Last to Fall

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The lake


The alien beside me was strange, and the language barrier between us didnt help in the slightest.

Once I finished eating I noticed the strange giant was watching me with a look of suspicion. He didnt trust me, that much was obvious. I had to assume his previous international with humans haven't been good...the only people he probably has met are murderers and thieves.

After a short while of resting he stood up from his spot and rolled his shoulders before looking up at the sky, I followed his gaze curiously but saw nothing out of the ordinary. He then started walking in another direction.

Quickly getting to my feet I went after him, once again he seemed annoyed by my presence and the snarl he gave me, made me all the more nervous about following him. So instead of walking beside him, I walked behind, by a few paces.

Why was he so hostile towards strangers?

I couldn't help but wonder if it was even a good idea to follow him...he did just kill a man...despite the fact that man was about to eat me... He could have easily killed me as well...but instead... He spared he can't be all bad, right? I just had to show him I wasn't a threat...

My mind started to reel with questions as I watched him. Was he part of a native species inhabiting the planet? Were there more of his kind roaming around? If so how have they avoided detection for so long? And how bad is their impression of us after dropping all our criminals onto their soil for the past twenty-seven years...

I used to resolve the many conflicts that arose in the empire throughout the many factions... Keeping the peace was my job for a long time, if i do ever get back home, then I would need to convince the council that this penal colony... If there were more of these people then it would change everything... We will no longer be the only intelligent species... I had to find a way to fix this... If i even survive...

Continuing forward, the forest seemed to get denser, and soon enough I was having trouble trying to walk through the shrubbery. But to my surprise, through the dense forest, i noticed light reflecting off the ground up not the ground, off a lake!

Pushing forward, the stranger stopped near the treeline and overlooked everything around us. I happily rushed over to the water's edge. The lake was a decent size and spaned about a mile across. Kneeling down I cupped my hands. Getting some of the water to drink. Before i could take a sip though i was grabbed from behind and pulled away from the water's edge and back into the treeline.

Landing in the dirt I looked up to see the stranger was glaring at me. Before speaking angrily.

"Doe na teni?!" He growled, standing between me and the lake.

I flinched at the harshness of his voice, not understanding. He scoffed before pointing at the lake. "Sekon!"

I looked to the water confused. Did I do something wrong? He huffed before walking past me and back to the edge of the forest. Wiping the dirt off me I looked up at the lake's water. Was it possibly dangerous?

Sighing I turned away and followed him back through the treeline, he moved around the lake keeping it at the edge of our vision, i didnt understand why he didnt just travel along the edge of the lake where there were less debris and shrubbery in the way, there had to be a reason. I groaned and rubbed my throat that was starting to feel parched. I need water soon...

Keeping up the pace was making my leg start to ache. I also needed to change out of this suit... It was torn up and covered in dirt and blood.

I shuddered at the fact that some of it wasn't even my own...I've been trying my best not to think about how he killed a man in such a way, but the thought of it continued to linger in the back of my head.

Looking up I stared at the stranger's backside. Would he kill me if I upset him... Shopping in my tracks I looked at the ground deep in thought. Maybe this wasn't the best idea...what made me think following this alien was my best chance... My foot caught on a rock and I fell forward landing in the dirt. Dammit, I wasn't paying attention!

Looking up, i could see him walking away without looking back. He's hardly tolerated my mere existence. I got to my feet and tried to go after him, only to end up lost without any sign of the man.

I looked around the surrounding area franticlly, almost desperately. But he was gone. Sulking I looked back, maybe I could find my way back to the lake. A watersource like that is a big land-mark and it would be better than being lost in the forest. I'm alone again...

Shaking the thought from my head I started Following the trail back, after a bit I noticed the burning sensation in my hand. Sighing I sat down against a tree and took a better look at the injury.

I winced at the sight of it, the area around it was inflaimed, I was no medic but I knew it wasn't good. I needed to clean it or find some kind of medicine...

Maybe I should go back to the lake and try to wash it off...

I jumped at the sound of a small whimper. Looking next to me i could see a small rabbit-sized burrow dug out under the tree.

Shooting away I stared at the den, waiting for something to crawl out and attack me, but after a moment another whimpering sound came from the hole. It sounded like a dog whining.

How strange. Moving closer i kneeled down and tried looking in the hole, and i could see something curled up and hiding inside it was small and scared.

"Hey it's okay...i won't hurt you... Reaching out with my hand I tried encouraging it to come out. The creature inside only continued to whimper. Worried it might be stuck, i dug out the entrance a bit so i could get a better look at the creature. It had black fur and its shape resembled that of a dog from what i could tell. Sitting back a bit i waited to see if it might come out on its own, the last thing i wanted was to scare the poor thing.

