Mate Me Short Stories

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These are short stories about the Mate Me characters from my series. I couldn't let go of them yet, so I thought each needed a short story.

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Ellie and Marcus

Eloise paced around her classroom on a cold, wet February morning. Chewing on a fingernail, she looked at her phone. Her period should have shown up five days ago, and she ran like clockwork. Every twenty-eight days she got her monthly gift, and this month she was late. She needed to get a pregnancy test but didn’t want to get Marcus’ hopes up. The last time she thought she was pregnant she miscarried. Her doctor called it a nonviable pregnancy. This time she would wait a full week after her period was due before taking a test.

“Good morning, Mrs. Zephyr,” Principal Mathers said. He was a portly man with a bald patch in the back of his shiny black hair. Eloise wasn’t a big fan of his, but she didn’t want to move from her neighborhood school. White Valley only had three elementary schools, and this one was the closest to her home.

“Principal Mathers, what can I do for you?” she asked tucking her phone into her dress pocket. He found it disrespectful if someone held their phone while he spoke.

“At the end of this year, our reading specialist will be retiring. She told me you were the best one for the job,” he stated. Eloise stared at him in shock.

“I am?”

“You seem surprised. We value your skills here at White Valley Elementary School. I hope you apply for the opening when it becomes available.”

“Thank you, Mr. Mathers,” she replied, trying to contain her excitement until he left her classroom.

“Have a pleasant day, Mrs. Zephyr,” he replied and walked out of her room. Once he was gone she did a little dance around her room.

“Delightful news?” her friend Maryanne asked, leaning against her doorway. Maryanne was a third-year teacher who’d become one of Eloise’s best friends at work. She was still trying to get her to go to a Mate Me event hosted by Josie Austin. So far Maryanne hadn’t gone.

“Mathers just told me that Lola is retiring at the end of this year,” she explained and saw Maryanne pumped her fist and slightly mouth yes!

“He asked me to apply for the position when it becomes available,” she continued and Maryanne hugged her tightly.

“You would be perfect for the job! You know so much about teaching children to read,” Maryanne gushed, hugging her friend. Then Maryanne took a deep sniff and Eloise pulled back.

“Why did you do that?”

“My wolf’s nose tells me something is different about you.” Maryanne scrutinized her and Eloise shrugged.

“I don’t know what to say,” she replied as her friend circled her sniffing.

“Hmm, well if anything changes you will tell me right?”

“After Marcus, you will be the first to know,” she promised with a laugh. Maryanne giggled and waved her goodbye as the bell rang to start their day.

Eloise went about her day helping her fourth-grade students forgetting all about her period being late.

“Mrs. Zephyr, what are we doing for Valentine’s day?” Louis Hornsby asked as they were leaving for dismissal.

“I sent home a letter on Monday for your parents to read. Did they not look at it?” she asked, worried about Louis. His mother and father both worked multiple jobs to make ends meet for their family of twelve.

“No. Can you tell me what I need to do and then my sister Brit will pick it up,” he replied, and she patted his shoulder.

“You can bring in valentines for everyone in our class. The list of your classmates is on the back of the paper. Please let me know if you need help,” she told him and he hugged her tightly around the waist.

“Thank you Mrs. Zephyr you are the best!” He let go of her and ran off to catch his bus home. She sighed and watched him go. He was the seventh kid and frequently forgotten about. At Christmastime, Eloise sent presents to their house for all twelve kids. In her time at White Valley Elementary, she had four of the Hornsby children.

“How is Louis?” Maryanne asked coming out of her classroom, she’d had him last year.

“I am worried about him. He said his parents haven’t checked the folder of information I sent home on Monday. It is Friday,” she pointed out.

“I made sure to have extras of anything I asked parents to send in for him and a couple of other students I had last year,” Maryanne explained and Eloise nodded.

“I do too. I need to grab my valentines for the class. We will pass them out on Monday since Valentine’s Day is Sunday this year,” she shared.

