Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 25

I woke up, and it took me a second to realize where I was. It was brighter in the room than when I fell asleep. The light in the bathroom was on and streamed into the bedroom.

I noticed Anthony's white coat hanging on a hanger in the closet and I noticed him looking at me. He looked at me with his arms crossed over his chest, leaning against the door-frame and a thoughtful look on his face? I could't quite read his expression very well.

"What time is it?"

"Quarter to two. I'm so sorry. I thought it was going to be quick. But we had a hard time keeping him calm, and..." he looked away from me, scowling.

The hurt in his eyes were perfectly clear. He spent the whole night battling for his patient. And lost.

"How much trouble are you in? It's so late, your mom must be worried."

I shook my head. "I told her I was staying at my friend's house."

"Oh. Good. Well... Can you stay?"


He looked completely exhausted as he moved toward me.

"How long have you been up?"

His fingertips caressed my cheek, and leaned down to kiss me. "I don't know. Twenty-five hours maybe?"

He looked down at me and noticed his t-shirt I had on. "I thought I told you to get naked." He slid his hand across the sleeve and smiled. "But I kind of like this look on you."

"You told me to get naked... which I did." As I reached for him, he pulled away.

"Are you still feeling discomfort?"


"Your problem earlier."

"Anthony, you've got to be exhausted. We don't have to..."

"You're always thinking of other people and never yourself. That ends tonight. Riley, you want this, and I want to give it to you."

I frowned and just as I wanted to tell him what time it was, he cut me off.

"What if I tell you I need this?"

"I..." I took a deep breath. "I still have the symptoms."

"Can you lie back? I'd like to take a look."

His hands explored from my face down to my waist, lightly touching me. "Where does it ache?"


"I'll have to undress you to continue the exam."

He slipped the shirt up and lightly touched my breast, looking at me. "Here? Is this where it aches?"


His hand slid down even lower until he reached the spot.



"Stay still."

He slid a finger inside me, making a moan stifle from my mouth.

He kissed my neck while he tortuously made the movements nice and slow.

As I reached for his dress pants, feeling his erection, he grabbed my wrist. "No."

I looked at him with pleading eyes. "Please?"

"You'll be punished for such inappropriate behavior."

"I don't care," I whispered.

"If you insist." He unzipped his pants and slid his pants and boxers down, enough for me to have full access. He stood near my face and I opened my mouth, to welcome him. As I wrapped my hand around him, he slid a second finger inside me, making me moan softly while I tasted him.

"Fuck, Riley."

She looked up and didn't stop. Instead, she took him in deeper, hearing a groan. Good. He loves it.

He pulled out of my mouth, leaving me completely speechless. He looked uncertain for some reason.

"Is everything okay?"

"Can you turn over? Onto your stomach."

I rolled over, my breasts pressing onto the mattress.

"Good. You look gorgeous in this position."

He zipped up his pants and I frowned. Were we done? Did I do something wrong?

Anthony leaned over, pulled open the drawer and searched the drawer until he dropped something on top of the nightstand with a crinkle of wrappers and a thud. It was dim in the room, and before I could get a clear view of what it was, he grabbed the t-shirt I was wearing, lifted it up, and cool air drifted between my legs.

Warm hands touched my waist, sliding across my skin like it was made of silk. Any other time I would have found this massage relaxing, but right now, I wasn't. My body demanded satisfaction as my heart pounded out of my chest.

"You're tense. Try to relax."

Was he joking?! He left me in a position where I almost climaxed half the night and...

His hand went between my legs, slipping between my cheeks.

Holy fuck.

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