After a moment, I could see a small bit of movement in the hole, as it poked it's head out I realized this was not a dog, the creature looked more like a furry dragon of sorts with feathered wings, four red eyes, horns that curled up from the back of its head, a long tail with a tuff of fur at the end of it, and six clawed legs. Its fur was black as the night and shimmered with a blue-green iridescence.

I smiled as it looked up at me both curious and cautious. It made a strange chirping noise before tilting its head to the side. Remembering the fruit im my bag i wondered if it was hungry, the thing seemed like it was just a baby.

"you're Probably hungry...where are your parents... Here i have som-" as i reached into my bag to pull out one of the fruits something brushed up against my hand from inside and squealed like a dying bird. I jumped and shrieked as a small rodent of some kind scurried out of my bag and ran across the ground, but before it could get away the dragon-like pup pounced biting the rodent effectively killing it, before swallowing it whole and licking its lips.

I sat there a bit shocked as my heart raced. When did that thing get in my bag...

Looking into my bag I was little more than disappointed, the small rodent had completely eaten two of my fruits leaving me with one left. Groaning i dumped out the fruit seeds, at least it didn't make much of a mess... At the found of a low purr-like cooing sound I glanced over to see the pup was looking at me curiously and it even tilted its head to the side. Carefully I held my hand out letting it sniff me. To my surprise it looked back up then brushed it's body against my hand, purring like a cat. I smiled and pet the top of its head strokeing its soft fur, then scratched under its chin. In response, it coo'ed more. The creature seemed more cat than lizard or dog and despite its strange appearance i couldn't help but think it seemed a little cute.

Standing up I latched my satchel closed this time. The small creature looked up at me and chirped excitedly.

"I guess your out here on your own too huh..." Looking around I could see no signs of its parents. I felt bad for the poor creature. I played around with the small furball and laughed as he tugged on the strap of my bag. After a bit of fun I smiled and pet its head. "Well, now neither of us has to be alone..."

I started walking and my new little friend happily followed as we made our way back towards the lake. After a short walk, it came into view and i headed straight for it. Soon enough i was at the water's edge.

Looking back though I noticed the pup was shying away from the banks, refusing to leave the treeline, seeming almost scared.

Confused I looked back at the water but could see nothing wrong with it. Was he afraid of water?

"What's wrong? Look it's okay!" Kneeling down. I touched the water and splashed it a little to show him it wasn't dangerous, but instead of coming closer, he shied away more.

Why was he so scared? Walking over i tried to coax him out of the bushes but he wouldnt budge. After a minute or so with no luck, i stood up and sighed. Looking around the river.

As a shadow passed overhead i looked up at the sky, squinting due to the sunlight shining in my eyes. What was that?...

Something shot out of the bushes from behind grabbing me by the waist, i tried to scream but my voice was muffled as a hand came over my mouth. I was dragged back into the bushes and pushed down the ground. Looking up i saw none other than the alien man i had been following earlier.

I tried to speak, confused and scared, he looked down at me and spoke in a hushed voice something in his language. I didnt understand, as my heart raced.

As I was about to speak again there was a loud thud next to us on the lakes shore that seemed to shake the ground. I froze as the sound of a deep yet hollow groan sounded. The alien ducked down as close to the ground as he possibly can with me under him. Our bodies were pressed against each other, but he didnt care. He was more focused on what just landed near us.

Looking over, through the bush i could see the foot of a giant creature just on the other side. It had long serrated claws that looked like bone. I couldn't see the rest of the creature through the bush but I knew it was massive, even compared to the alien man. my stomach sank and My eyes widened in fear as i heard the massive monster growl, This thing was bigger than anything i had ever seen before.

The alien above me didnt say a word as the creature growled, sniffing the ground, he just watched, seeming nervous. This man was fierce and no doubt not someone to be triffled with, yet even he was hiding away from this monster.

I was terrified as my heart threatened to beat out of my chest. Would it find us?! I worried that it would hear my erratic heartbeat. I nearly cried as it got closer to our hiding spot, it's breath was rancid and smelled of rotting meat...

Something in the distance seemed to catch it's attention as it moved away from us. And as swiftly as it had came, it was gone.

The stranger sat up and looked through the bushes, checking to see if it was gone, before removing his hand from my mouth and looking down at mei looked at him terrified and confused. "W-what was that thing?" He seemed to vaguely understand what I was talking about as he looked down at me.

He stood up spoke only one word. "Sekon"

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