“Same.” Eloise smiled at her friend and went back into her room. On Fridays she promised Marcus she wouldn’t stay late so they could have a date night. Tonight he was coming home from a week-long assignment in New York protecting a popular movie star while her current bodyguard was on vacation.

“Tell Marcus hello for me,” Maryanne called as Eloise hurried out of her classroom, pulling the locked door shut behind her.

Parking her car in the driveway, she frowned when she didn’t see Marcus’ truck. Checking her phone, she saw she missed a phone call from him. Eloise went inside the house before calling him back.

“Hi, baby.”

“I thought you were supposed to be home by the time I got home from work?” she asked, setting down her keys and taking off her shoes.

“About that,” his voice sounded guilty to her.


“I won’t be home until Sunday night,” he shared and her heart dropped.


“I know we had plans for Valentine’s Day tomorrow but I am going to have to cancel.” Eloise took a deep calming breath. She didn’t know why it bothered her so much. Valentine’s Day was not her favorite holiday. Why was she getting worked up?

“It is fine, baby. I’ll make a romantic dinner we can share on Sunday,” she replied and heard him huff.

“I can tell it isn’t fine, sweetheart. Do you want me to see if I can get Troy or Peter up here?” he offered.

“No, don’t do that to them. I know both of them are going to Josie’s event tomorrow. I don’t want to ruin their weekend. I promise I am okay and will see you Sunday,” she told him, walking into the kitchen to decide where she should order dinner from. Her energy levels lately weren’t at her normal amount.

“I ordered you Indian food. It should be at the door in five minutes,” Marcus shared, and she gasped.

“How did you know I was going to order dinner?”

“I didn’t, but Fridays we always order out and I didn’t want you to have to wait,” he answered and she smiled.

“You are the sweetest husband.”

“I try. I love you and promise to be home as quickly as I can on Sunday.”

“I love you too. Call me when you get on the train home,” she replied, dropping on their massive couch.

“I promise I’ll call you. Bye, baby.”

“Bye.” She hung up and laid her head back. Closing her eyes, she rested until her doorbell rang.

Ding dong. Opening her eyes, she stood and opened her front door. To her surprise, Josie, Evvy, and Roxie stood holding bags of Indian food.

“Marcus called us,” Josie explained and pushed her way into the house. She watched Evvy and Roxie walk in holding bottles of sparkling apple cider. Roxie was massively pregnant with twins and Josie was about to pop any day now.

“I’m glad to see you.” She hugged her friends, and they settled in the living room, putting on a musical to watch while they ate.

“I’m sorry Marcus couldn’t make it back for your date night.” Roxie patted her arm once they were all sitting.

“I understand that sometimes work goes over. We’ve been talking about him picking up a few more guys so he doesn’t have to go off on assignment.” Taking a bite of her dinner, she blinked back tears.

“Hey, hey, he will be home on Sunday.” Josie wrapped her up in a hug and Eloise sighed.

“I don’t know what I am so emotional about today. One of my students isn’t supported much at home because his parents work a lot and I almost cried!” she shared and watched Josie and Roxie exchange a look.

“Anything else making you emotional?” Roxie probed and Eloise thought about it. The more she thought, the more moments came to mind.

“A little,” she replied and to her surprise, both women hugged her.

“You are pregnant!” Josie cried and Eloise shook her head.

“I don’t want to take a test and then miscarry like before,” she argued.

“How late are you?”

“Five days,” she admitted, and Evvy laughed.

“Girl you need to take the test!” Josie pushed and to Eloise’s shock she pulled a pregnancy test out of her purse.

“How long has that been in there? You are due next week!”

“I always keep one in my bag in case. This one is brand new.” Josie handed it to her and Eloise bobbed her head back and forth. Should she take it now?

“We promise we won’t tell Marcus. If you are pregnant, then you can do something exciting for him on Sunday,” Roxie remarked and Eloise thought about her idea.

“I would like to surprise him,” she said, reaching for the test.

