Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 2

It was two more weeks with Peyton before I completely lost it.

As I sat in my car parked in his driveway, grief washed over me. I was upset about our relationship. I missed him. I thought I loved him, but he was never coming back.

My grandfather passed away last week and the asshole didn't even come to his funeral. He claimed he had to work but I knew deep down, it was a lie. I groaned as I reached across the seat to grab my backpack with a swimsuit and a towel, knowing I was going to end things with Peyton. I've never broken up with anyone before.

I didn't ring the doorbell. I climbed the front steps and pushed open the unlocked door, feeling completely unashamed of walking in uninvited. Would this be the last time I did this?

The wind slammed the door shut, and heavy footsteps pounded on the hardwood floor until his dad stepped in front of me.

"Riley?" The confusion facial expression turned to a smile.

"Hey, Dr. Lowery. Didn't he tell you I was coming over?"

He shook his head. "I think he's in the pool already."

"Oh. Okay." I headed towards the door to the basement, but only made it a few paces before the toe of the flip flop caught the edge of the entryway rug. "Shit!"

Like a moron, I stumbled forward and rather than fighting to fall, I bumped into Dr. Lowery.

He grunted softly as I bumped into his toned chest. I knocked him back a half-step, but his steady hands wrapped around my waist. The sensation of his hands on my waist took my breath away.

His brown eyes changed into an expression I couldn't put my finger on. Something that felt intimate. The muscles along his jaw tightened.

I had to be imagining it. There was no way in hell he was looking at me like he was thinking about sliding his hands around my back and drawing me closer. My body tingled from the close contact between us.

His embrace set me nearly off the edge. We were standing so close, I didn't want him to let go.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah." Why in the hell hadn't I noticed how deep and beautiful his eyes were?

He released me, his hands coming off my waist as if I were a hot stove. Guilt flashed across his face and instantly changed to a professional expression. "Sorry."

He turned and walked away quickly, leaving me to stare at his toned back muscles. What was he sorry for? Keeping me from falling? Touching me? Or the way he'd stared at me like Peyton used to, with a gaze that was filled with desire?

I always had sexual thoughts about his father. I couldn't help myself and tried to feel guilty. They felt like harmless fantasies and were kept private in my head.

Outside, the stone patio led to the shady backyard and the bright blue pool that was surrounded by a black wrought-iron fence. The pool wasn't huge, but it was shaped nicely for the home. It was large enough for Peyton and his father to swim laps.

Peyton was mid way through swimming when he stopped, and pushed his dark hair back from his eyes and looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

"You're not in your suit?" No greeting, no nothing. Just his cocky asshole tone.

"I have it in my bag."

"Get your sexy ass changed. It's hot as shit and the water feels great."

I felt like he was ordering me around. I bit my bottom lip to prevent myself from arguing. I turned around and went back into the house, stalling. I went through the large room Peyton used as a gym and into the spare bedroom. The only other rooms downstairs were the bedroom that Peyton slept in only when he comes home from college and the bathroom. I dropped my bag on the bed and sighed.

As I changed, I told myself I wasn't happy with him, but it didn't mean I wanted to hurt him. I hoped to break up with him in the least painful way for him and I.

I stacked my clothes on the bed, grabbed a towel and forced myself outside.

His gaze lifted to me, and he blinked, scanning my simple, black string bikini. "Is that new?"

"It was on sale at Victoria's Secret."

"I like it," his expression was hard to read but his eyes were full of lust. "Come in."

His intentions couldn't have been more obvious if he'd tried. He wanted to fuck. Was this the only reason he wanted me here? I put the beach towel on a lounge chair and pulled my hair up into a messy bun. I didn't really feel like getting my hair wet, and I might need to leave quickly after this.

I reluctantly went to the stairs at the front of the pool and took my first step into the water. I only made it halfway before his wet arms were wrapped around my body, pulling me deep into the middle of the pool.

"Wait," I said with as much force as I could, struggling to get out of his embrace. I needed distance to say what I need to say to him.

Whatever tension occurred between us, it seemed to get wider every time we saw each other, and Peyton ignored my argument. His mouth crashed against the side of my neck. Fuck, I always give into him when he starts this shit. "Peyton."

"You afraid my dad will see? He doesn't care what we do."

Fucking A. You got this Riley. One last time. Giving into him, I allowed him to slide my bikini bottoms to the side and slid inside me. "Oh my god."

"You like that baby?"

I couldn't help but moan. I hated him but damn was he good at sex. He always was.

As he fucked me harder, I turned my head and saw a figure at the window.

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