A game of lovers

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As the president and the student body and trappy get close . Who will she chose with all the boys deeply in love with her.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Hi , I'm happy Brown .I'm going to my story and about my high school experience.leaving my little town in Virgina and going to school abroad is terrorizing and exciting at the same time. It was my first time going to Rose Plum Academy . It took along time since it was in London. When I finally reach my dream school I waved my parents and two siblings,Joe and samantha goodbye. I was surrounded by new faces and to make things even worse I was the only one the school uniform .People just gave me the rich girl stare . This made me freak out. Luckily I met a girl called marionette .she was really cute with her black curls and grey eyes.


I searched though the room to find a friend luckily she bumped to me

"sorry about that" she said shyly

"No problem " I replied" I'm marionette by the way"

I'm trappy" she replied

Suddenly the principle arrived with a group a boys we found out latter that they were the student body. The president spent one hour talking about the school rules and stuff. While all the girls looked at him with lust he was really handsome but nobody was listening to what he had to say . After he finished with his speech he asked "any questions". Since nobody was Listening ,they all ignored him . You could really see how pissed he was . There was a little silence, till he said" the girl in the school uniform could you give us your question"Oh crap ! I looked as I saw trappy got up shaking


I got up to the stage and took the microphone . Some people felt pitty for me . While some were laughing . Among those who felt putty for me was the president he whispered into my ear"relax" .I took a deep breath and asked my question . After the whole presentation . I decided to thank the president for his kind words earlier , so I followed him to the school roof top . That when I figured out that the president was about to commit suicide . I quickly pulled him into my arms and just then he fainted .During the orientation he look serious but now he looked frightened and scared. Just then the student body came looking for the president . They thanked me and left before I could ask for questions.

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