“Go try,” Evvy urged, and Eloise rolled her eyes. She stepped into her powder room and took the test. Refusing to come out of the bathroom until she knew for certain, she waited on the toilet. Her nerves were getting the best of her and she paced the tiny room. Three minutes later her phone dinged, and she looked at the pregnancy test. Clear as day, the test read pregnant. Screaming, she ran out to her friends, jumping up and down.

“I am pregnant!”

“Congratulations!” her friends yelled, hugging her tightly.

“Now we have to plan out how I will tell Marcus,” she remarked and settled on the couch again to talk out her plans with her friends. It was late at night before she crawled into bed with a plan ready for her to put in action. She needed to go to numerous shops to prepare.

Part 2

Marcus sat on the train fidgeting the entire ride back to his mate. He and Greyson had been with an actress all week and he was ready for the slow pace of White Valley.

“You are going to force a hole through the floor of this train. Ellie is fine at home. You spoke with her twenty minutes ago when we got on the train,” Greyson teased him.

“She sounded like something was wrong,” he argued, getting out of his seat to pace back and forth. William was still in jail fighting for release. Thankfully, the judge had refused bail to keep William from going after Ellie again. Sheila was in custody, without bail.

“She is a smart, strong woman. We will be home in five hours. Sit down before your bear attacks someone,” Greyson ordered, pointing to his chair.

“My bear wanted to run home,” he told him and Greyson laughed.

“Deep breaths Marcus.” He dropped hard into the seat next to Greyson, growling about his mate needing him.

“I’m going to call her again,” he said, reaching for his phone.

“No. The poor woman has answered the last three calls. She sounded busy.” Greyson took his phone and sat on it. Marcus stared at his friend.

“You need a girl,” he remarked, glaring at his friend.

“No. Every one of you guys with a mate is nuts. Just look at Rhett and Xander hovering over their mates because they are pregnant,” Greyson complained, making Marcus laugh.

“Go to a Mate Me event,” Marcus encouraged holding his hand out for his phone. Greyson shook his head but handed back the phone. Marcus shot Eloise a text and pocketed his phone.

Our mate needs us. His bear grumbled and Marcus agreed.

We’ll be home soon, then we can make love to our mate. He promised, knowing it would settle his bear.

After an excruciatingly lengthy train ride, Marcus drove Greyson home before speeding back to his home. He needed to hire more help, so he didn’t have to leave again. Parking his car he hurried to the door unable to restrain himself.

“Ellie!” he called, stopping short when he caught sight of a candle-lit dinner on the table. Ellie was standing in the kitchen wearing a deep purple wrap dress. He groaned, catching sight of her breasts.

“You look amazing,” he complimented her stalking into the kitchen. Discarding his coat, boots, and beanie along the way. He needed to taste his mate. Her eyes dilated, and he caught her lips in a fiery kiss. Pushing his tongue into her mouth, he moaned, his bear rumbling his pleasure. Eloise wrapped her arms around his neck, her breasts pushing against his chest. He needed her.

“I missed you,” he whispered once he let her go.

“I missed you too, but I want to have dinner before we spend the night making up for being apart for a week,” she told him and he frowned. Usually, when he was gone for a long time, they made love the instant he came home. Now he knew something was wrong.

“Are you okay?” he asked, stepping back, looking her up and down.

“Yes. Come eat first,” she prompted motioning to the table.

“Okay baby,” he replied and sat at the head of the table. Eloise brought over a salad and a plate of ribs.

“What green did you use in the salad?” he asked, unable to place the green.

“Baby spinach, it is full of vitamins and we need to eat healthier.”

“Baby back ribs too, how long did you spend making those?” Marcus reached for an entire rack, watching her staring at him.

“Your dad gave me some tips on how to make a good rack of ribs. I thought I would try something new,” she replied, taking half a rack and placing some salad.

“Anything else?” He saw potato salad and corn, but they were small.

“Roasted baby corn and I used baby potatoes to make the potato salad,” she answered, pointing to each dish.

