Last to Fall

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The little female

(Violence blood and gore warning)

Moving through the forest as quickly as possible I made my way to the landing site. No doubt my prey would be there. And if they weren't then they would be soon. No doubt they plan on feasting... But the hunter is going to be hunted.

It's taken me all day to travel to the landing site, and I know night will be falling soon, that's when I plan to strike...i just need to find the one he's hunting... Its taken me four days to track this monster down, he had been trying to escape and hide his trail, but I was the best hunter there was if it hadn't rained the night before then I might've caught up to him by now. Unfortunately, the water washed away his tracks and his scent.

To my satisfaction though another one of his kind descended from the skies. I knew he was hungry, and his preferred way of hunting was to go after his own kind, after all, they wouldn't expect one of their own would try eating them. I've seen many of his own kind fall prey to the savages sadistic hunger, but that's not why I was after him.

Their kind are nothing but bloodthirsty savages that not only would kill and eat eachother, they would even attack a child... My hand instinctively went to the empty sheath at my side.

Looking up I slowed my pace and scanned the area around me before sniffing the air, there was a faint scent of blood, had he already found his next victim?

Scouring the area I paid close attention to the ground looking for any kind of trail, once I found it I stopped in my tracks. Crouching down I inspected the small tracks in the mud, they were too small to belong to the man im after, so they must belong to the one who fell from the sky recently.

Looking ahead I could see their trail clearly, whoever these prints belonged to they were either terrible at hiding their tracks or were completely unaware they were being hunted. Most likely both.

Standing to my full hight I looked to the sky. I had an hour at most before nightfall. Staying hidden, as quickly and quietly as I could I followed the tracks. I would not lose him this time.

After a short distance of traveling, night fell encasing the forest with darkness and moonlight. The scent of blood was thicker than before and I knew I was close.

Climbing up into the trees I looked around the area for its source but saw nothing. The sound of a branch caught my attention but there was no telling where it came from.

After looking over everything for a second time my eyes caught sight of some movement. I stilled and watched as a child crawled out of a small den beneath some boulders. They were hiding...

Once they stood up and looked around I could see it wasn't a child, but a female. The bloody scent was coming from her and as I looked closer I could see the slight limp in her leg. I had only ever seen one other female of their kind so this took me by surprise.

I watched closely as she looked around the area. Then it occurred to me she wasn't the one who snapped the branch...he was here.

Staying still I hid in the trees waiting and watching. She made her way through some foliage and I watched as she inspected something on the ground. A figure stepped out of the treeline and approached the female from behind. My lips curled back as I watched from above.

My claws dug into the tree branch I was perched on as my tail flicked around anxiously.

Soon enough the female noticed she wasn't alone, and then the struggle ensued. I growled at how the man treated the female of his own kind, grabbing her by the hair before pinning her down and choking her, she was weak and frail like a child, standing no chance. I. Watched carefully and could even hear the monster speaking in an unknown language. The female continued to struggle and gasped for air but it only made him laugh.

This was proof of how violent their kind was, how savage... They turn on each other easily... They are filled with greed and violence, there was no point in letting the female suffer besides' it being entertaining for him. It was sick...humans were worthless.

Getting ready to lunge, I watched as the glint of a blade reflected the moonlight as the man pressed the knife to the girl's cheek. Time to put an end to this monster. I growled at the sight of him just wielding the knife he stole... How dare he wield something he took as if it was his own.

He seemed to notice as I moved, his head snapped up to look in my direction but he was far too late to notice. Bearing my fangs I lunged and tackled the savage to the ground.

He was quick to fight back and tried using the knife, but I simply swatted it out of his hand, before my tails blade imbedded itself into his side. He grunted in pain before kicking me back. In seconds I jumped back on top of him slicing at his chest with my claws. He cried out in pain as I grabbed his head and the blade on my tail stabbed into the side of his neck. He spat out blood and his hands went to cover the hole in his neck as he looked at me fearfully. He put one hand up as a sign for me to stop.

My blood boiled at the sight. Stop? Did he stop when he chose to attack a child? Did he stop when he cut the boy open and murdered him? Did he stop when he stole the boy's knife and used it to slit his throat! Did he stop when he decided to attack a defenseless woman?!

Snarling down at him I stood up and grabbed him by the back of his head, dragging him over to a boulder that stuck out of the ground. My claws were digging into his skin as his eyes widened.

I glared down at his pathetic state.

Humans are nothing but monsters...

Forcing his head down I smashed it against the stone with a defining crack.

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