Fond and Fugue

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Getting up, heading into the kitchen to drink some water to wake me up, I look at the clock. “Good morning Ma, I was thinking of finding a job just to keep my mind occupied during summer break before college. What do you think?”

“Good idea, beta. Don’t forget your first therapy session is at 3 today. Don’t be late, thik hai lokay]?”

Huffing, I say, “Yes mom.”


I passed the interview at the small coffee shop in the same block close to my shrink’s office. I dial Mumma’s number to tell her the good news before calling Olivia who was probably still nursing her hangover from last night.

“Livvy how’s your head now?” “Oh it’s fine, I wasn’t even that drunk last night. Plus we have a get together to go tonight. Just a couple of friends in Becca’s house, you remember right? The redhead from our street.”

“Yeah, sure, I‘ll meet you at yours around 6-ish?”


“Amaya Thompson. I have a session scheduled at 3.” I repeated what my mom had informed me earlier to the receptionist at the counter. “Yes, Miss Thompson, go straight and the second door on your right for Dr. Matthews.”

I walk to where I’m directed, knocking on the door twice before entering. A very young looking female wearing a doctor’s coat sits on the couch who points for me to take the seat across from her. We started off with some basics and she asks if I feel like I’m missing something or someone. A couple of suggestions on what that empty gap could’ve been.

“Was there anything that struck as familiar, something that you recognized but couldn’t place a finger on. Maybe someone new, that many people didn’t know about. Did you keep a diary or somewhere you would have jotted down important things of last year’s events? I suggest trying to find out these possible items that would help trigger your memory. It has to have some significance otherwise you wouldn’t have repressed a full year of memory just to save yourself some hurt.”

Nodding, understanding the gravity of the situation, “Doctor, I don’t feel suicidal at all, so I don’t know what could have caused me to react in such an extreme manner. Hell, excuse my language, I never had the courage to kill myself. We packed up and brought everything to my grandma’s but nothing struck me as odd. I’ll go through it again, but I doubt I’ll find anything. Actually, there was this stranger I met last night. He-um how do I say this, looked familiar, yes, but he didn’t feel familiar. Almost like there’s hurt related to that face, but not him. You know what, I take it back. It sounds insane saying it outloud.”

“Thank you for listening to my blabbering nonsense doc. I’ll see you soon.”

Opening the door back to real life, I slap my forehead thinking how stupid I must’ve sound blabbering about a stranger I thought was hot to a doctor and relating it to my amnesia. Still lost in my thoughts, I close the door behind me only to bump into a hard rock piece of wall. Looking up, I see THE stranger, from last night, in all his glory in front of me.

Rubbing my eyes, I’m not hallucinating am I?


The heavy smell of disinfectant in every corner of white walls strains my vision and clouds my head. Still that was the last thing on my mind, all I knew now was that I needed to rush to the hospital receptionist and find which room Aiden is in.

I rush door to door on the emergency floor to find him. <<How bad could it be this time, I told him he needs to stop, move out, get help from a professional. Lekin nahi [But, no.] he insists on taking care of his abusive dad. And now he landed himself, once again in the damn hospital.>>

*Flashback over*

I got dizzy and almost fell on the ground when strong arms grabbed my waist, steadied me and sat me down on the chairs nearby. “Hey, you okay? Here, drink some water, it’ll sober you up.” He hands me his bottle of water and jokes, “Wow, what is that big of a shock to see me, or did my hotness blind you till you almost fainted.”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little at that. “Not bad, you’ve got some sauciness in ya. I’m proud of ya,” and I patted his shoulder to add more weight to my mockery.

His tone got all too serious when he asked, “What was that about anyway?”

“I don’t really know actually. Uh-um, why are you here?” I ask him when he starts scratching his neck. He looked so good right there and then, I was probably gonna start drooling.

“Counseling. Anyways, I didn’t get your name yesterday. I’m Jayden” he says while stretching his hand out.

“Amaya. Therapy” pointing to the door behind us. “Coffee?” “Yeah, sure.”


Short chapter, I'm sorry.

First flashback. First sober meeting. How was it lovelies?

Thanks for sticking with me this far.

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