Seducing My Ex's Dad

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Chapter 9

I gasped, struggling to catch a full breath as his tongue licked my clit, making every muscle in my body to shake. The sight of his mouth working over me was so fucking sexy, causing me to moan.

"The noises you make," he whispered, "they drive me crazy."

His statement was followed by another whimper.

I felt like I was about to burst as I got closer to having another orgasm. His tongue fully pushed me over the edge. I try and hold back the urge to let go but if I did, I might be a little too loud for Peyton to hear.

It became even harder when his mouth paused, and slid two fingers around my clit. His predatory glance made another moan come out of my mouth.

His fingers drifted down, and one began to slide inside me. "Fuckkk."

The sensation was too much. I wanted to control it, but I'd have better luck holding back the waves of the ocean. He had his mouth on me, and part of him was inside me.

Claiming me only made me want more. I shouldn't, but I wanted all of him. This thought was so wrong.

"Shit," I moaned, locking up as the orgasm surged through my body. I felt like I could break into millions of pieces while pressure continued in my body, bringing on another wave of pleasure.

"I never knew it could feel that good."

Embarrassment made me glance away from him. He's the first man to ever do that to me. Out of all of the other things I've done, this is one thing I've always wanted.

He leaned over, and his began began on my collarbone, moving up to my lips. Once they connected and our bodies pressed together, I felt nothing in the room except him.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, locking my ankles together behind his back, and sank deeper into the kiss. I was on fire.

"Do you want to stop?" his voice was filled with need. "Because I want something I shouldn't." He pressed his forehead against mine to look at me. "It's all I want whenever you're around me."

I felt completely speechless. I never felt carefree with Peyton and for the first time, I was going to do what I wanted, and what I wanted was Anthony.

"I was just thinking about the same thing when I just...."

"When you came?"

"Yes." It set him into gear. His tongue slid down my breast, keeping contact with me the whole time. Our grans came out at the same time: low and full of pleasure.

"Riley," he whispered from my neck. "I just want to feel you around me, even if it's just temporary. Okay?"

This isn't my first rodeo although I may be acting it. "Yes."

He was so big and hard, I wanted him. Fuck a condom. I wanted him raw inside me. "Stop."


"I want you bare inside me."

He raised his eyebrows. "Alright."

As he hovered over me, he quietly asked, "Have you thought about this?"

"All the time."

"Jesus, Riley. After I saw you that day with Peyton on the lounge chair... I couldn't stop thinking about you."

My heart skipped a beat, hearing those words from him. He pressed the fingertips of one hand to my clit, and the other to stroke himself.

"What about you?" his voice sounded tense. Desperate to know, but trying to hide it. "Did you think about this?"

I gripped the blanket and nodded. It was hard to say it out loud, and what he was doing made it almost impossible to speak. The need for him built up inside me.

"Tell me Riley. Tell me what you thought about."

"This. Us. You. Every night since we kissed." A second finger joined the first and the moans became louder. "Every single night."

"Did you touch yourself thinking about me?"


"Did you cum thinking about me?"

I was nearly breathless and speechless.

"You don't know what you're doing to me," he whispered. "No fucking clue how much I want this, even when I shouldn't." His fingers started to move deeper and faster. "But you want it too?"


He slid his fingers out of me, and started kissing me again as he slid in inch by inch. Fuck, he was so much bigger than anyone else I've had.

The deeper he went, I lost control. I wrapped my legs around him to bring him closer and closer. His eyes watched the pleasure across my face. "Fuck."

Just as I was about to cum, he pulled out. No!

"Don't stop."


"No. I want you to keep fucking me.."

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