The Alpha's mate (ON HOLD)

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"I, Ellie Darkbloom reject you, Asher Night as my mate"...Ellie Darkbloom, an 18-year-old she-wolf, she's a smartass, sarcastic, rude and she's an alpha's daughter. Asher Night, 19-year-old future alpha of the blood moon pack, his idiotic, sarcastic, and cold but more than anything he wants his mate and he's not going to let her go... But Ellie's broken, can Asher fix her ?....

Romance / Fantasy
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Hi there, my names Ellie and let me tell you a bit about myself. Well, first of all, I’m an Alpha’s daughter, Alpha Darkbloom of the Dark Wolf Pack, to be specific. I’m depressed because of something that happened in my past, keep reading to find out what. but anyways because of my depression, I started to cut and smoke when I was 15.

Anyways, I’m a white wolf along with my best friends Violet and Chloe.

Alright so, I have straight long black hair that reaches my thigh and very fair tan along with dark blue eyes with silver specks.

Violet, on the other hand, has shoulder-length dirty blonde hair with dyed purple tips, she has a natural olive tan and deep violet eyes.

And last but definitely not least, Chloe, she has curly reddish-brown hair that reaches halfway down her back along with a dark olive tan with hazel green eyes.

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