Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 29

Anthony didn't take me to the place my mother had suggested, thank goodness. We went to a fancy restaurant downtown Tampa, where you had to make a reservation in advance.

The food was outstanding, but the company next to me was even better. Anthony wore a dark grey suit without a tie, and a white dress shirt with the few top buttons undone. He fit the part of a sexy, confident and rich doctor during the drive over in his Mercedes, his expensive wristwatch gleaming in the early sunset.

I smoothed my hands down the floral dress that Jasmine persisted for me to borrow, that was a slight too sexy and formal to call a sundress. The spaghetti strap top was simple black, flowing down to the floral cream-colored design. She also let me borrow a pair of gorgeous black heels, where the straps crisscrossed around my ankles, making me feel like a total ten out of ten.

My forty year old boyfriend was undeniably sexy, so what in the hell was he doing with a barely twenty one year old girl? I loved that he wanted to take me out, but I dreaded it at the same time. What kind of looks were we going to get from everyone at the restaurant?


No one even looked our way once.

Maybe it was the makeup and dress that gave me enough to look like I was older. I had a fake ID in my purse that I kept going back and forth into bringing. Peyton and I, along with a group of friends, bought them last semester from a shady website which I was certain was a scam, but it arrived a month later in a package from China at Peyton's dorm.

I didn't even get the opportunity to offer and pay for anything during dinner. Anthony ordered an expensive bottle of white wine and the server brought two glasses.

I felt like I was a child pretending to be an adult, but as long as I convincingly faked it, no one but Anthony would know.

His hand rested in my lap, easing all the worries away. I loved every single moment of this and I did my best to look like I belonged with him. When it was just us, I did, but out in public? That was certainly going to take some getting used to.

Course after course was served, and although I usually wasn't an adventurous eater, I ate every bite. Wine buzzed through my system, mixing with the powerful effect of his touch on my leg.

"How is he?" I finally asked, after the last meal was served. We'd avoided talking about Peyton all evening, but I couldn't put it off forever. He'd come back from Virginia on Friday, and tonight was the first time I was seeing Anthony since Peyton returned.

"He... he's fine."

The mood between us shifted faster than expected, and I struggled with how to get it back on track. "Uh, good. How were your patients this morning?"

"I asked him to stay at a friend's place tonight," he said quickly.

"Oh," I hesitated. "Why?"

His hand slipped between the hem of my dress, so his palm brushed against the top of my thigh, and the bare skin contact sent a tinge of slight pleasure.

"Because," Anthony's eyes darkened, "I have something to give you."

"What is it?"

"A surprise."

I inhaled deeply, and anticipation took over. Whatever Anthony had planned, he didn't want Peyton around for it, and I tried to push away the thoughts of enthusiasm.

It'd been five days since I'd seen my boyfriend, and my fantasies and my hand only got me so far. I leaned over and whispered the most seductive voice I had in his ear.

"I can't wait."

*** By the time Anthony parked in the garage, my slight buzz from the wine disappeared, and felt somewhat disappointed in some aspects.

Peyton's Mustang wasn't in the garage, relaxing Anthony to a degree. He shut off the car, got out of the drivers' seat, and hurried around the back end of the car to open the door for me. I took his offered hand and let him help me to my feet which were absolutely killing me from the high heels.

"Thank you for dinner," I said.

His arm slipped around my waist and smiled. "You're welcome. Let's go inside so you can open your birthday present."

He led me up the steps into the house, but instead of taking me to the bedroom, he sat me down on the large couch in the living room.

"This gift of kind of selfish, I'm sorry." He lightly brushed his lips against mine.


"Hold on, you'll see."

"I hate surprises."

He smirked. "I'll be right back."

I watched him disappear down the hallway to his bedroom, wondering what the surprise was going to be.

When Anthony came back into the living room, he was carrying a pink box tucked under one arm, and I couldn't tell if he was more anxious or excited to give me the gift.

He sat down next to me and set the box in my lap. "Happy birthday, Riley."

The pink box had a black satin ribbon wrapped around one corner and tied in a bow in the other, and the words Agent Provocateur were scrawled in fancy script across the top.

"I hope it all fits." He smirked then whispered, "It all does in my fantasy."

As I opened the box, I pulled out a bra, garter, a pantie set of light pink trimmed with black lace, and two black silky stockings.

"Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful. But Anthony, I can't..."

"Oh, yes you can. I told you this gift was selfish." He looked at me deviously and added, "I'll send it back if it doesn't fit, but there's only one way to find out."

The price of this lingerie set is outrageous, the dinner bill had to of easily been a small fortune and here I am.... I didn't want a sugar daddy.

"You'll like it, Riley. But you have to put that on to find out what it is."

As I opened my mouth to protest, he kissed me. "Trust me."

"Where should I change?"

"My bedroom." His grin was enormous, lighting up his handsome face. "Come back out here when you're ready."

I carried the gift into his room, set it on the bed, and quietly shut the door. My heart pounded out of my chest as I slid my dress down my waist and undid the clasp of my strapless bra.

Each item he bought fit me, but took forever to put on. I slowly slipped on the black stockings, in fear of ripping them. I never wore a garter belt before, and it took me a minute how to catch the top of my stocking in the clasp to lock it into place.

As I slid the panties up over my thighs, a soft knock came from the bedroom door. "How are we doing in there?"

I could pictures the smile on his sexy lips as he stood on the other side of the door.

"Good, but I need another minute."

When I had it all on, I stepped into the haggard heels that killed my feet all night and took a deep breath before I opened the door. It was darker in the living room than when I'd left it. He'd turned off the lights, but more than a dozen candles flickered around the room.

"You look amazing."

"Thank you." I smiled. I couldn't wait to have my hands all over his sexy body. "What's the other part of..."

I noticed a single chair in the middle of the room, but I knew it was something much more.

"Do you like it when I tell you what to do?" He walked towards me with a sly smirk on his face. "Is it one of your fantasies?"


"I figured it was, because it's mine too."

"What's the chair for?"

"That's not important right now. Everything fits, right?"

All I could do was nod.

"Good. Turn around," he commanded. "And hold still."

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