Last to Fall

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I opened my eyes to darkness.

Groaning I attempted to feel around at my surroundings, where am I? When my hands came in contact with the smooth metal hatch, it cracked open with a hiss, as air leaked out. From the crack, I could see what looked like sunlight peeking through.

Pushing against the hatch, it moved upwards on its own, and I was blinded by the light of day. When my eyes finally adjusted, I was in disbelief of what I saw before me. The lush greens and blues of an alien jungle.

Pushing myself up, I carefully climbed out of my pod and ascended from the small crater left behind by my landing.

Looking around I found there was no sign of any buildings anywhere...much less no signs of people.

Grabbing my head I squeezed my eyes shut and told my self this wasn't real, it couldn't be real!

But to my disappointment, I opened my eyes to nothing but the jungle.

This wasn't a was all real.

"No no...." Looking to the sky I tried to find any sign of the ship but there was nothing, just blue sky's and two of the planets three moons lingering in the sky.

I was on my own...

Thoughts raced through my head as I stood by my pod, what do I do? What can i do? I have nothing... Looking back at the pod i could see it had no thrusters of any kind so there was no way to fly it back...they made these things into a one way trip to hell. Unlike the other planets humans have colonies, xanadis was uninhabitable, the entire world was considered extremely dangerous due to the harsh envirement and deadly inhabitants...not only were the creatures that lived here dangerous... There was rumors that the plant life was. Toxic fumes produced by flowers, poisonous fruits, carnivorous plants... I shuddered at the thought of running into one of those dangerous creatures or plants.

Closing my eyes I tried to think of the most logical thing to do.

After a moment I realized I did have something.

Going back to the pod I searched it's interior for what I was looking for, on the floor I found a latch that should open a secret compartment for supplies. Hopeful I tugged on the handle but it just wouldn't budge, no matter how much I pulled.

Pulling with as much strength as i could, wasn't enough as my hands slipped and i fell back on the ground with a thud.

Groaning I sat up and looked around the surrounding area, maybe there was something i could use to pry it open?

Noticing a branch near the treeline, I made my way over and picked it up off the ground. But as I did so, a vine on the tree beside me, moved.

Spinning around I didnt see anything strange, but something felt off. I took a step back looking around, still seeing nothing.

After a moment of looking around, i decided to take the branch back to the pod, only for my foot to instantly get caught on something...or better yet...for something to catch my foot.

"Ah?!" I fell face-first into the ground. Any other time I would have laughed at my stupidity but this wasn't the time.

The thing I caught my foot on, wrapped itself around my ankle and i could feel it start to pull, trying to drag me into the forest. What is this thing?!

I looked back to see a vine woven around my ankle, and through the bushes, it was dragging me towards, a tall baren tree, covered in vines, and thorns large enough to pierce through someone's body. Under the tree, where the vine was attached, i could see a burrow, full of much shorter vines, covered in thorns. I tried to claw away or pull myself free as it dragged me closer but there was nothing for me to grip onto.

As it reeled me in, one of the thorn-covered vines shot out wrapping around my leg and squeezing it in a near bone-crushing grip.

I cried out in pain as the thorns from the vine dug deep into my flesh. This thing was going to tear me apart!

Struggling much more franticly now i took hold of the branch and struck the vine as hard as possible, to my dismay it only held on tighter, digging its thorns even deeper into my leg. It pulled me even closer, dragging towards the entrance of the thorn filled burrow. i grabbed onto one of the trees giant protruding branches to keep it from dragging me in.

Another thorn-covered vine came from inside and took hold of my same leg, squeezing it just as tightly as the first and i cried out at the burning pain as multiple sharp, blade-like points dug themselves into my calf.

My head was pounding as I held on for dear life. Looking down I could see more of the vines trying to reach for me.

Using my free leg I kicked at the vines woven around my leg. They flinched but. Did not release me.

I cried out for help and my voice only seemed to echo in the trees. "Someone help!!"

There was no response and i felt my heart sink. No no, this can't be happening.

Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes as the thorn as buried themselves even deeper into my leg.

Frantically I looked for anything that might help. A pointed rock was sticking out of the mud next to me about a foot away.

Looking down at the vine i could see that it was soft, in the areas there were no thorns.

My grip on the tree branch was starting to slip as I decided between holding on or taking a chance.

Closing my eyes I gathered my courage to let go of the branch, and grab the rock.

The vines pulled me closer as I moved down and raised the stone before smashing it down onto one of the vines, severing it from the rest. A sickening hiss came from the plant as it pulled the rest of its injured vine into the den away from harm.

The rest of it that was still connected to the tree squirmed and thrashed around violently as it retreated back into the burrow.

I did the same for the others and the vines all seemed to retreat away from me.

