Last to Fall

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Stranded on a hostile alien planet, alita is forced to try and survive the harsh environment that not even the toughest of soldiers dared to set foot in. ~~~ A world of deadly plants, animals and criminals of the worst kind, with no order, no weapons and no society, this place is considered xeno-hell. It's a sentence to death for all that enter it. And when Alita is exiled for a crime she didn't commit she's thrown into the most dangerous planet in the galaxy. While struggling to survive she happens to meet one of the natives, and the last thing he wants is a small pathetic human following him around.

Romance / Scifi
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Why am I here?...

I'm innocent...

He's the one who hurt me...

So why am I taking the blame...

"Miss Alita asmora, daughter of Lord Keith asmora... You have been found guilty for the murder of the seventh court deity have also been found guilty for plotting against the better good of the empire... "Assault of any kind against a court official is reason enough for the punishment of death... Though we have come to a better arrangement... Your advisor has pleaded for your banishment to the penal colony on xanadis... There you will either live out the rest of your life on the hostile planet or perish in its environment... There will be no chance for you to return. Do you accept this sentence... If not then you will be publicly executed..."

Looking up from my position in the center of the room I could see each of the six court deities sitting before me with one empty chair between them. My heart was starting to race and it felt as though I might blackout...

This cant really be happening...

Looking to the side my eyes met those of my best friend standing off to the side, next to two guards fully dressed in the speak white military armor of our empire.

His green eyes held so much anger and sympathy for me but his hands were tied. Neither of us could do anything to stop this...He only gave me a slight nod.

Exile or death...

What kind of choice is that?

Closing my eyes I mumbled my answer, as tears pricked the corners of my eyes.

"I-i accept the terms..." My voice wavered and i couldn't stop the stutter in my voice.

"Then by the royal court order, you are hereby exiled to the planet of xanadis for the remainder of your life cycle. Guards take her away..."

varin ran to my side in an instant grabbing me by my shoulders keeping me from falling to my knees as i stood there numbly. The two guards that had been standing by the doorway escorted us out of the room.

I was silent, not sure what to say, or what to do...

"Alita everything going to be okay..."

No matter how much I wanted to believe him, I just couldn't bring myself to do so... Nothing about this was okay! I was being sent to a planet full of criminals! Murderers and thieves!

As we walked we were taken back to my cell to prepare for the drop-off...

"You have ten minutes..." The guard huffed.

Varin glared at them before taking me inside. The door automatically slid closed behind us.

i hugged myself and sat down on my bed, i wasn't sure what to do, i wanted to scream i wanted to cry to tell them they were wrong but no one would believe one but varin... His features softened as he pulled me into a hug.

"Alita...i swear to you this isn't the end...xanadis is just a way to buy some more time, ill figure out exactly what happend...ill prove your innocence and bring you home, i promise...all you have to do is find somewhere safe to hide...just for a few days...ill figure out some way to help you out down there but for now you need to focus and stay alive... Avoid people if you can..."

"I can't do this...varin please..." i pleaded, my voice came out small and showed just how helpless i felt. but we both knew there was nothing more that could be done. The court's decision was the final word.

"I'm sorry... Come on you need to change into a bodysuit."

He tapped the wall next to my bed revealing a hidden drawer with fresh clean clothes folded inside. He handed me the suit which I took, after wiping my tears with the back of my hand. Standing up from the bed i went to the back of the room and behind the curtain to change. Once i was done changing i came out to see him going through the storage compartment near the mirror.

Sitting down on the bed once again I traced my fingers across the fabric of the was different from my usual attire of dresses and formal wear. But the suit hugged my body and fit me to a tee.

Looking up I noticed varin holding a device for cutting hair, and i instinctively clutched my long hair.

"Alita please...your hair could get in the way...down there anything could happen if your not careful...your long hair could cause problems..."

I could feel tears pricking my again and he sighed setting the device aside.

"Fine...we won't cut it but at least let me braid it back some..."

