Last to Fall

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monster or man

The chirping of birds and sounds of other small creatures stirred me awake, and I found myself curled up in a hole in the ground. It took me a moment to realize exactly where I was.

I had to take a moment to let the facts settle in. That I'm no longer in the safety of my home, that I'm trying to survive on a hostile planet. That I could potentially die.

Closing my eyes I let myself relax some. I can't dwell on these things, I had to focus or else I really might just die. Opening my eyes I realized I was still holding the knife from last night.

Memories of watching that....thing come out of nowhere and kill a man were still fresh in my mind. Was it still out there?

Peeking outside of the hole I didn't notice anyone or anything lurking about. But was it really safe to go out there?... Most likely not.

Sitting back I looked more closely at the knife it was a long slender blade made from a very dark-colored metal. The handle had some silver rims and strange markings were carved into the sides of the blade. This wasn't something given in a survival kit. This blade was expensive and had to have been custom made.

The grumble of my stomach reminded me of the fact I needed food. I guess I had no choice, staying in the den wasn't an option. As for water, maybe i could go back to the small ditch i found? No...i would rather not see the dead body of a man in the daylight. I shuddered at the thought.

Looking through the opening of the den I made sure that there was no sign of that creature from last night. Once I felt sure enough that it was gone I crawled out of the hole and stretched my limbs. It felt good after being in that cramped hole all night. Grabbing my bag of supplies i started walking in the opposite direction of the watering hole, in hopes that i might find some food. I also kept my eyes out for any more crazed people who might try to kill or eat me.

Touching my neck it was obviously bruised. I sighed and continued looking for anything that might be viable as food. My leg and palm continued to throb in pain and after walking a short distance i had to take a break.

Sitting on an old log I set the knife in my lap. My hand hurt more than anything, and I carefully unwrapped it to see just how inflamed it was. Wincing in pain I dug through my bag for my flask, so i could cool it off with the water i had saved.

The rustle of leaves had me stoping what i was doing. Only then did i notice that nothing was making any sound. The birds had stopped and i couldn't hear anything but the sound of my own heartbeat beating in my ears.

Looking around, i saw nothing but trees bushes and various plants, but something was telling me i was being watched.

Slowly I took hold of the knife with my good hand and carefully stood up. Keeping an eye on my surroundings. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as my heart rate increased. After a moment I took a few steps back, ready to turn and run.

A thud of something hitting the ground had me frozen in place as a familiar growl came from behind me. I paled as my stomach dropped. Turning my head slightly to look back. My eyes came across the same monster that had chased me down the night before and killed a man.

I looked up at him horrified as he towered over me. His face showed nothing but anger as he bared his fangs, and glared down at me. His skin was a pale grey and his head was covered in short black hair. He took on a humanoid form but he was nowhere near human.

A pair of horns poked out from the top of his head hardly an inch long. And his tail... Looked as though it could reach over five feet. At the end of it was a bladed tip, sharp enough to cut through bone.

He took one step towards me, and i did the only thing any sane person would do...i screamed, turned, and ran for my life.

He chased after me and I narrowly avoided his claws as he tried grabbing me, he was right on my heels.

I ducked under a low branch and could hear his growl of annoyance from behind because he was too big to go under it, I thought it might slow him down but he just jumped over it with ease. Looking back i could see him using everything to his advantage as he chased me, pushing off trees or rocks to give himself more of a boost with every step.

In the split-second of me not watching in front of me, my food caught onto a root, and i fell forward onto the ground. My pursuer landed on his feet just next to me and grabbed me by my shoulder.

Shrieking in terror i swung around and swiped at him with the knife, only to end up cutting the air. He pinned me down by my shoulder with one hand and grabbed my wrist with the other, completely stopping me from being able to fight back. He snarled in my face clearly pissed.

I looked at him in horror before squeezing my eyes shut. This was it. This was how i was going to die, i was to be killed by this monster, and no one would ever find my body... I would just be left her to rot and be eaten by scavengers.

Tears formed in the corners of my eyes as I waited for him to tear me apart. another language... I couldn't understand the words, but he sounded frustrated?

The next moment the knife was taken from my hand. A small whimper escaped from my throat as i waited for it to do something... Cracking one eye open i could see him glaring down at me...observing me. After a moment, he released my arms and stood up. I looked at him both terrified and confused. Why isn't he ripping my throat out?

Laying on the ground i got a much better look at him, besides the strange horns, tail, clawed hands, and grey/blue-colored skin, he looked almost human... But how is that possible? There are no other sentient species like humans and the genetic modifications we have aren't enough to grow entire limbs like his tail.

