Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 10

He kissed me again after he heard those words come out of my mouth, wanting the connection between us to continue. He pulled his mouth away from mine, dragging it across my cheek, and groaned into my ear. The sound was the sexiest things I've ever heard in my life.

His withdraw started sooner. He was still inside me when I whispered, "Again."
"I shouldn't." It was such a stern tone. "We shouldn't. Doing this is so wrong..."
I grabbed his shoulders and looked at him. "It feels too good to be wrong." My confession burned into him and changed his mind. The muscles on his back tensed before he shifted, raising up enough so he could stare down at me. His eyes were filled with lust as he began to fuck me.
"Oh my god, please don't stop."
Hearing this caused him to fuck me harder and faster, while kissing me. This is by far the best sex I've ever had. He looked so handsome as the sun went down, reflecting onto his face. I didn't hold back moaning, and he didn't either. He moaned as he fucked me.
"You're gorgeous," his gaze wandered over my breasts and moved up to settle on my lips. "You're so fucking young and gorgeous."
His touch was intoxicating. Fire lit up inside me as his pace increased, so did the feeling of the orgasm. Was it possible? I never fully came before in any sex with anyone but with Anthony, he's taken it to a whole different level. I can't stay away from him. Not anymore.
He shifted so he was standing and locked a hand on each of my hips, fucking me deeper than before. He started to smirk as the moans escaped my lips. If someone came upstairs, they'd hear us. He slowed the pace, but I wanted more.
"I can be quiet but, please don't stop."
"I love the sounds you make, bu..."
I wasn't making sounds right now. He took his hand and slid it up along my shoulder, and to cup the side of my face. It was sweet, and I turned into it, pressing my lips against the center of his palm in a kiss.
I'd done it without even thinking, but Anthony took his other hand and covered my mouth as he fucked me at the speed that I wanted and hitting the right spots, making the world disappear. "When he took you to prom, the red dress you wore... You looked ten years older. After you left, I thought about all sorts of things. Bad things."
Pressure was building up inside me, making me want to cum again. I wanted to ask him about the thoughts but his hand was over my lips, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to even speak.
"I was jealous of him." Anthony's eyes were hesitant. Something he clearly was nervous to tell me. "I was so fucking jealous. I knew after the dance was over, he was the one who got to kiss you. Touch you. Put his hands up your dress and feel if you were wearing underwear or not."
My moans escaped under his fingers and my thoughts were of him and only him.
"Were you?"
I nodded. I remember I wore a pair of black underwear that were silk in the front and lace in the back.
"Did he fuck you in the dress?"
I shook my head, keeping my eyes locked onto his. Peyton and I barely did anything that night. We went to a party at Isaac's afterwards and he had so much to drink, he couldn't keep it up later when I attempted to go down on him. So no. He didn't fuck me in my prom dress.
"I would have. I'd have you bent over a table, pulled up your dress, and fuck you so hard, your legs would shake." his smile was sinister. Seductive. "Just like they are now, Riley."
Even muffled under his hand, my moan was loud and full of pleasure. I clenched around him, absorbed with enjoyment. I put one hand over his on my mouth, and wrapped the other around his wrist.
Each thrust set me off to explode. He detected it clearly and he pulled out, stepping away from the bed.
"Where..." I wanted to ask where he was going, but he pointed to the center of the bed.
"On all fours." his tone was soft, but demanding. I obeyed and rested my hands and knees on the comforter. He climbed up behind me, positioning my hips, how he wanted us to be.
The wait felt like a decade, and relief filled through me as he slowly slid inside me. Holy fuck, this feels so much better. He feels so much bigger in this position as he picked up the tempo, slamming himself against my hips.
He slid my hair out of the way so his hands could trace up and down my spine. I arched like a cat as he stroked me, never wanting this to end.
His strong hand then was on my shoulder, pulling me up off my hands. A large mirror hung over the dresser on the other side of the room, and in it, I could see his hands as they slid over my body. I watched as he touched me from my breasts to my waist and landed on my hips.
His thrusts were pounding into my body and as I almost fell, I held onto the post of the bed to keep myself sturdy. It only made us look more sexy. My nipples were hard, and at my thighs, we could see the movement of his cock inside me.
I was so wet between my legs, and I felt a bead of sweat slide down my back. We looked so perfect together. I tightened the grip on the bed post so hard, my muscles strained.
My pulse was off the scale as he slipped one hand down, his fingertips sliding across me.
"Fuck," I moaned, arching my back so my head was on his shoulder. How could I possibly move? His muscular body fucked me so hard, it was a night to remember.
"I love it," he whispered. "Seeing and feeling you wrapped around me. Whatever happens, you were worth it."

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