Last to Fall

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A strange human

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I glared down at the bloodied mess I made. I don't regret a single thing though, he deserved it... I gave him about as much mercy as he gave the child...

Taking a deep breath I crouched down and searched his corpse for the knife, he didn't deserve that he's dead, I can return the knife and the boy can sleep in peace.

Confused, I didn't see it on his body though, the sound of a branch snapping behind me had me realizing what happend...he dropped it...

Looking back I could see the woman staring at me in horror like I was the monster, I scoffed internally this is why I hate humans... Their kind killed and slaughtered for the fun of it but as soon as one of their own is killed they blame others... In her hands was the boy's knife. Before I realized what she was planning she took off running.

The females a bloody thief! Snarling I jumped to my feet and chased after her, but her small size allowed her to duck under obstacles that I had to jump. How dare she steal the knife that does not belong to her!!

I was inches away from grabbing her when she dove down avoiding my grasp and scrambled back into the small hole she came from. No!

Snarling I look for any other way of reaching her or getting her out. I was too big to fit inside the hole and she could very well cut off my arm if I reached In to grab her. I tried getting through another way but there wasn't any way for me to get her. I cursed to myself and paced what in the six skies am I supposed to do?!

My anger built up as time went by and she refused to come out. I had just avenged the boy's death and now a faxng human female stole his weapon!

Angrily I roared at the sky, scaring off any nearby animals and the small female who was hiding in her tiny hole. The sound of her whimpering made me even angrier she put herself in this damn situation by taking the knife and now she's acting like a scared animal.

Snarling I walked away from the den climbed into one of the nearby trees. I had no choice but to wait her out...


After hours of waiting my patience was running thin, the sun was high up in the sky and the female showed no signs of coming out of her den. I growled in irritation, maybe sh died from whatever wounds she sustained.

Closing my eyes I laid my head back against the tree I was in, I could already be on my way back if it wasn't for the foolish female...

I waited a bit longer, listening to the sounds of birds communicating nearby, it was peaceful... Opening my eyes I glanced down at the opening of the den.

The sight of the female finally merging had me on my feet. She was cautious and looking around for any signs of danger. The foolish thing is, humans rarely look up...and that's usually what gets them killed. My tail flicked around in anticipation. I wanted to get the knife and leave already. This hunt was taking me way too long to finish.

I couldn't just jump down and go after her otherwise she would just go back to hiding in the small den. And I was not about to wait an entire day for her to come back out. Once she's far enough from the den then ill have a chance at catching her.

I watched how she avoided even looking in the direction of her fellow human's corpse. Not that I could blame her, I could hear the scavengers tearing into the man's remains all night, the sight of it now wouldn't be pleasant.

She started walking in one direction not even bothering to look for landmarks or signs of predators. How did humans even survive this long? They have no tracking or hunting skills they don't even sense when they are being followed, this female will be as dead as the last human in a matter of days. I stayed close behind silently moving from tree to tree, she was completely oblivious to me.

Taking a closer look I could see her leg was scratched up and bloody with dirt and muck covering her. No doubt she was attacked by a thorn tree, carnivorous plants are one of many predators that would eat her in seconds if given the chance.

Once she was far enough away from the safety of her hole I jumped down. She froze on the spot as I stood up behind her. Pathetic human...

She stopped what she was doing and I could see clearly the knife was in her hand. Growling as she turned to look at me I bared my fangs threatening her to not even try using the knife against me, if she did I would snap her arm like a twig.

She looked at me scared, and something in her eyes sent an uneasy feeling through me, as her green/blue eyes looked right through me. She seemed...different.

I took a step forward ready to take the knife, only to flinch back as she screamed before running away. I was only stunned momentarily before I gave chase, she would not escape this time.

I growled as she slipped under a fallen tree range, narrowly avoiding my grasp. I quickly jumped over the obstacle. I watched as she glanced back at me and lost her footing falling face-first to the ground. I took the chance to close in and stopped just beside her. Grabbing the female's shoulder to turn her over.

She struggled and swiped at me with the knife, blindly, making me even more agitated. I avoided it with ease and pinned her down, my large hand grabbing her frail wrist making her release the knife.

Snarling I showed that I was not messing around, if she lashed out again I will snap her arm. She stopped and squeezed her eyes shut fearfully.

"Stupid human... If you're going to strike at someone at least look at where your aiming..."

I took the knife and glared down at her. Her hair was covered in dirt and messy just like the rest of her she was a complete wreck. She looked up at me confused as I stood up and place the knife in its sheath. Looking her over one last time I turned away and started walking. It was time I returned home.

After only a moment of walking, i could hear the human quickly approaching from behind. A sneak attack? She really must be stupid! Snarling I spun around and hissed at her with one hand on the knife and my tail ready to strike. She made a small noise of surprise and looked at me fearfully. Looking her over I saw no weapon of any kind. What in the six skies was she expecting to do? Hit me upside the head with her tiny hands?

Huffing I relaxed and continued on my way, and I could still hear her walking behind me. Looking back over my shoulder with a hard glare she stopped in her tracks.

I didn't even take more than ten steps forward before I heard her again. Why is she following me?!

Turning around I growled at the small human. "Stop following me!"

She opened her mouth to speak but I simply turned and continued walking. She spoke up and chased after me as I sped up my pace.what does the human want from me?!

She didn't stop following even after I clearly showed her I had no interest in communicating. Not that we could understand each other anyway...

Hours passed by and I could tell she was falling behind, she wasn't used to this terrain and her injury no doubt was slowing her down, but I didn't care....i had a three-day journey back sure ill lose her eventually.

Soon enough I stopped hearing her footsteps. I just pushed forward until I came into a small clearing and just in front of me was a varo tree... My stomach growled slightly as I noticed the fruit growing on it. It wouldn't be enough to satisfy my appetite but it was better than nothing, besides I wouldn't mind resting. Snapping one of the tree branches off I collected a few of the fruits, before sitting under a tree to eat. Looking up I noticed the human female.

She looked at me curiously and stared at the fruit in curiosity before grabbing a few and sitting a few feet away.

Rolling my eyes I continued to eat and watched as she tasted the fruit for the first time. I could see the clear expression of joy. As she ate.

Finishing my food, I watched as she took her time to eat enjoying every was strange watching her...

She was strange...

Huffing I closed my eyes and laid my head back to rest for a bit. As long as she doesn't try anything stupid...

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