He looked me over once then turned away, walking into the forest... He wasn't trying to kill me...

I looked at my empty hand then back at him. The knife was now secured in a sheath, that seemed to me made specifically for the knife, tied to his belt.

I watched him stalk away, not even bothering to look back at me.

I couldn't believe it....he just took the knife and now he's leaving? Not to mention...he spoke...was the knife all he was after?

Snapping out of my trance I quickly got to my feet. He wasn't trying to hurt me...he just wanted his knife back...

Visions of last night ran through my head, the crazed man who tried to kill me...he was human, no doubt a criminal who was left here on the planet as punishment. How many others are there on this planet... Looking around it felt like the forest might just swallow me whole.

If he wasn't going to kill me...maybe he could help me...

Biting my lip I made my choice and chased after him. I needed to try.

Once I was just a few feet behind him, he spun around and snarled at me. I squealed and jumped back in fright as he stopped and looked me over.

His hand was resting on the hilt of the knife, ready to draw it if needed.

I gulped and he just stared at me for a moment before huffing and turning away to continue walking. He wasn't even phased by that i was a different species... Does he already know about humans?... Of course, we've been dropping murderers onto his planet how wouldn't the native species know about us...

He didn't attack me so, that has to be a good sign right?

After a moment, I continued following him. He noticed again, looking at me from over his shoulder with a glare before stopping and growling.

I stopped as well and didn't move. He continued walking. And i continued following.

I only took a few steps before he stopped again, and turned to growl at me Then angrily spoke in an alien language that i couldn't understand, but it sounded like a warning to stop following him.

He didn't even give me a chance to respond before he turned to continue walking.

Gulping I spoke up this time.

"Wait, please! I need your help! I know you may not understand me but please!"

He only seemed to ignore me, while making his way through the forest. He managed to traverse the terrain with ease.

Ignoring the pain in my leg I pushed forward to catch up and tried getting his attention, walking up beside him. He glanced at me with a glare then continued walking making it clear he was ignoring me.

Whining I fell back a short distance and continued to follow him, trying to keep up to the best of my ability.

After what seemed like hours of walking i could feel myself getting weaker. I hadn't found any food yet and my injured leg was slowing me down, despite trying to keep up, i had fallen far behind.

Looking up I could see he was having no problem at all, he hardly seemed affected by the terrain and looked as determined to keep going as when we first started walking, not at all worn down.

Pushing forward I tried to catch up, but in my haste, my foot slips in the mud, and i nearly trip. Taking a second to recover i look up to see he's even further ahead. He wasn't slowing down.

Pushing myself up I continued to follow. "Please wait!.." He didnt stop and with my slow pace, only a moment later i lost sight of him.

I stopped and sunk to the ground next to a tree... I was exhausted and in pain. My leg hurt, my hand was throbbing and now im alone again. Hugging my knees i at there and silently let the tears fall down my cheeks.

What am i supposed to do now...

I sat there for a few moments silently crying. My life was a mess... I've only been on this planet a single day and already nearly died three times, not to mention I've sustained injuries far worse than any I've ever had before... Maybe im just weak...

I'm brought out of my sulking as the sound of a branch cracking grabs my attention.

Looking up I noticed movement a short distance away, in the direction the stranger had went.

Wiping my eyes I made my way over there carefully to see him looking up at a tree. He jumps up and grabs one of the branches of the tree. His weight is enough to make the branch crack more and soon enough it breaks under his weight and they fall to the ground. He lands on his feet and inspects the branch before picking off some blue colored fruit in the shape of a pomegranate.

After grabbing three of the strange fruits, he leaves the rear and walks over to the shade of a tree and sits down to eat.

Carefully I move over and crouch down next to the broken branch there were at least five fairly good fruits left, so why didn't he take them? As far as I could tell, food wasn't easy to find...

Glancing at the strange alien man i noticed he had nothing to carry items in. Picking off the rest of the fruits i inspected one of them carefully. Did it seem safe enough to eat?

Looking back up, I noticed that he was watching me from the corner of his eye. Once he saw i was looking, he looked away.

I put the extra fruit in my bag and walked over to him with one in hand.

He turned to look at me again as I approached, and watched me carefully.

I sat under a nearby tree, and took a bite out of the fruit, enjoying it's sweet and savory flavor. It was the best fruit in ever had. I continued to eat every bit i could, but didnt bother with the center, seeing it was just one giant seed.

The man watched me strangely as I ate and once I looked up he scoffed and looked away. He didn't seem to care much for me following him. But he didn't get up and immediately start walking away once he was done eating. I'm not sure if he was waiting for me or just resting, but I couldn't help but feel a little relieved.

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