Caught In The Crossfires

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When you fall for the one man that you're forbidden to be with... What could possibly go wrong? • It's based on Lola's love story with Cristiano Luna which we all know is her brothers nemesis...

Romance / Erotica
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•Lola's Point of View•

We heard shots ringing from outside of the bar, and Cristiano pushed me away from the window with a protective hand over my growing belly, leading me to the storage room. I wasn't scared for the baby or me because I knew my brothers wouldn't purposely hurt me. Nope. I was terrified for him because I knew they would kill him if they got to him before I got to them. My best friend Catalina, who's in a relationship with both of them, texted to inform me that Domenico and Lorenzo were on their way to meet with the man that was involved with their little sister, so I needed to get the hell out of dodge. I just had no idea they would come in guns blazing. Cristiano told me that they were enemies. But I never thought.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!" Lorenzo kicked the front door open, arm extended, gun in hand. Domenico was silently following close behind and in the same manner. They were getting closer, and I needed to stop them. I yanked my arm from Cristiano's grasp.

"Lorella. No. Don't." He reached for my arm, but I maneuvered so hastily that I slipped right through his fingers and darted out of the closet door towards my gun-wielding brothers. When the door flew open, it caught their attention. They immediately turned their guns on me, and I threw my arms up in the air.

"Please don't shoot!" I cried, and everything went still as both pairs of their icy blue eyes trained on my stomach, a look of disbelief washing over their faces.

One might ask how a 21-year-old girl from Florida who manages a coffee shop in downtown Miami got herself into this mess? Well, sit back and let me tell you about it.

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