Fond and Fugue

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Sitting in the small coffee shop, I ordered a Rose Tea, and Jayden got a Mocha. Guess we both aren’t heavy coffee drinkers.

“Stop me if I get too intrusive or anything, but counseling for-?” “Death in the family.” “Nice dodge if I must say, hahaha.”

“You?” “Psychiatric evaluation for amnesia. And before you ask why, I have no idea what I’m missing. No pun intended.”

“Do you maybe want to join a get together? A couple of my friends are hanging out -” “At Becca’s. Yeah it’s the talk of this small town, I’m going too because of my best friend, Logan.” Coincidence, maybe. Fate, more likely.

“Nice, I’m heading to my best friend, Olivia’s first, then we’re going to Becca’s. Wanna walk there together? It’s not that far. Plus this town is pretty small in itself.”

He shrugs but says, “Actually I need to head back home for a bit. I’ll see you straight at Becca’s kay?”

I nod before walking in the direction of Livvy’s house. Instead of gushing of Jayden, I’m baffled at the weird pigments of memories I had flash in front of my eyes. Folding my arms, I think about this mysterious Aiden who’s face I didn’t grasp before snapping back to reality.

Who was he to me? Why did I care so much that I pretty much ran to the hospital for him? And abusive dad? Those thoughts don’t even feel like mine. Wouldn’t I have reported it if I knew about it? All these weird questions that I have no answers to are causing me to have a sharp pain in my head.

I feel like I’ve been walking for ages, but looking up, I realise I already reached Livvy’s house. If I hadn’t recovered from daydreaming, the house would’ve been left behind.

Shaking my head to brush off the weird memory and thinking process I had, I didn’t let it show on my face. I didn’t want to worry Liv and plus I still needed to go home and find anything that might reveal who this Aiden was.

Not even a second after I rang the bell, the door was wide open before me. A frantic Livvy pulled me into a hug and said, “I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“Liv, you just saw me yesterday. And minimize the dramatics please, my head can’t take a much higher dose than this in the span of 36 hours.”

We got ready, well she did, I decided to wear the same top and shorts that I had on to the hangout. When I expressed this, my eardrums screeched in pain at her high pitched scream.

To satisfy her, I changed my top to the yellow off shoulder one we saw at the mall but kept my comfortable shorts on as a compromise.


We’re at Becca’s house. Entering the house, the first thing I did without meaning to was searching for a certain pair of sea blue eyes and permed black hair. Livvy nudges me in the stomach and I grunt in pain muttering noncoherent words to her under my breath.

“Try to not be so obvious please. I certainly am flattered though, that you’ve spent precious time looking for me.” A very familiar cocky voice came from behind and I immediately knew who it was.

Before I could retort with one of my own responses, Becca calls everybody to her living room for a game of Truth or Dare. Jayden bumps my shoulder and walks ahead when Livvy hogs my arm and says, “who is that hot piece of hunk that just talked to you? I thought you didn’t know anyone in town, so how do you know Jayden Hall???”

“I don’t know him that well, we just met at the beach party last night. Okay let’s go before Becca decides to maim us for being late to her speech.”


Becca starts by announcing how we should be grateful to attend her inner circle hangout and blah blah blah and finally ends it with “I’m sure everyone knows how to play Spin The Bottle, so let’s get straight into it.”

Everyone got a turn at the game, and it was finally mine. Livvy, being the daredevil she is, dared me to do a 7 minutes in Heaven with Jayden. I glared at her pretty blonde head until it seemed to drill holes into it and she turned away. Taking the dare like the mighty woman I am, I stretched my hand out to the boy sitting a few seats away from me. He gladly accepted my hand when we heard Becca’s words from behind, “third door on your right, but change the sheets after. I ain’t touching those nasty thangs.” I rolled my eyes at the petty remark.

Jayden shuts the door behind us and teases me by saying, “So, are we actually doing this or you too shy, aye?” Putting up a strong front I stalked towards the bed and patted the empty seat next to me. He chuckles at my antics, shaking his head and craftily diverts my attention by asking, “Do you have a boyfriend, pretty lady? I don’t cheat, with or on someone.”

“Nope, single are as a pringle, don’t have anyone to mingle with.”

Jayden nods in approval while an arrogant smirk played on his lips. We were exchanging numbers and I swear to god I felt butterflies in my stomach for a split second. He looked so damn good. How could someone be so perfect? I was hoping he didn’t notice me ogling him but my hopes were crushed when he said, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer”. I blushed like a maniac, whipping my head away and covering my face with my hair until my cheeks cooled down.

Before I knew it, his fingers lifted my chin upwards, pulling me closer to him. He leans into me, his gaze dropping to my lips, brushing softly against my own before he pulls back. His eyes ask me permission and instead of answering I kiss him with more aggressiveness. He deepens the kiss -


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