“Looks delicious baby,” he answered, dishing out his own servings.

“How was your time in New York?” she asked, he watched her bite into a rib and licked his lips. She was sexiest, eating with her hands.

“Boring. I spent the majority of my time watching her shop and spend excessive amounts of money on clothing. Greyson and I switched off shifts. I got to see that Hamilton play you and your friends talk about. I think we should go when it comes to D.C.” Her eyes lit up, and she squealed.


“Of course, I would love to see it with you and not her. She didn’t appreciate it the way I know you will,” he told her, taking the last bit of his meal.

“Wonderful as always, Ellie.”

“Did you notice a theme throughout dinner?” she asked, clearing her plate and taking his. Marcus stared at the food on the table and thought hard about what he’d just enjoyed.

“All things I like to eat?” he asked, wondering what she was getting at.

“Think about everything. Baby back ribs, baby corn, baby spinach,” she said pointing to each dish.

“They all have the word baby in them,” he pointed out, and then it hit him.

“Baby!” He jumped out of his seat and ran over to touch her stomach.

“Are you? Are we?” he couldn’t get out his words.

“I am pregnant. I have an appointment next week to confirm the pregnancy but the test came back positive,” she answered, and he kissed her. He couldn’t contain his joy, he was going to be a father.

“I love you.” He kissed her again, scooping her up to carry her to their bed.

“Marcus!” she cried when he dropped her onto the bed. Stepping back, he stripped out of his clothing. He couldn’t wait; he needed her against his skin. His eyes dilated when Eloise sat up on her knees and undid her wrap dress. Underneath she was wearing his favorite bright red lace underwear.

“My favorite,” he remarked, helping her finish undressing. Gently, he unclasped her bra and revealed her abundant breasts.

“Be gentle, they are sensitive.” Marcus cupped her globes and weighed them in his hands. Bending down, he sucked gently around her nipple.

“Beautiful,” he murmured against her satin skin. A soft moan met his ears when he slipped a nipple into his mouth. Encouraged, he rubbed her other with his thumb, drawing a louder moan from her lips. Using his weight he laid Eloise down worshipping her body. Tonight he would make her sing as a thank you for carrying their first child. He released her breast and kissed down her stomach, stopping to place a kiss where their child was growing. Moving on, he parted her lower lips and licked from slit to clit. Her moan of pleasure told him he was giving her what she needed. His thick fingers slipped into her dripping core, it wrapped around him like a glove and his bear rumbled. Using the flat of his tongue, he licked, sucked and pumped, pushing her closer to her orgasm with each pump of his fingers. Her hips pushed against him, signaling she was close. Sending a rumble through her causing vibrations to pass down his fingers sent her over the edge. Her cry of passion was music to his ears. He continued to pump his fingers until her core stopped clenching around him.

“You taste perfect,” he told her and kissed her hard on the lips slamming his shaft deep within her. Her back arched, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him close. Marcus grunted slamming into her again and again unable to control his bear. The two were one as they pleased their mate.

“Eloise!” he moaned, holding onto her hips, pushing in and out of her sweet pussy. She was made for him and he loved the feeling of her wrapped around him. His own release was rushing upon him and he couldn’t find his orgasm without Eloise.

“Go, baby, go,” he urged, reaching between their sweating bodies pressing on her nerve center.

“Marcus!” she cried out, hitting her orgasm. He pumped twice more before spilling his seed deep within her. Collapsing next to her, he pulled her close to his heated body.

“I love you Eloise Zephyr,” he whispered, pushing her damp hair out of her face.

“I love you, Marcus. Welcome home,” she replied, kissing his arm. He pulled her around until they were face to face.

“Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world.” Her eyes softened, and she kissed his lips this time.

“We are going to be parents,” she said, awe in her voice.

"That we are. Thank you." He kissed her again and made love to her well into the night to show his appreciation.

Short story for you about Ellie and Marcus finding out they were to become parents. Please like it and let me know what you thought!

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