Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 7

Anthony lowered his mouth to mine, and moment our lips touched, I exploded like a grenade inside. The kiss started as controlling and desperation. But the more it consumed me, the more it drove me out of my fucking mind.

His lips were firmly pressed against mine. The kiss was passionate and dangerous as I allowed his tongue to meet mine.

He gripped my hips and pressed me back against the counter, biting lightly into my neck. I felt too out of control to stop wanting to kiss him.

The way he attacked my mouth was nearly brutal. I moaned and clutched his t-shirt, wanting it off of him. Our kiss was reckless. The need was so powerful between us.

He let out a soft groan as I stopped tugging at his shirt and slipped a hand under the hem of the shirt, resting my fingers on his hard, warm abs. The sound of his affected breath echoed through me. His hands on my hips slid forward, focusing on the zipper of my shorts.

"I'm going to put my hand down your underwear unless you stop me," he whispered in my ear.

I was so locked onto Anthony that I solely focused on him, nothing else. I knew Peyton and his friends were downstairs, and how bad it would be if we were caught. There were consequences, and Anthony's were much worse than my own. But it wasn't revenge that allowed him to undo the zipper of my shorts. I didn't care about Peyton. Every nerve focused on the man in front of me. I clung to him, completely silent but urged him with my eyes. Once he had my shorts undone, he left them open and hanging low on my hips. I had on a black, silk thong and his fingertips traced over the sensitive skin at the lining while he mouth was latched onto the side of my neck.

I trembled under his touch. How could I not? His delicate strokes at the lace over my stomach indicated pleasure and I was indefinitely fucking needing him to touch me.

"Stop me," he whispered. "Please. Tell me you want me stop." He was begging me like it was his one and only way out, but I was out of control. How could I tell him to stop? I wanted him. I needed him.

"Do it," I whispered. "I want you to."

"Really?" He didn't wait for an answer. His fingers curled into a half fist and inched below the lace trim. The hard edges of his fingertips slid down my underwear, slowly sliding inside the spot where I needed him most.

"You're so wet," he whispered.

I gripped onto the counter as he slowly formed a circular direction over my clit. The smallest touch from him caused me to flinch and tremble. His mouth was pressed against the side of my neck. Like last time, I felt intensely hot and frigidly cold. My nipples tightened, sending me into full overdrive feeling the way he touched me in such a good, yet bad way.

He started fingering me harder and fasted, making it impossible to stay quiet. "Fuck, I'm going to..."

His lips moved against the base of my neck, his stubble faintly dragging over my skin. "Mm-hmm," he mumbled.

I groaned, letting him hear the orgasm ricochet down my body. His arm around my back tightened at the same time his fingers stopped moving and pressed against my throbbing clit.

I pushed off the counter as his hand withdrew from my shirt, but dying to get onto my knees and pleasure the bulge I felt through his jeans.

"Jesus. Go get in your car."

"What?" He was kicking me out?!

"Move it down the street. The house for sale at the end of the road has been vacant for the last six months. If you park by the garage, no one will notice."

I looked up at him. My brain was so fogged up and confused at the same time. He wanted me to move my car so no one would see it.

No one would know I'm still here.

"Come up the balcony stairs on the side of the house."

The balcony was attached to his bedroom. Panic burst through me. Did he realize what he was saying? Us in his bed was a very very bad idea.

He put his palm over my hand and pressed against me, molding me to his erection. "Feel how much I fucking want you, Riley. Please say yes."

"Yes." It came from me immediately, no time to think. He gave me a quick kiss and stepped back. My sneakers lightly pounded on the floor as I headed to the front door. The orgasm lingered, and fueled me as I stepped outside into the late afternoon heat, forcing myself into my car.

As I parked in the driveway down the street, I pulled my car behind the garage so no one would be able to see it. This was so wrong but I wanted this. I want him. All of him.

As I walked back to his house, I looked up at the dark clouds off on the horizon, trying to distract myself. Thunder rumbled in the distance.

I took the wrought-iron steps on the spiral staircase on step at a time. All I did was put on foot in front of the other until I reached the top, and the door swung open. My heart stopped at the sight of him. How was it so possible that a handsome man like him wanted me, when he shouldn't?

I wasn't able to move, but when Anthony wrapped his hands around my waist and walked me into the room, his gaze never left mine.

His room was dim. Deep blue paint on the walls, dark furniture, and the overcast light from outside through the two windows on both sides of his large, four-post bed.

Fuck. There it was. His bed.

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