I nodded and allowed him to sit behind me. After removing the silver crown that had rested on my head, He carefully braided my hair, not missing a single strand. Once he was done, i touched the braid, and let it hang down over my shoulder. Something stuck out from the braid that looked like a small metal rod i opened my mouth to ask him but he only shushed me. Realizing this was something i wasn't allowed to take, gulped. If he was caught helping me or giving me a weapon he could be killed.

A hard bang on the door alerted us that it was time. Anxiety surged through me as i looked at varin panicked. He stood up and offered me his hand that i hesitantly took.

Leading me out of the room varin and the guards took me to a small ship designed for drop-offs. It was designed for quick travels at high speeds, it would only take a short amount of time before we arrived at the planet. Once we boarded the ship my restraints were removed. Rubbing my wrists where the cuffs once were i glanced around at the ship, the cockpit was closed off from the back and on both sides of us were escape pods locked onto the ship With hatches underneath each of them.

They didn't seriously mean that they were going to drop me onto the planet inside one of those?! Each pod barely had enough room for a single person to fit inside.

I looked over to bar in and he seemed just as concerned as I was. This wasn't safe. The pod could crash or malfunction during the decent and I could be injured or killed! This couldn't be part of the protocol they had set up!

As the ship took off I sat next to varin in one of the passenger seats, hugging his arm. Neither of us said a word the entire trip, what could we say? See ya later? Have a good trip? Try not to die? All the possibilities of what could go wrong raced through my head. What if someone finds me when i land? What if something finds me...

I squeezed his arm tighter, terrified of the off chance that something bad will happen before he gets a chance to rescue me.

After a few minutes, one of the guards exited the cockpit locking the door behind him. "Its time... We are above the planet's atmosphere."

Varin stood up from his seat angry. "Above?! You're not going to fly us down or at least enter the planet's sky to drop her?!"

"No." The guard growled, crossing his arms over his chest. His helmet hid his face from sight but i could tell he wasn't happy about varins attitude.

Grabbing his hand I made varin look at me. His features softened at the sight of me and he pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back closing my eyes. Hoping we would see each other again soon.

The guard input a code into one of the pods and its door slid open.

"Just survive... A few days okay? Just a few days..."

Holding back tears I hugged him tighter. Rough hands grabbed my arm and I was suddenly pulled away.

"Hey!" Varin shouted as a second guard stood in his way separating us. The man who had a hold on me pushed me into the open pod harshly.

"Stop I'm not done saying goodbye!" Varin yelled while trying to force his way past the guard. Fear took over as my heart started to race and the pod door closed.

"Alita! I'll get you out I promise!!"

Panic filled me as the pod's hatch slowed shut, cutting off my view of the ships inside.

"Varin!" I called out helplessly, hopeing that they would stop and open the door, but there was no noise from the other side.

The inside of the pod was dark and I couldn't see much of anything.

Wrapping my arms around myself I closed my eyes and waited. This was it...this was really happening.

Suddenly the pod shook as it was released from its station of the ship and we ended to the planet below. It was calm for a few seconds and it almost felt as though I was floating, but it was short-lived, and soon everything began shaking violently and i was nearly thrown around. I cried, fearful that it would fall apart before i ever reached the ground i tried grabbing onto anything i could but i couldn't see a thing, and the shaking just got worse and worse.

Covering my head with my arms I squeezed my eyes shut. The descent was as agonizingly terrifying as it was short.

Soon I was thrashed around and my head hit something hard, and i blacked out, as the pod crashed into the planet known as xadanis.

The world of monsters.



Keeping my head low I looked around at my surroundings. There was not a soul in sight...but that didn't mean there wasn't something lurking nearby.

Kneeling down I inspected the tracks imprinted in the mud and growled. These were old...

Cursing to myself i got to my feet and continued stalking through the jungle, avoiding any potential danger, i wasn't in the mood to fight tonight.

The sun had gone down hours ago. The jungle was more alive than ever and just as deadly as before.

A light in the sky grabbed my attention as I stopped in my tracks and looked up.

A light came down from the sky falling to the planet like a falling star. Illuminating the forest in a blazing light, before crashing into the trees a few miles away.

Once the light faded I grinned, my fangs glinting in the moonlight.

It's time to hunt.

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