I hope to see you there and it was nice to meet you." Marie smiles at me.

"It was nice to meet you to." I smile back at her.

"Ring!" Goes the bell.

"Well I better get to class." I nervously say.

"What do you have first period?" Peter asks me.

"English with Mrs. Lindsey." I answer.

"ME TO! I will walk you there."

"Thank you so much."


I smile up at him.

Well, shit.

My hands are starting to shake.


"So what school did you go to before coming here?"

Peter asks.

"I was homeschooled.

"What? So you have never been to real school?"

I just laugh at that.

"What's so funny?"

He looks confused.

"Everybody always says when I say I am homeschooled: 'so you have never been to real school?' When actually being homeschooled is harder than 'real school.' I just find it funny." I laugh.

"But how do you know that being homeschooled is harder than public school if you have never been?"

He still looks confused.

"My ACT score was 30."

"Holy shit, you are right. Mine was 18."

I laugh and Peter joins in with me.

"I like you smarty pants." Peter jokes around.

"I like you to."

I smile up at Peter.

For the first time in a long time, my hands aren't shaking.

"Well here we are. Come sit with me."

I follow Peter to the back of the classroom.

"Welcome class!" Mrs. Lindsey begins.

"Today we are starting our first paper!"

"This is bullshit!" Calls out one of the boys.

"A shit show!" Calls out another.

"Calm down everyone!" Mrs. Lindsey tries to get the class to calm down but it isn't working.

One boy enters the class late.

"Evan, why are you late?" Mrs. Lindsey questions the boy.

He's tall and muscluar. Probably a football player.

"I was taking a shit." He answers with a smile on his face.

Mrs. Lindsey sighs and then says: "Come take a seat."

"He was probably just making out with his girlfriend Stacia in the bathroom." Peter whispers to me.

"Is he a football player?" I whisper back.

"Yep, quarterback."

"Of course. Is he a jerk?"

"Yep, calls me gay everyday and I am not."

"I am sorry."

"It's okay."

I can already tell that Evan is an asshole.


For the rest of class Mrs. Lindsey tells us about our paper that is due in a month. And for the rest of the day goes by pretty slowly. I sit with Marie, Peter, and the rest of the theatre crowd at lunch. Today was a pretty good day but now it's time for support group.

Here we go.

Wish me luck.


Welcome to my first Chapter of my new book! I hope you enjoyed!❤️

Teaser: next Chapter is in Evan's POV and we have our first support group meeting. Will it be good? Bad? Comment what you think!

-xoxo Caty❤️

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