Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 26

I jerked at his wicked, dirty touch and mumbled, "Um...."

His hands returned to the regular sensual touching. "Pretend that never happened."

"It's okay. You just caught me by surprise."

Was it okay? I never did that before. One night, first semester when I was drunk, Peyton tried anal. No discussion, or anything. But hey, I'd given it the old college try.

Before Anthony, Peyton was pretty much all I knew in the bedroom except for some one-nighters. I didn't believe oral sex could ever really feel this good like it did now. I enjoyed sex with Peyton but I had no comparison to how amazing Anthony is.

"Yeah?" his voice was so low, I could barely hear him.

His hands ventured once more, closer to the new spot. He watched me, looking ready to stop the moment I said anything. But I pressed my lips together, curious. The fingers of his right hand trailed through my pussy, slowly gathering my arousal again, and slowly spread it backward to my other crevice.

My breath came out uneven as he touched me. It felt so unfamiliar but I sort of liked it.

His left hand reached into his boxers for a moment, and then he picked up the item he put on the nightstand. It was a small, clear bottle with a white top. I knew exactly what it was.

He opened the top and poured a small amount on his hand, dropping the bottle on the bed next to me. His left hand cupped my ass cheek while his right hand slid down, spreading the liquid around. The pleasure was unexpected but it surprisingly felt good.

"There are a lot of nerves here. Which means there can be a lot of pleasure. Trust me, Riley. I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to, and I promise I won't hurt you."

"I.... I trust you."

"Try to relax."

As he gently slid one finger inside, it took everything to prevent from moaning. It hurt but felt so good. "Oh my god. Anthony, I'm gonna..."

He pulled out and smiled.

"Where are you going?"

I watched him go to the bathroom and I heard the faucet turn on and the sound of soap from a dispenser. "Take off your shirt."

I took the t-shirt off and tossed it onto the floor as I watched him pick up the strip of condoms and tore one package open.

He climbed onto the bed, holding the backs of my thighs as he slid his erection out of his pants and put the condom on.

Damp hands caressed up the length of my back, sending sparks through my skin. I arched into his touch as his tie tickled my chest when he bent down, putting his chest against my back, and he took a fistful of hair for me to look at him.

"Stop me."

"Is this your fantasy?"

"Yes." He slowly slid inside me and whispered, "I might just cum from the idea of it."

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