The Change

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Chapter 2

I hummed I wasn't gonna be mad at him for having a life, "I hope she's better than my mom." He nodded as a thought suddenly. popped in my head. I sat up and everyone quickly turned towards me, "Do you have a car I could borrow? And a carseat. I have to pick up my daughter mainly because she's my responsibility and that witch probably took the car and carseat. And this all has been very distracting." My fathers eyes widened, "You have a daughter?" I rose my eyebrow, "She didn't tell you? Yes I was planning on moving out with her soon because I um.... didn't want her there." The shock on his face was evident I smiled lightly, "Well my mother always pushed her aside and She's only 4." He nodded," I have a car you can use and a carseat from when your brother was young. But you need to bring someone to make sure you are protected." I sighed and nodded my head as I left the office A boy I didn't recognize was following me I turned around and see he quickly introduced himself, "Oh sorry I'm Mathew and I'm coming with you." I nodded as we got to the garage and saw a bunch of cars including my motorcycle I gave it a quick pat. While Matthew got the carseat and car together.

I grabbed the keys and hopped in the SUV. Mathew got in the Passenger side and I began to drive to Iris's friends house.

~After drive~

As I pulled up in front of the house I looked at Matthew, " I need you to be very delicate with here. Okay?" He smile and gave me a nod. I sighed as I got out of the car. I walked up to the beautiful house and quickly knocked. Holly answers the door, "I'm so sorry holly I was suppose to come earlier but got um...delayed." she smiled, "Your fine I don't mind Iris at all she is wonderful and keeps all of us entertained." I smiled as Iris came running out and hugged my legs.

I laughed as I patted her head and looked towards holly, "Thank you again call me anytime you need something or want to have another play date." She sent me a happy nod and closed the door as I picked up Iris and began walking away, "How was your playdate doll?" she smiled and sent me a thumbs. I kissed her head and continued, "We won't be going home today okay? we are staying with some other people and one of them is in the car right n0w. Don't worry he is very nice and will love to play." She giggled and nodded probably happy to not be going back to moms.

I put her in the carseat as she happily looked at Matthew. He Began talking to her. I was shocked at this but continued what I was doing and got in the driver's seat. I looked at Matthew in shock but he just sent me a shrug and a smile. As I was driving, iris listened to music and danced along.
~At the house~
We had finally arrived at the house I was carrying Iris on my hip to my fathers office. Iris could sense my nervousness and rubbed my hair. I hugged her close and Matthew opened the door. Most of the boys had left leaving my two capture's and my father including mattew.
My father looked at Iris in adoration as I walked in and sat down. Iris was looking around in curiosity. When she met eyes with my father she hugged me a bit but sent him a smile. I cleared my throat and spoke to Iris, "Doll this is um... Your grandfather." She looked at him for a bit before slowly sitting up to get a good look at him. My father smiled, "She looks just like you." I hummed and moved some hair out of her face while she leaned into me I spoke, "So I will be staying here?" My father shook his head, "you will be staying with Darcy."

I rose my eyebrow in surprise and he continued, " I figured you would be more comfortable around her and her family you know them better. and besides she offered to take you and Iris in she said she always wanted girls." I laughed lightly and spoke, "When do we leave?" he smiled, "Well she already picked up your stuff from your mother and she said she would be here tomorrow at 10:oo AM and you'll be skipping school." I nodded as I said goodnight and went to put iris to sleep.

I sighed this was all a lot to deal with.


I woke up to an alarm going off. I smacked it as I saw it was nine thirty. I quickly got up and began getting ready as Iris was still sleeping.

After I had gotten ready I woke Iris and began getting her ready.

After 30 minutes we were both ready and walked downstairs just in time because there was a knock on the door. I opened it to see Darcy and she gave me a tight hug as Iris giggled when they talked. Darcy loved Iris, iris saw her as the grandmother she never had and actually calls her Nonna and Nonno which is grandma and grandpa in Italian because Darcy and her husband are Italian hints them running an Italian mafia well now her son.

We all got in the car and Darcy and I spoke while the car wide was a bit long.

~ After the car ride~

I gasped at Darcy's house it was huge and beautiful. Darcy spoke, "You two will be on the second floor and I had Iris's room decorated." I gasped, "Darcy there was no need I already feel bad about the move." she gave me a warm smile, "Nonsense I only have the best for my daughter and grandchild." I felt my eyes cloud over but pushed them back as I gave Darcy a hug, "thank you." she kissed my cheek and we walked into the house.


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