Sweet love

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What's your name?

After the class I stayed back with a few more friends of mine for a meeting with the teachers because our classes started a month later than the juniors which held us back in for the practice of the upcoming events.

After the meeting, I dashed towards the class. I already told one of my friend, who surely is in the same class as me, to inform the teacher that me and a close friend of mine in this class, Gouri, will be late as we are in a meeting.

The class was mostly filled. More than every year it is on the first day. There were only 2 empty seats,which I suppose were saved by the friend of mine. Because she was sitting behind those 2 seats with........ Him.

God...... Really!!!

Great. He is in the same bus as me. Same grade. And on top of that same section. Amazing... Isn't it.

We made our way to the seats and settled while our class teacher started addressing the class. "So, welcome back everyone. You guys already know me. For those who don't -I am Kirti Garg, your class teacher and I'll be teaching you physics. So there's this new student in our class.please come up here and introduce yourself."

And I knew it very well who this 'new student' would be. So I just started doodling in my notebook, completely ignoring what that guy was saying.

We didn't study much today as it was the very first day. As the class came to its end everyone was waiting for the bell to ring and the short break to start.

While I was packing my back my books in my bag, I felt the presence of a body beside me. I looked up to be caught by beautiful blue orbs staring intently at me.

"Um...... Hi. I was just thinking if I could join you for the break cause I don't really know anyone else... So..... " he asked, quite hesitantly.

Before I could say anything Gouri interrupted "Why not." As she had already agreed who was I to refuse. He would think I am purposely avoiding him. Which I am. But still it's rude. So I just went with the flow. "Yeah sure" I replied rather flatly.

We made our way out between the groups of students chattering, eating and enjoying themselves. I spotted my group of friend settled at our regular place besides the huge window. I quickly made my way to them, Gouri and the boy hot on my heels.

"Hey guys!" I exclaimed as I plopped down besides Shruti and Gouri on the other side of her, while the boy took the seat next to me.

"Um... Who's this?" Saksham, one of the boys from my group inquired. "Oh.. Yeah... This is a new classmate of mine. He doesn't know anyone yet, so he asked to accompany us today." Now I really think I should have listened while he was introducing himself. I don't even know his name. I glanced at the boy only to be caught by his blue eyes doing the same. A smirk plastered over his face.

I just turned away and began eating my breakfast. His mere presence just makes my mind go blank. I don't even know him yet he has this effect on me.

"Hey! I am Saksham. Nice to meet you." Saksham greeted him. The rest following through. First Suhani. Then Rishika, Janvi, Sarah, Tanishka, Mini and at last Shruti. And I just sat there looking down and eating.

"BTW, you look quite familiar..... What's your name? " Shruti finally spoke the question that has been bugging her.

"Oh! Sorry. I forget to introduce myself properly. I m Raviul Khan. I have shifted from Mumbai to Indore two days ago." And I choked on my food and ended up in a coughing fit.

A hand patted my back and someone handed me a water bottles. I gulped down the water and just stared at the amused blue eyed figure sitting beside me.

"Looks like you really didn't pay any attention to my introduction while in class." He taunted. And I just looked at him, my cheeks tinted scarlet and eyes wide.

His normally shaggy and curly hair were straightened and set with some gel on top of his head. He was wearing glasses which I guess were meant to hide his electric blue eyes but failed to do so. And his lips curved up in that heart melting smirk. How could I not identify him. Besides his hair everything else was giving out who he was. How can I be such a fool.

Maybe I intended to push him away way too much because of the incident....at our first meeting......

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