Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 19

I had no words to describe how amazing Luke Bryan was live, but seeing him with Anthony? It was like a dream come true.

Once the concert ended, he leaned down and sealed his mouth over mine. No one would notice us in a sea of people. "Stay with me tonight."

I was planning on going to Jasmine's after the concert to stay the night. I didn't tell my mom that the plans changed, so she wasn't expecting me until tomorrow. Although I hadn't gotten the invite from Anthony until now, I'd prepared for it. I'd packed an overnight bag, tossed it in my passenger seat, and parked my car outside Jasmine's house.

Just in case, she lectured me earlier today, the opportunity presents itself.

He looked at me with a hopeful expression, waiting on my answer, and when I nodded quickly, a thrill shock went through me. I've never really spent the night with a man. Sure, I'd slept over in Peyton's room a few times in college, but it was on a futon, and his roommate was there. It wasn't the same. This was how adults did it, and I was eager for Anthony to see me as that.

Our Uber driver was a nice guy, but so talkative, Anthony and I could barely get two words in edge-wise once we got in the back. My phone vibrated in my purse, and I dug it out.

Anthony: Want to go for a midnight swim?

I grinned and typed back,

Riley: What if I didn't pack a swimsuit?

I gazed at him across the darkened back seat, and his expression left me breathless. He looked so sexy, even as his gaze dropped down to the glowing phone in his hands.

Anthony: Did you?

Riley: Yeah.

Anthony: Good. It'll be fun to take it off.

The anticipation was so hot, my face felt like it was burning a thousand degrees.

*** Once we got to the house, I changed into my black string bikini in Anthony's bathroom and twisted my hair up in a bun high on my head. He put his trunks on in his bedroom and then went to get us drinks, telling me to meet him poolside when I was ready.

It was almost midnight, but still hot outside. The humidity was awful, and the bugs were noisy, buzzing in circles. The exterior lights on the side of the house weren't on, but light, yellowy lights streamed down on the pool from the enormous windows.

Two folded towels were stacked on the edge of one of the lounge chairs, and my gaze drifted across the stone patio until I saw Anthony, hunched over one of the skimmers, replacing a lid. As he straightened, I stared at every sexy muscle on his back.

When he turned around to look at me, Jesus. It was unbearably hot the way he looked at me. His gaze started at my eyes and then rolled down my body, lingering over my breasts, my waist, my thighs. When he reached my ankles, his gaze started back up, but moving even slower.

It took everything in me to stop myself from yanking the beer bottles out of his hands, and leaping on him. I'd wanted a lot of things in my life. Getting into a good school. Someday becoming a veterinarian. Maybe even a father who gave a shit about me. But I'd never wanted anything as badly as I wanted Anthony right now.

"I figured beer over wine." He held out of the bottles and I walked over to him, taking it from him. "Cheers," he said, clinking the necks of our bottles together. "Thanks for asking me to go with you. I'm sorry I was late."

I nodded. "I get it." As he told me what happened, I took a long swig of my beer and said, "I mean, it was life and death literally, right?"

"Yeah, but..."

"Then I can wait. I'm not that important."

Anthony froze mid-sip, and lowered his bottle. "Don't say that. Of course, you're important."

"Yeah, I know. I just meant in your list of priorities at that moment."

"It was unexpected Riley, but I was looking forward to tonight all week."

He looked so sincere, I worried my knees would give out. "Me too."

The beer was pulled from my hand, and he put both of our beers on the edge of the pool.

"What are you..." I started but couldn't finish as he scooped me up. He lifted me until I had no choice but to fold my legs around his waist and wrap my arms around his neck. I held on tightly as he went down the stairs, leading into the water.

Our lips crashed against each other as the cool water absorbed our bodies. I floated weightlessly in his arms, lacing my fingers behind his neck as he pulled us further along and the water reached our shoulders. His lips pushed mine open, and he slipped his tongue inside, against mine.

The pool temperature was perfect. I controlled the heat between us, keeping it a simmering burn instead of letting it rage completely out of control. I ground my lower body against the bulge beneath his back trunks, and something inside him snapped so quickly that he moved us so fast, it made a small wave in the water, and before I could catch my breath, I was pressed against the cold, hard wall at the side of the pool.

He played with the strings holding my top in place. A shudder went through my body as he slid his fingertips down between my breasts and up the other side.

Anthony leaned forward, set his forehead against mine, and watched me as he tugged at the tied straps behind my neck. I felt the straps untie, exposing my bare breasts.

His arms wrapped behind my back, causing me to look up at the star-filled sky. He licked, sucked, and softly bit me, and I made all but small moans of pleasure that he always told me he loved. The empty ache between my legs felt constant and throbbing.

I slid my hand down and rubbed him through his swim trunks, as our hands met to undo the trunks, allowing me full access. I wrapped my fingers around his hard, long cock and squeezed. The way his eyes filled with pleasure made me smile. He was so damn handsome.

As each stroke became faster, his eyes rolled back and a small moan escaped his lips. He shifted his hips, breaking me from his touch. His hands slid under my arms, and as he stood up, he lifted me up, and seated me on the edge of the pool.

"Lie back."

He'd untied my bikini top slowly, but now he attacked the knots at my hips, yanking them off. I moaned as he moved the fabric away and settled his face in between my legs. The rough, coarse hairs of his beard brushed against my inner thighs. I had no choice, but to clench one of my hands on the back of his head, holding on as his tongue explored the most intimate part of me.

His kiss was pure heaven. Intoxicating as every long, deliberate lick he delivered. I moaned as he massaged the tip of his tongue against my clit. The pleasure felt so damn good, my body began to tremble. He wrapped a hand around each of my thighs and pushed them back toward me, opening me even more.

It felt so good and intense. Nothing like I've ever felt before.

"I want you," I moaned, lifting my head to look at him.

"You want me to..."

"Fuck me."

His gaze went to one of the lounge chairs, the only one that lay flat.

"There. Now."

As I laid down on the chair, I had a realization. Anthony was going to fuck me in the same spot he'd watched me last month with Peyton.

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