The Change

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chapter 3

The house was beautiful with a grand staircase and a huge chandelier with high ceilings and granite floors. I looked around in aw as Iris ran around and giggled. Darcy laughed at her and rested a hand on my shoulder as she motioned upstairs and we began.

As we made it to my room it was huge with a beautiful balcony and I had my own bathroom along with a king bed with red sheets and a black comforter my room was white with ascents of black and red my favorite colors along with some more black and red in the bathroom.

Darcy smiled, "I'll take Iris to her room as you get settled, dinner is at five thirty and Iris's door is just down the hall. There's also a camera set up there and connected to here." I nodded and smiled at her as she left.

I sighed and sat on my bed in total amazement.

~Dinner time~

Iris and I made our way around the house trying to find the kitchen as we finally arrived Tom sent us a smile along with Darcy as Iris ran towards them and I laughed lightly and sat down.

Tom spoke, "Tomorrow you will be starting at a new school. Are you okay with that?" I smiled, "Of course I'm sorry if it was an inconvenience to sign us up." Darcy glared at me, "Will you stop that? You are our family now. You're my daughter and I would do anything fo you and Iris, By you saying that makes me hurt you are never an inconvenience to us. I know you have felt like that for a long time but not here. You are a strong, beautiful and a caring girl and you need to realize it." I smiled, "I'm sorry I suppose I'm not used to it but, I love you guys too and I'm happy here." They both sent me reassuring smiles and Iris was already eating causing us to laugh.

We continued dinner and suddenly Darcy smiled with excitement, "I had totally forgotten you will be going to the same school our son is." I creased my eyebrows, "I thought he was older." Darcy laughed, "No he is also eighteen but does not look it People are a bit scared of him but he is excited to meet you." I nodded as I gave them a smile. I'm assuming he lived in a house with some of his mafia friends.

After dinner was over I said goodnight and went to put Iris down as I was she spoke, "Momma does this mean I will make new friends?" I laughed, "Of course doll who wouldn't want to be your friend? Now get some rest. I love you my princess." she smiled as I kissed her head and exited the room.


I began getting ready wearing a cropped tank top along with ripped black jeans and some converse. The top showed off a couple tattoos I had and I slipped on a light cover up.

I also began getting Iris ready and as we walked downstairs I realized something and quickly asked Darcy, "I just realized I now only have my motorcycle do you think I could use one of your cars." she smiled, "Funny you ask. We got you a present." I rose my eyebrow as she handed me keys. My eyes widened, "You didn't." she smiled as I ran outside with Iris to see a matte black jeep that was lifted. I squealed and quickly hugged them both as we said our goodbyes.

We had to leave a little early so I could get Iris settled in.

~At new school~

Thankfully this school also had a children's center. As we pulled up the nerves kicked in, as I stepped down from the jeep kids were staring. I sighed and I Helped Iris out and picked her up along with her stuff. Now kids were not only staring but whispering. I rolled my eyes and Iris spoke, "Momma they are staring." I smiled at her, "It's because you are so beautiful baby." she giggled as I made my way inside and grabbed my stuff but not without getting a look from the office lady to which I offered back a glare daring her to say something.

As we walked towards the children's center I could tell Iris was nervous so after discussing a couple things with her teacher I bent down and spoke, "There is no need to be nervous baby if something happens ask the teacher to bring you to me and she will right away okay?" she nodded as I kissed her and left.

I arrived a bit late to my first class and the teacher spoke, "Why are you late?" I smiled, "I was digging a grave what do you think." she rolled her eyes before pointing to a seat in the back as a couple kids laughed at my comment.

The next few classes went like this.


I sighed in happiness as I made my way to the lunch room but suddenly hit a wall. I groaned as my ass hit the floor and spoke to myself, "Why the hell is there a wall here."

I heard a couple deep chuckles and Looked up to see Three boys. The one that I walked into was inspecting me closely as I did the same to him he was at least 6'3 with a bunch of tattoos and a hot face.

He shocked me when he spoke with a deep sexy voice, "Vespera." I gasped and stood up, "yeah?" He chuckled, "I'm Darcy's son Austin." My eyes widened, "That makes a lot more sense than what I was thinking." kids stopped a bit as they walked by but Austin spoke again, "This is Noah." He said pointing to the boy next to him who also had tattoos but longer hair and wore a smile to which I sent one back, as Austin continued, "And this is Elijah." the other boy also quite a bit tattoos with darker hair that was short but he seemed shy, and as I was about to speak a small voice erupted from behind me causing me to gasp, "Momma!"


A/N: I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far! also I wrote this at like 12:00Am so sorry for errors. 😂 I don't think I will do these author notes every chapter but here and there just to say hi. :)

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