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It all began with a dare..... He was a celebrity and she was a normal teen. They met unexpectedly and became friends. And then everything began....

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The Stone Hit

Its a pleasant evening today. Perfect day to have a little walk with friends in the park.

"Hey! Gungun, Anya be fast." I said to two of my best friends. Gungun if we talk about is a complete psycho. She is the clown of our trio.

And Anya.. She is the bad girl sort of but still is very sweet.

Our new school year is starting from tomorrow. So we decided to spend some time together before get busy with school. Because we all are in different schools.

The parks the place where we spend most of our time in vacations. It's just a few steps from our house. And we three also live nearby each other.

"Coming..." Anya yelled from the balcony.

" Why did you guys took so much time? "

" I spilled water over my dress. So I was getting changed." Gungun cleared.

"Okay. Let's go now!"

In the park we were chit chatting about random stuff. I told them about my felicitation ceremony which was yesterday.

My school has a tradition of inviting all students of class 10th and 12th who got more than 85% in finals for felicitation.

"Hey! Let's play something" Gungun exclaimed.

"What?" I asked curiously.

"Truth and Dare! "Anya suggested.

"Yeah.... But we have played it so many times..." I said.

"Yeah" Gungun agreed. "Let's just play dare"

"Okay, no problem. "

" So who is going first? " I asked with a evil grin on my face. I know really well what dare I want to give to the two.

"I am. " Gungun said. " and I know it's something evil by your face."

I chuckled.

" Okay..... So turn behind and go to the boy in red T-shirt and..... propose him.

"What! No. Never. " I knew it. The boy I was referring to was her crush. And never in hell will she ever propose a guy.

"But it's a dare. You'll have to. "Anya supported me.

"But.... " and she started whining like a 5 year old.

"Yes means yes. You'll have to do it. " I said firmly.

And she did it. And there stood Harsh with a completely blank and shocked expression.

"It's a dare! " Both me and Anya shouted from the other end and I can see his expression relaxing.

Gungun came back to where we were sitting and her face was flushed. We began laughing hysterically.

After we regained our computer we resumed with the game and gave each other some embarrassing dares. When it was my turn, some boy passed by our group. He looked strange. " I have never seen him in park ever before. " Anya said.

"Yeah... Anyways. What's my dare? "

"Oh.. Right. "

"I know. " Gungun said excitedly. " Pick up a storm e and hit that guy standing by the well. "

"Wait... no. " As I realised who she was referring to. " I am not hitting a random guy with a stone."

"Yes. You will. "

Ugh. I groaned in frustration. I know I'll have to other vise what they will do would not be good for me. Last time when I didn't complete I dare I remember it brought disaster to me. These girls are crazy. They can do anything.

"Fine." I exclaimed.

I am not sure how will the boy react. Please god save me. I aimed a small stone at him and then threw it. As it hit his back he turned and cursed me.

"Bloody hell. "

I turned around and shouted behind "Sorry. Really sorry. It was a dare. " And stared running in the direction of my house.

I directly went to my room and shut the door.

"Oh god. I am sure he saw my face. "

But strangely enough that guy actually looked familiar. Maybe he was someone from nearby.

I picked up my phone and saw 3 missed calls from my mother.

I called her back.

"Hey mom! Where are you? "

"Oh dear! Your Nunna was not feeling well so I am visiting her. I called you but you left your phone at home. "

"Is she okay now? "


"When will you be back? "

" I'll probably get late so way your food and sleep early. "

"Okay. Tell Nunna to take care. Bye. "

"Bye. "

I had my dinner, packed my school bag and went to bed.

Hope this school year be worth it.

Beep beep beep

I woke up to the noise of my alarm at 6:00 am. My bus arrives at 7:05 am. I have enough time to get ready.

I got out of my bed and headed to the bathroom to do my morning chores.

After a nice shower I wore my uniform and got ready. My uniform is changed this year. We used to have white half-sleeved shirt and red checked tunic with black belt. But from this year we'll be having full-sleeved white shirt and red checked skirt with red tie and black belt.

After I got dressed I tied my hair in a nice French braid and headed down stars for my breakfast.

I waved my hand to Jasnoor as I reached my bus stop.


"Hey" she replied back.

"Ready for new session!?" I asked excitedly.

"Yeah. By the way which subject have you out?"

"PCB (physics, chemistry, biology for who don't know). What about you?"

"Economics with computer science and law."

While talking we didn't even realised that are bus arrived.

I took my seat in front of Jasnoor and Vanya. They usually sit together. Everything was going nice until he came in the bus.

God...... Here goes my first day of new session.

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