Last to Fall

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Befriending a alien seemed even the natives feared this creature, what could drive a nearly seven-foot-tall man to hide... A monster. What other horrors did this planet have to offer was one of the circling questions in my mind...

The creature at the lake came out of nowhere, and I have no doubt that it would have killed me had the alien man not saved me. I was still terrified that whatever that thing was, it would find us again, and this time we wouldn't get a chance to hide.

Within seconds I was pulled to my feet and scolded by the man in his alien language. He glared at me and spoke like I was some kind of insolent child, I couldn't help but shrink a little at his harsh tone.

Once he realized it was pointless speaking to me he growled and turned away. I didn't know what to do or what to say. I'm still terrified, I almost just died...again.

After a moment of him talking to himself out of frustration, he looked to the sky, then back at me. I only stood there, unsure of what to do. My throat was dry and I had no intention of moving from my spot.

He sighed and spoke to me before nodding his head to the side in another direction. I didn't understand until he started walking in that direction.

A loud yet distant screech of an animal had me jumping and quickly following after him. I wasn't going to wait for that thing to come back...

We continued our walk for the next few hours, as the suns in the sky started to fall away, darkening the entire forest.

I ignored the burning pain in my hand as we went, and the pain in my leg wasn't as bad as before. I had no idea where we were going but I didn't dare try to ask or the man. Night would fall soon and I didn't have the cover of that small burrow under the rocks to protect me tonight. I trembled at the thought.

As the sun began to set I could feel a chill run over my body at the nights breeze. Looking up I could see the man before me was still focused on the path ahead of us, he doesn't plan to keep walking at night, does he?!

I was already having a hard enough time traversing the terrain during the day, it would be impossible for me at night.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I should just be thankful he helped me... I still don't understand why though... Before it seemed like he couldn't care less what happens to me if anything I was pest... What made him change his mind?

Looking up I noticed he stopped walking, looking past him I realized we ere at the bottom of a cliff, and just ahead of us was a cave.

He stalked forward and crouched down to the ground inspecting it. He then looked at the cave and sniffed the air. I watched from a short distance away noticing how he was paying such close attention to his surroundings he was almost like an animal...but smarter...looking for any signs of danger. While being quiet enough to avoid detection...

He peered into the cave before looking around one last time. He seemed satisfied with his surroundings and glanced over at me. He nodded his head towards the cave as a signal of his own. I walked over and peered inside. It wasn't much of a cave, it was more of an indentation in the cliff.

Moving inside I sat down at the far wall, away from the entrance. At least I would be able to rest and not continue walking at night. Sighing I looked out at the forest as the last bit of daylight faded away. This would be my second night here...

My...companion...if you could even call him that was still alert and focused on the outside forest. He seemed to be watching for something. Hugging my knees to my chest I rested my head on my arms, my body felt heavy, as my eyes fluttered closed. Soon enough I was drifting into the darkness of sleep.

The sound of a strange howl woke me up and I couldn't help but be a little startled. Rubbing my eyes I looked around. I was still in the den or cave... With the alien man. He was sitting at the entrance resting his arm on one knee. It was still dark out and the moonlight was barely lighting up the inside of our shelter. He was still watching the forest? Wasn't he tired?

Another distant howl sounded in the distance... Was he worried something might attack us?...looking at my bag I got an idea and got to my feet, making my way over to him.

As I reached out to touch his shoulder, he flinched and spun around in a quick movement. With his knife ready.

I took a step back and held my hands up to show him I meant no harm. He quickly settled down and watched me cautiously. He still didn't trust me.

I sat down next to him, keeping my distance, the last thing I wanted was him seeing me as a threat. Looking up at the sky I could see the moon was still high up there, I guess I hadn't slept very long. He looking me over carefully before turning his attention back to the forest.

After an awkward moment of silence, I reached into the bag and pulled out the last fruit I had, at least that creature from before didn't eat all of them.

Looking over at him I offered the food, we had been walking all day so surely he was hungry, right? Food offerings usually mean peace so this could build trust between us, and I kinda owed him for saving my life, twice already.

He looked at the food seeming a bit surprised, before looking at me confused. I gave him a small smile in hopes he would take my peace offering.

He hesitated before taking the fruit from me. I couldn't help the excitement that bubbled up inside me.

He glanced at me once more before mumbling something in his alien language and taking a bite.

I don't know why he saved me earlier but this was enough... This was better than being alone.

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