Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 21

During the night, Anthony stole all the covers. I shouldn't have been surprised. Peyton did it too. God Riley, stop thinking about him. The Lowery men were similar, but not 100% the same. I however, couldn't make comparisons between them. It wasn't fair.

Birds chirped outside the window and as I stared at Anthony's peaceful, handsome face sleeping, I couldn't help but think a scary thought. Had he compared me to his past girlfriends? Was that even what I was to him?

We didn't define what this was and I felt more than comfortable with that. I can't rebound. Not yet anyways. I'd go back to school in another month to start my second year. He was forty years old with a hard, demanding job. We couldn't date, even if he wanted to.

Did he?

I sighed loudly and climbed out of bed, needing to escape my thoughts. I rummaged through my bag and put on a tank top and boxer shorts I usually slept in, and went to the kitchen.

Coffee wasn't something I craved. I was usually one to drink the high calorie drinks from Starbucks, but Anthony? He needed his coffee every morning. I went over to the coffee machine on the counter next to the stove.

I'd watched him fix his coffee plenty of times and I could figure it out. It'd be the perfect way to make sure he had no reason to leave. Neither of us had to work today, and I pictured us staying in bed until lunch.

But the machine was stubborn as hell. It took me forever to figure out where to put the water in, and once I had, then I had to choose from the five buttons that made no sense.

I tried to Google search a tutorial but it was seventeen damn minutes long.

"Come on, machine. Help me out here."

"Good morning."

Anthony's voice scare me, and I flinched, nearly dropping my phone. "Oh!" I turned around to face him.

He was shirtless. He had a pair of faded blue pants on, tied at the waisyt, and they sat low across his hips. Hospital scrubs were usually baggy and dull, but on him? Holy fuck, those pants made me want to take them off of him.

"That's not going to make enough for both of us." He said as he stood behind me.

"I don't want any this morning." I could barely think because of how mesmerized I was with his body.

"You were making that for me?"

I nodded and leaned against the counter. "I guess I can't be mad at you for leaving my bed, then."

He leaned across me, trapping me in place as he grabbed a cup of coffee grounds, put it in the machine and pressed a button. He was so close as he rested his hands on the counter on either side of me and stood an inch away from me.

"What should we do," he asked in a seductive tone, "while we wait for the coffee to finish brewing?"

Just as he leaned in to kiss me, the doorbell rang making both of us jump. He pulled his phone out and sighed. I leaned over at the screen to see an image of the front porch, and a brunette woman in her late forties or early fifties stood there, trying to peer through the glass of the front door.

"Judy Miller from next door. The woman cannot take a hint."

She was the woman who got divorced and made Anthony way too many baked goods and lemonade to maybe, just maybe. Get his attention.

She wasn't bad looking for a middle-aged woman. She had on a pair of yoga pants and a yellow top that was fitted and showed off how she kept herself in shape. Her short hair was styled, she was wearing a little makeup, and everything about her looked as if she were making an effort to appear casual.

After five full minutes, she finally gave up. The way Peyton had described her, it gave me a different impression. I was expecting a saggy old woman. One who was clearly out of Dr. Lowery's league.

But was she? Judy was pretty and skinny. She had a job, her own house, could order beer at a bar. I wasn't stupid. I knew it made more sense for him to be with her than me, and I suddenly was grateful he'd blown her of all those times.

"Did you ever go out with her?"


"Okay." I bit on my lip, not even sure why I asked him that. It wasn't like I had any rights to him before we slept together, but today was different. I spent the night and woke up next to him in his bed. I wanted some ownership of this man.

Anthony's dark eyes pierced mine, scowling. "You're looking at me weird."

"Are you, I don't know..." I sighed. "We didn't talk about it. Are you seeing other people?"

"Besides you? No." He slowly smiled. "You?"

"Um... no." Besides the fact that I broke up with his son, couldn't he tell I was too attracted to him? He dominated my every thoughts, and every minute spent with him only made it worse.

"I'm only seeing you, Riley." He gripped my face in his hands, brushing his thumb over my jaw as he slowly lowered his mouth toward mine. "In fact, I'd like to see a lot more of you right now."

One of his hands slid down my neck, glided across my collarbone, and moved down further until his fingers hovered beneath the neckline of my tank top.

The strap was pushed over the curve of my shoulder and slid down. I sighed as his soft lips moved from mine to my collarbone.

Fuck that feels good. I quietly moaned as his hands closed over my breasts.

I wrapped my arms around his head, holding him and encouraging him to explore me more. But something uncomfortable and strange fell across me. It was a warning of danger that my body sensed before the rest of me. A shadow fell on us, coming though the window over the sink, and drew his attention before mine.

He raised his eyebrows and I glanced over my bare shoulder to see what he was looking at.

Oh. Shit.

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