Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 11

I shut my eyes as tears filled into them. How bad was the universe to us, to give Anthony and me this perfect experience, and know we couldn't have it ever happen again? I almost wished we hadn't acted on our desires. Now I'd always know what I was missing.

"I'm close," he said as a warning. "Are you?"

Because my pleasure mattered to him, my heart broke into more pieces. I didn't want to finish because this would be over, but...

He increased his pace to push me over the edge. His lips kissed the side of my neck as his fingers moved over my clit, and his pounding thrusts seemed to go deeper.

"Fuck, oh my fucking god."

I turned my head toward his, and met my lips with his with so much care, it broke my heart.

Eventually, we both came. I fell into a heap on the bed, enjoying another long, slow kiss knowing this beautiful man will never be mine. He left me only to wipe the bedpost down, then wrapped his arm around me like it was the most casual thing to do.

"This is weird, right?" I whispered. I needed it more than ever because I knew I would never do this again with him.

"If it is, I don't care. It's what I do." He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, kissing my neck.

What he does? How many other women has he been with?!

"Please stay," he whispered as he pulled me in closer.

"Overnight?" There was no way in a million years I could.

"Just for a little while."

"Alright." Fuckkkk...

He smiled like a little kid on Christmas morning.

What the fuck was I doing? I was laying in Anthony's bed with his arms wrapped around my waist, even when we both fell asleep. I couldn't tell what time it was. The sun was still up, at least enough light for me to see.

When I carefully got myself out from under his arm to try to not wake him, he rolled onto his back, still sound asleep. I sat up and stared at the handsome naked man next to me, crossing my arms over my chest. I needed clothes.

I most importantly needed to get out of this bed, out of this house, and down the street to my car. The dark clouds began to move, and although it wasn't raining, thunder boomed. I needed to leave. I didn't want to but I have to.

I forced myself to slip off the bed and slowly tug on my clothes, wondering the whole time what I was going to do. Should I wake him? I looked at the black clouds outside and back to the man in bed. I didn't have time to look at him.

I had to go. Not only because saying goodbye would take too much time, I needed to avoid it. I didn't want him to see me as I walk away in complete sadness. This afternoon was wrong, but it wasn't a mistake, and if he woke up with regret in his eyes, I couldn't handle seeing it. It was better to leave and not ruin what we had.

The door was quiet as I pulled it open, and I watched through the glass as I carefully closed it, making sure he wouldn't hear me. I hurried down the staircase without looking back. He worked like crazy in the hospital. He needed some sleep.

It began to pour as I ran to my car, soaking my hair, shoes and clothes.

I was drenched when I got in the car and shoved the keys into the ignition. Oh my god. What the fuck did I just do?

"I did it," I said this morning as I was cleaning up the exam room at the animal hospital. "I called him, and we talked... I guess."

Jasmine smiled. "FINALLY! How'd he take it?"

"Like it wasn't a huge deal. Like the asshole thinks I'll come crawling back."

"I can't wait for you to hook up with someone else."

I looked down at the floor in guilt.



"Spill it. Who was he? Was he good?"

"It was Peyton's dad."

"Dr. Lowery?!"

I nodded in shame.

"Oh my god. How? Where?"

"I did a goodbye hug this morning and it escalated."

"Where was Peyton?"

"When it happened? He was at work."

"How many times have you slept with him?"

"Peyton all day yesterday was in the basement playing games with his friends when Anthony and I..."

"Anthony, holy fuck Riley. How was it???"

"It was... Really good."

"Just good?"

"It was fucking amazing, okay? But I can't believe what I did."

"Dumped your boyfriend then fucked his dad? Yeah, me neither."

She sighed, but amusement flickered in her eyes. "You're a bad girl, Riley. I never would've guessed."

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