Scrambling to scoot away i moved a safe distance away to. Catch my breath, as my heart threatened to burst from my chest. I nearly died... I had to shake my head and get control over myself before I broke down. Not even an hour of being here and I just nearly died to a tree!

No, I have to keep going!

The vines that had severed from the tree were still painfully wrapped around my leg with the thorns embedded into my skin.

Carefully I uncoiled them grimacing as they pulled away, leaving my leg a bloody torn mess... I held back tears as i got to my feet and limped back to the pod with the branch.

Breaking open the hidden compartment I removed the bag that was seated inside. Opening it up i was disappointed to find hardly anything of use, and worst of all, no food, water, or bandages. I dug through the back looking through the continents. This couldn't be it! Wheres the first aid, the rations, the matches to start a fire!?

I started at the supplies before me. A knife, a book, a pencil, a small flask, and a pair of cloths.

My hope sank at what little I had. How was u supposed to survive with this?!

Grabbing my head I squeezed my eyes shut, as tears threatened to fall.

What am I supposed to do?. Staring at the items before me i debated on what next.

Do I stay by the pod so it's easier for varin to find me? No... There's a chance someone else might find me if i do that...if anyone is even still alive on this planet.

Looking at my leg it was clear that i needed to clean it and find some kind of bandage... But how...

Sighing I gathered everything into the bag except the knife and slung it over my shoulder.

Keeping the knife on my belt i stood up and looked around. Deciding it would be best to go the opposite direction of the murderous tree, i started walking, being extra careful about where i stepped this time.

I came across many exotic and colorful flora as i went and noticed how there were a lot more blue plants than green.

Hours passed by as i traveled and i could see the sun was getting lower. My leg hurt, and every step sent a wave of pain through me.

I'm not sure if I should consider myself lucky or not...unlucky that i injured myself or lucky that the vines weren't venomous, or else id already be dead...

I looked to the sky guessing that I only had a few hours before sundown. Ideas of what might lurk in this forest at night has me pushing forward, in hopes to find some kind of shelter before the night sets in.

Looking forward i can see some jagged rock formations sticking out of the ground, creating a small ledge that could provide some cover for the night. Maybe my luck hadn't completely run out.

Holding my knife in one hand I move closer and look inside to make sure there weren't any unwanted inhabitants. To my amazement, there wasn't. Crawling into the small cave I got as comfortable as I could and sat down to inspect my injuries. My leg had many deep cuts that had bled profusely and there was dirt, blood, and grime covering the suit i wore.

There's no way i could leave it like this. I needed water or something to clean it off and bandage it. The wounds weren't deep enough to make me bleed out but they were susceptible to infection.

Sighing I rested my head against the underside of the rock formation. How am i going to survive like this?...

Glancing outside i noticed something purple and round just sitting on the ground outside the cave. Squinting i moved forward towards the caves entrance, the strange object looked out of place. Looking around for more i noticed a few pieces of the same item, scattered about as if something had cracked it open. Trailing my line of sight upwards i could see more of the strange balls growing in the tree, just above me.

Excitement rushed through me at the first logical explanation. Food.

Crawling out from my small bit of cover I grabbed as many if the untouched balls that I could. Most of them had already been scavenged by animals and there was no way for me to climb the tree to reach the others so i only managed to collect three.

Looking to the sky it was clear that night time was starting to settle in, ad i wouldnt be able to see very well soon.

Moving back over to my hole I inspected the objects, to my dismay they had a hard outer shell like a nut or seed of some kind.

Finding a large stone I attempted multiple times to try and crack the blasted thing open, but the rock hardly made a dent. I glared angrily at the nut despising it's the impenetrable outer shell greatly.

Then it clicked in my mind as I remembered that I still had my knife.

Pulling the blade from my belt, i smiled, wedging the nut between two rocks i gripped the blades handle and hovered it over the outer shell.

Taking a deep breath I raised the knife and brought it down upon it.

The next moment i cried out in agonizing pain and gripped my bleeding hand. The blade broke off the hilt and cut open my hand, it hardly left a scratch in the thing.

Gripping my hand tightly I whimpered and looked at the blood that continued to drip. The wound was deep and bleeding profusely...

Clutching my bleeding hand I held back tears that threatened to fall and crawled back to my hole.

Why was I being punished? What did i do to deserve this?

Pulling out the shirt in my bag I carefully ripped off one of the sleeves with my teeth and wrapped it around my bleeding hand.

The sunlight completely faded away leaving the forest in darkness, and I couldn't see anything outside my little den. I was alone...

No one was around for miles and no one could help or comfort me. I was completely isolated and completely helpless.

The chirping of distant forest insects and animals lulled me to sleep as i laid there curled up.

Completely oblivious to the thing lurking just outside...

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