The Change

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Vespera is a damaged soul but can't give up. She has obstacles to face will she let them over throw her? Or will she damage them in her path?

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Chapter 1: My captures

I sighed as I climbed out of bed and began getting ready I put on a leather jacket and my black ripped jeans with some black doc martins. Don't be fooled I pay for everything including our house rent. My mother was passed out on the couch again with a glass of vodka in her hand. I Rolled my eye's as I stepped onto the ground of the stairs in our apartment she let out a groan and sat up looking at me, "Whats up Vessi?" I rolled my eyes once again, " It's Vespera. You of all people should know that mother." ( vesp-air -ah) My mother quickly approached me. A deadly look in her eyes, "Don't fucking sass me you bitch."

She raised her hand and bestowed upon me a hard fuckin slap. I sighed and nodded. You may be wondering Why do you take her shit? Well I'm all she has after my father left, "Yes mother of course." I sighed as she walked away and I grabbed my keys. Lucky for me when my dad left he also left a sum of money in my name. My mother did not like that but I try and hide it. So she doesn't notice. From how drunk she gets on a daily basis I'd be surprised if she even remembered my father. Maybe that's why she does it.
I grumbled as I hopped on the motorcycle I bought and drove off. I'm 18 and still in high school I hate everyone there. It was luckily Sunday so no school. I released a breath as I pulled into a parking spot at work. I worked at a high end company I am the assistant to the owner she is like a second mother and I much prefer her over my actual one. She knows what goes on at home and tries to help but I always decline her offers.
As I stepped into her office she ran up to me squealing I laughed as she hugged me, "Hello doll how are you?" I laughed, "I'm okay Darcy don't worry about me." She smiled, "I can't help it your my baby." I laughed as we got to work and started the day.
Darcy's husband ran a mafia which can be scary but he is a total sweetheart he actually taught me how to protect myself and shoot a gun also how to throw knifes and handle them. They recently retired and handed over their position to their son who I haven't met but he seems nice enough.

The day was finally over and I sighed as I hugged Darcy, "Doll I know you can defend your self but be careful I have a feeling something will happen." I nodded, "I just have to stop at the gas station then I'll go straight home. Promise." She let out a breath and gave me one last hug before we said goodbye. It was only 12:00 PM but it felt later.
As I was leaving I got the feeling someone was watching me. Dammit I better get this gas quick. I eagerly hopped on my bike then drove off to the nearest gas station.
As I arrived I got off of my bike and made my way into the convenience store but before I could step foot into it my wrist was grabbed and I was pulled into the alley way. I groaned as I saw my capture he had pretty eyes. I rolled my eyes and stomped on his foot then elbowed him in the stomach causing him to fall backwards as I looked to my front another man was approaching and he tried to grab me but I kneed him in the stomach. Before I could finish taking him out the man from before put a white cloth over my mouth. I tried not to breathe but eventually passed out.

I woke up and blinked a few times. It appeared I was being carried. I groaned as I looked up to find one of my kidnappers. I smiled, "I would greatly appreciate if you put me down asshole its bad enough that you kidnapped me, but now man handling? really?" I could see him smile under his mask and he put me down aswell as removed the mask. He looked towards me, "Your not afraid?" I smirked, "Of your scrawny ass no, but I am curious as to why I'm here." He chuckled and shrugged while continuing to bring me into a big house and up some stairs. He was handsome but not my type. I noticed my hands were zipped tied in front of me and I rolled my eyes.
The boy suddenly stopped in front of a door and pushed it open. Inside their were a few more boys including my other capturer who glanced at me nervously as I glared at him. I looked to the middle to find a desk and a man I had hoped to never see again.
I let out a groan and threw my head back, "Fuck me!" The boys laughed as I lifted my head up and looked into the eyes of my father. He sent me a smile and I glared at him, "You really have some balls bringing me here." He smiled and shook his head, "You always did have a potty mouth." I smirked, "It's not like you stayed around to much to hear it."
He sent me a warning look as I lifted my wrist and pulled them forcibly to my waist breaking the zip ties easily. My capturer that wasn't carrying me spoke, "She just fucking broke the zip ties. She's a goddamn ninja." I rolled my eyes, "You never tie tiptoes in the front dumbass." He pouts a bit as my father cleared his throat and spoke, " We need to talk Vespera." A couple of the boys were surprised by my name but quickly covered it as I spoke, "You want to talk?" He nodded I clutched my fists as I spoke with venom, "I'm sorry the last time we talked your back was facing me and you were walking out the door. So I don't really want to fucking talk. I don't even want to be here."
My father looked at me in surprise, "Don't talk to me with such disrespect." I grunted as I walked slowly up to his desk and laid both my hands on it while I was a couple inches away from his face I spoke, "Respect is earned. And I don't have any for much people at this point."
Some of the boys in the office were surprised by my outburst as I backed up slowly and sat down in a chair, " What do you want from me?" My father looked at me sadly, "You know I didn't-" I rolled my eyes, " yeah, yeah you loved me and didn't want to leave. Do you know what I had to endure in the house? How I treated? What gives you the right to do this to me?"
My father let out a groan and stood up, " I want you back! Okay? I miss you." I rose my eyebrow, "You miss me? You miss me! Finally! After eighteen years my dear father misses me! what would I do without you! Is that what you want me to say?"
He sighed and sat back down, "Your mother gave me full custody. She said she didn't need you." My hands clutched the chair in anger as I heard the door behind us open. I looked up to see my mother. She was smiling widely and I spoke, " You don't need me? who's gonna pay for the apartement? The clothes? The food? The alcohol. You're alcohol!" She grinned, "Don't worry I got a boyfriend." My fists were turning white and the people in the room could sense my anger, "A boyfriend? So I endured everything until you could get a goddamn boyfriend?" She smirked, "Pretty much."
I couldn't hold myself back anymore, "You bitch." I was quickly on top of her all I could see was red as my fists met with her face over and over and over. I was pulled off of her but didn't stop clawing at the boys arms as she stood up, "I hope your boyfriend likes your new face. Mother." She grunted and stormed out as I sighed and fell into the boys arms I was in. My fists were bloody but I didn't care. The boys were all waiting for me to make my next move. I stood up and looked at my father he looked surprised at my outburst as I sat back down. No one made a move. Suddenly a lady brought in a first aid kit and handed into me. I gave her a quick thank you as she left and I began bandaging my fists.
My father looked up in surprise once again, "You've done this before?" I laughed, "You'd be surprised how many stuck up bitches I had to put in their place in high school." The boys around me laughed as he continued, " You looked as though you were trained by a mafia fighter." I froze up and looked around, " I guess you of all people would know that." He sighed and nodded. See my father ran a mafia much like Darcy's husband that's one of the reasons he left me he wanted to "protect me." I looked at him again, "So what have you been up too while I was growing up. Besides running a mafia."
He rubbed his face before looking at me questionably, " I married and you have a brother."
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June 13, 2020
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